Kitchen Table STEAM

3ingredients Easy Wheat/All pupose flour /Maida Cookies/Biscuit in 2minutes

3ingredients Easy Wheat/All pupose flour /Maida Cookies/Biscuit in 2minutes

How to Parent Your Troubled Adult-Child (Part 6)

If you have read parts 1 through 5 of this series, you now have a terrific plan for helping your troubled adult-child. In this final part, I will discuss the importance of compassion, both for your child, and especially for yourselves as parents, as you work to make this plan work.

A New Form of Child Abuse

Child Abuse…not the type of child abuse that most people think of. This is not about physical, mental, or sexual abuse but something that no one would consider child abuse.

Practical Gifts for the Graduate in Your Life

Granted, chances are your high-school graduate may not quite jump up and down with excitement over receiving a battery charger or a first aid kit, but you may be surprised at how much they might appreciate the practical gift that suggests to them that you are viewing them as becoming a responsible and independent individual. If your graduate has already bought their first car, a year’s membership for roadside service or a battery charger and jumper cables might be appropriate, as well as coupons to the local car wash. If they haven’t already collected the supplies that should be…

A Child’s Development Requires Parenting Shifts

Parenting is a growing experience. We must make adjustments in the way we parent to effectively relate to children as they grow and develop. Unfortunately, parents get ideas in their heads about what good parenting is and then they lack the flexibility necessary to be effective. Although a strategy may work well at one stage, it may be necessary to modify or even abandon it at another stage. Learn more about the need for parenting shifts in this article written from a faith-based perspective.

Extracurricular Activities For Kids Part 3: Practice Problems

Have a child who loves to play in the game but hates practice? Wants to learn an instrument but argues with you about practicing scales? Wants to be in the musical but not go to rehearsals? Practice can be boring and repetitive, but teaches great life lessons! Dr. Gilboa gives suggestions for motivating your child to stick with a new skill or develop an old one by practicing regularly.

Helping Your High School Student Choose the Right College

I think students are required to know so much these days, and at a younger and younger age. Yes, it is true they are learning math at a much faster pace, yet they are also asked what they want to study or be when they grow up as early as 8th grade.

How Can I Make My Kid Respect Me?

We all want respect from others, especially from our children. Learn the secret to creating a lasting respect in your relationship with your child or teen.

How to Parent Your Troubled Grown-Up Child (Part 1)

Monica faces a dilemma. Her 21-year-old daughter is failing in school. She is abusing alcohol. She’s always had trouble, ever since 5th grade. She’s been diagnosed with ADD. Her daughter refuses to get any help. Monica is afraid that her daughter will crash and burn. What should she do? Find out here.

Co-Parenting Alone: How To Co-Parent Well Even If Your Ex Won’t Cooperate

Cooperative parenting is obviously best when both parents are dedicated to working together for the benefit of their children, but it isn’t always the case that both parents are willing to do the hard work to put aside their own hurt and anger to work cooperatively as parents. Sometimes years of painful conflict leave us wounded, bitter, and unable to move past our own hurts to focus on the needs of others, even our children.

The Effects of Bad Parenting on Children – What You Can Do To Prevent Them!

Numerous parents worry whether or not they can bring up kids effectively long before they turn out to be parents. For other people it’s a puzzle following leaving the hospital with the small kid what to do next because there isn’t any manual to follow along with.

How To Baby-Proof Your Home

You might consider home as the safest place for your baby. However, there are many dangers lurking around your house, the place where your baby will spend most of his or her days. They need to be firstly identified by careful examination and then removed or made safe.

Is There A Growing Social Need For New Mums To Lose Their Baby Weight Soon After Giving Birth?

For most expectant mothers, putting on weight during their pregnancy is something that comes with the joys of being pregnant. How much weight an expectant mother gains varies widely depending upon their individual circumstances and although the British Dietetic Association explains that an overweight woman should expect to gain one stone during pregnancy, two stone if they start off at a normal weight for them and three stone if they start their pregnancy underweight, this is only a guideline and it really does vary on each individual woman. Whilst it’s expected that women will gain at least some…

The Obsession Of Buying Pink Bedding For Girls

Almost all bedding aimed at girls available on the market is pink in colour. Here we look at why this could be causing problems in the identities of young girls.

What Is a Nanny Share and Is It the Ideal Choice for My Family?

This article addresses what is a nanny share and how it can offer you the benefits of having a nanny, but at a reduced amount because you are splitting the costs of the nanny with some other family. However, there are some downfalls so make sure it is appropriate for you and your family.

Changing the Behavior of Your Child by Giving Rewards

If you want to bring up a well-behaved and well-discipline child, you must employ child behavior modification steps. One of which is to give rewards to your child. This article will provide a short overview on how giving rewards can be an effective way of modifying the behaviors of the child.

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