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1 Reason Why Covert Narcissist Want To Return To You

1 Reason Why Covert Narcissist Want To Return To You

How Parents Can Recognize a Good Elementary School For Their Children

For parents to choose the appropriate school for their children they must know what qualities to look for in a high achieving school. This process will require the parent to do some research and to be patient.

Raising Kids to Have a Voice

Want to know what your kids are doing? Here’s how to raise your kids to know they have a voice, not be afraid to use it, and always trust that they can come to you for anything. Develop socially-conscious and cooperative citizens from the cradle to adulthood by teaching them to have a voice and leading by example.

Baby Blocked Nose

Having a young baby with a blocked nose can be hard-work to say the least, with baby not able to sleep properly this can make life tough. What are the best ways to cope with a baby’s blocked nose. For young baby’s under three months old there is very little medication you can use, but there are a few things you can try that may help.

Molding Young Minds

To teach is the ultimate contribution one can bestow upon a young mind, whether it is an impressionable preschooler or, an adult at the collegiate level. That old adage, “A young mind is a terrible thing to waste,” holds more truth than fallacy.

Understanding Bullying and Solving the Problem

The child with low self-esteem is drawn to bullies, as they fulfill the purpose of treating him as poorly as he feels about himself. When we consistently relate with children in a way that supports their healthy self-respect, the bully loses power over them.

How to Avoid Bad Babysitters

Whether it is a teenager who spends the whole time texting her friends or a lazy neighbor who eats all their food, too many parents seem to be experiencing their share of bad babysitting experiences! Here is help to avoid bad babysitters.

Youth Financial Literacy – Preparing Today’s Youth For Independent Life

Many parents try to get their child ready to become financially independent and mistakenly believe that a practical financial education is given in high school. Since personal money management isn’t taught at most schools its up to parents and teachers to make sure their children are prepared. One of the reasons college students are notoriously ‘broke’ is that no one has really taught them how to deal with their finances, or reinforced positive spending habits.

How Much Money Should You Give Your Child?

An allowance is not payment for work done around the house. It is just the amount that parents decide to give their children so that the children will have their own spending money. So how can parents come up with the right amount to give their kids?

As a Christian Parent, is it Your Fault Your Child Isn’t Meeting His Potential?

When our children are young, we have full responsibility for our children and their actions. Then our children begin to assert themselves, learn tasks, and begin to take ownership of their lives. Responsibility lies with both the parent and the child… but in different ways at different stages of our children’s lives.

Enrich Your Child’s Mind

Toddler toys are widely used to help a child get familiar with its surrounding. It helps the child in nurturing its capabilities with the use of toys. It’s great to know that we have wide variety of toys to choose from.

How Old Should a Babysitter Be?

Want to choose the right and “perfect” babysitter for your child? Then age matters.

How to Nurture a Child

Did you watch the inauguration? And listen to Obama’s inaugural speech? Out of the many inspiring words, one sentence spoke directly to me and you as parents. President Obama called us to take action for ourselves, our families and our future with this phrase: “It is the firefighter’s courage to storm a stairway filled with smoke, but also a parent’s willingness to nurture a child, that finally decides our fate.”

Character Traits to Teach and Have – What Makes a Person Develop Values and Standards?

Character is the set of qualities that make somebody distinctive. It is the outward manifestation of what you believe inside your mind and spirit. It is your nature, personality and moral fiber. Your character is the attitude and set of mind which indicates to others who you are and what you stand for. As you read through this small list of admirable character traits, check the ones that you believe are a part of your inner guidance system.

To-Do List For Parents, Written by Kids Just Like Yours and Mine

Do you wish you knew what your child was thinking about you as a parent? Are you struggling with your confidence as a parent? Do you sometimes feel like you are not doing enough to help your child become a responsible member of society?

You Need to Childproof Your Garage

Garage is a place where there are more chances for your children to get hurt. Therefore, you need to childproof your garage. Here are some very useful tips that you can use for your convenience. Read more for details.