Kitchen Table STEAM

4 Ways To Stop The Covert Narcissist From Provoking you

4 Ways To Stop The Covert Narcissist From Provoking you

Parents Teaching Structure For Success

To a child much of life is disorganized and difficult. When life is properly structured, there is a natural, logical progression to the otherwise confusing daily stimuli.

Should I Sleep With My Baby?

Many parents chose to sleep with their new babies at some point during early parenthood, for many different reasons and for different lengths of time. I chose to sleep with mine, and from experience and hands on evidence I can offer the following tips on the why and why not’s!

Momentary Lapses Can Have Fatal Consequences

Everyone has momentary lapses occasionally, forgetting something or someone important and feeling sorry, after the fact. I just did this a week ago, forgetting my only brother’s birthday until suddenly I remembered, the day after. I thought to myself, how could that have happened? How did I go through the whole day knowing it was March 24, without jarring myself into remembering it was my brother’s birthday? I called him up in a panic the next day and he just laughed, but I felt bad.

Does Your Child Use One of These Testing Tactics?

One unfortunate part of being a parent is that you cannot give your children everything they want. Even worse, you must also regularly ask them to start doing things they don’t want to do and to stop doing some things they do want to do. In fact, if you are really doing your parenting job, in addition to being affectionate, loving and supportive, you must also frustrate your kids on a regular basis.

Spiritual Parenting

Spirituality is often an area that is overlooked when we think of children and their upbringing. Yet it holds great importance when we look at the meaning of all our lives. Spirituality has little to do with religion; religion in my view is simply a means a person chooses to explore their spirituality.

Parents & Kids – Talk About Current Events

Talking with your kids about issues “out-there” is a useful strategy to bring the topic to the dinner table! Luckily there is a lot of hot-topics in the news everyday we can use to start the dialogue. Following are some tips and clues to make the most of the discussion…

How to Prepare Your Child For a Successful School Year

The Back-to-School ads have begun and the fall clothes have hit the stores – now all you have to do is buy those school supplies and purchase a new pair of running shoes and you’re ready, right? Wrong.

Keeping Your Children Safe From Predators – Important Information Every Parent Should Know

You are right to be wary and nervous about the safety of your children. On February 7, 2009, The New Jersey Star Ledger reported that Megan’s law had failed to deter sexual offenders from offending or re-offending. Regardless of the statistics, the law has not failed. It has placed a floodlight on an issue of critical importance and since its introduction parents everywhere have been educating themselves about child sexual abuse and how to go about protecting their children. In this article you will find information about communication, boundaries, and how to talk to your child about this devastating issue- in the most age appropriate manner possible.

Is God Testing My Parenting Skills?

Sometimes a typical day can be anything but that. Here’s a light look at a normal family having an abnormal day. Or was it?

Finding a Babysitter Who is Willing to Work For You on a Regular Basis

When finding a babysitter, you don’t want to just settle for any type of service. You need to match your babysitter with your family’s specific needs. For instance, you may want to hire one who is willing to work for you on a regular basis. How do you find such a babysitter? Read through this article to find out.

Parents, Death, Psychology and Children

Death is one of several subjects most of us are reluctant to discuss. However, unlike other topics, a discussion of death brings up feelings about our own mortality.

What to Expect From a Live in Nanny

The expectations on both the part of the employer and live in nanny vary widely. This miscommunication is the major reason for many disgruntled nannies, displeased employers and neglected childcare contracts. Learn more about hiring your nanny, and you’ll be on your way to providing a safe caregiver to your kids as well as a good working relationship with your nanny.

How to Find the Right Live-In Nanny

Hiring a live-in nanny may at first appear a hard decision if this is your first time. Actually, there are just some considerations to take in mind.

How to Find a Nanny Who Most Suitable For Your Home

Every family has its on specific requirements, and so you should find a nanny who is most suitable for your home. Does your family require a nanny who resides with you and shares your home? Would your rather hire a nanny who lives out? Do you expect the caregiver of your kids to also perform additional household tasks? Are you looking for full-time childcare assistance, or does your budget or schedule necessitate the need for a part-time nanny? These are just some questions to think about when finding a nanny who is most suitable for your home.

How to Find a Nanny Who is Qualified

There are many ways to find a nanny who is qualified. Some methods include putting up an ad on your local newspaper, looking into universities for students graduating from nanny training programs, and getting involved with a non-profit organization focused on placing nannies with families.