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5 Types Of People That Delay Your Abuse Recovery Time

5 Types Of People That Delay Your Abuse Recovery Time

Cyber-bullying, What Every Parent Should Know

The internet is the new “playground” for bullies. Find out what today’s parents need to know about cyber-bullying and the psychological impact it has on children, especially teens and tweens. Learn the warning signs that your child is in trouble with online predators, bullies or visiting inappropriate websites.

Baby’s First Adventure Home From the Hospital

Bringing baby home from the hospital is one of the big events in life. Whether your baby comes home right away, arrives later, or comes through an adoption, the first homecoming of the little one is a major event that you have probably imagined and looked forward to for a long time. It may or may not turn out to be what you expected, so you need to be prepared for some of the situations that could arise.

Parents – Discipline With Love

What is the real reason to discipline a child? If you know why you are disciplining a child, you are more likely to have the power to discipline with love. And your child is more likely to accept and follow your suggestions.

Spoiled Children Struggle in the Real World

There is a group of students out there who think that they are pretty special. They believe that they are automatically deserving of privileges, leniency or special treatment and have even grown to expect them. An attitude of superiority, disrespect and even contempt for rules and authority is common. Unfortunately for them, employers aren’t looking for high maintenance, undisciplined, self-centered and selfish high school students, college students and recent grads to fill their job openings.

Keep Your Kids Entertained on a Rainy Day!

It’s Saturday afternoon. Your children are home from school, and thankfully, there’s no work to distract you and your partner from your weekend fun. You’re getting ready for a fun day full of outdoor excitement when, upon opening your house door, you see nothing but rain.

How to Tell If Your Teen is in Trouble

It’s no secret to parents that most teenagers will go through a phase in which defying authority is the “cool” thing to do – in fact, many parents remember doing it themselves at one point or another in their lives! However, there’s a fine line between typical rebellion – for example, breaking curfew by ten or fifteen minutes or disobeying a parent’s request – and the kind of trouble that can ruin your child’s life and destroy the family peace. Do you suspect that your teenager is headed down the road towards real trouble?

Here’s Why You Need to Talk to Your Teen About Drugs NOW!

Like talking about sex, having a conversation with your teen about drugs and alcohol can be, well, a bit uncomfortable. Sure, you may hear about how you should talk to your children about illegal substances whenever you get the opportunity – but having the conversation itself can be so awkward that many parents choose not to do it, not to mention that many parents feel too uneducated about booze and drugs to even talk about it! In fact, a recent study conducted by Action on Addiction in the United Kingdom found that over 40% of adults choose not to have …

Slowing Down to Speed Up

Slowing down our lives can speed up our relationships we have with our children. Allow children time to process the communication we share with them. It’s amazing what kinds of interactions take place when parents slow down and plan out activities with their children.

Two Surefire Tips For Handling Groups of Kids – Love Them Unconditionally and Plan Extensively

Two Surefire Tips for Handling Groups of Kids-Love them Unconditionally and Plan Extensively When my first born turned five I invited about twenty kindergartners to our home for a party. Because of inclement weather we held the party indoors. Thinking a peanut-in-the-shell hunt would be a great way to keep the kids busy and have fun I carefully hid the peanuts before they arrived.

Parents and Homework – Your Attitude is a Key to Success

Like Father (or Mother), like child. Your attitude about education and success seeps into your children’s belief systems. The more you hold a positive and supportive notion that education can be entertaining, useful and rewarding, the more likely your children will succeed. Here’s some ideas you can use.

Why is Parental Involvement Important in a Child’s Education?

Numerous researches have been conducted to support the issue that parents who are involved in their children’s education are building the foundations for a better educated child. These children are better adjusted to school, which usually leads to life-long learning. Additionally, parental involvement sends a message directly from the parent to the child that education is important.

Tips For Helping With Your Child’s Bad Behavior Problems

With your child’s bad behavior Watch out for mood swings and tantrums when your child is tired and hungry, and change your daily schedule to avoid these peaks. A solid, realistic daily routine will help them (and you!) get adequate rest and enable them to physically face the day.

Conducting Parent Teacher Conferences – What is the Best Way to Handle a Parent Teacher Conference?

Maintaining contact with your child’s teacher and school is very important to the experience your child will have in school and helps to insure that your child will be successful in school. Parent teacher conferences are a good way to find out how your child is doing in school and help those who are working with your child become aware of any issues they may need to know.

Teaching Independence to a Daughter

Women, power and liberation are not about slogans and conducting women welfare programs. Much has to be changed about the pattern in the society and corrections made earlier will bring out a better India. Though a father remains the provider in most families it is a mother’s contribution towards the welfare of the family that has to be regarded. Most parts of India still look at a girl child as a distinct responsibility and all efforts are garnered in making her to learn to cook and clean. Read this article and find out more.

Father and Daughters

Bonding is about sharing love and tears. One can actually go through the feelings again and again about seeing the new born in the labor room and cannot help thanking God for the miracle. Kids bring laughter and joy. The first sight of your new born is an ever lasting memory. Though the primary care giver is a mother and few things in life or people cannot match the maternal instinct, raising a child is also about being as a family. Read this article and find out more about the relationship between a father and a daughter.