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A New Way to Use Class Dojo to Redeem Points

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Attention all you teachers who love to use Class Dojo as a communication tool in your classrooms. Class Dojo now as a feature that allows you to redeem points with ease. Let me show you how to use this feature from the website and the app. As well as an important tip you need to know.

How to Use Class Dojos to Redeem Points

First, as a classroom teacher, you have to teach rules and structures to your learners. It is important to let them know your expectations and how to interact in the classroom. I do this first before I even mention the words Class Dojo. If you need help with classroom rules, you can check this resource out. If you need help with good choices, you can check this resource out.

Now that rules and procedures are taught and reviewed, we start to earn dojo points for meeting expectations and exceeding expectations. I typically give away one point for most items, but I do have walking down the hallway as two dojo points to double reward those who are doing a good job of this. We let our dojos build up over a week or two. I tell my little learners that we will decide as a class what to do with our points.

At this point, I highly recommend having a classroom discussion with your students about the kind of classroom rewards they want to have. We typically have this chat around week 3. Students tell me what they think would be fun. I try to find a way to make it work. I contribute the ideas that students from other years. We figure out what we can do and how we can do it. My school is a PBIS school so the idea of earning rewards is an essential part of PBIS.

Let me give an example. Students may ask for no shoes as a reward. I am fine with that but we have to wear socks in the classroom and students must be able to take their own shoes on and off to get this reward, and this includes typing their laces. We also have to set rules for wearing socks outside the classroom and where to put their shoes in the room so they don’t get in the way.

Then, we decide on how many dojos each reward will be worth. I honestly try to ensure that we have some easy to obtain rewards and some more difficult rewards to obtain. I also distribute the points so they are spread out. Increments of 5 have always done well for me if that helps you.

Next, I make a menu and sign up sheet. The menu goes home with a detailed letter to parents. Keep reading to find out why this is so important. The sign up section is used so that we know who actually signed up for what reward in one place. Additionally, it allows students to practice writing their names.

How to Redeem Points

You can redeem points from both the website and the app. The process is similar on both platforms, but I will walk you through both. I have found the app to be easier to use than the website, but wi-fi issues could make teachers feel the opposite. You can choose which platform works for you.

Redeeming Point from Class Dojo Website

To redeem points from the website, start by select the student who is redeeming points. Then, click on the redeeming points in the far right corner. I have an image to show this above.

Next, you will see this screen. Student can only redeem the number of points that they have. You can also write down the reason. I always write down their reward in the note section.

Finally, you click the bottom redeem points blue button. And that is all.

How to Redeem Points on the App

I find it easier to use the app to redeem points and I have an iPhone. To start, you can select the student. Then click profile. (This is the step that is different from the website.) Next, click redeem and follow the steps for points and notes.

Another important difference is when you click report on the app, you can see what students redeemed their points for easily. Here is one thing you need to know.

There is one huge point to mention here. The last time I checked, parents can not see when students redeem points on Class Dojo. It isn’t a deal breaker, but something that you need to disclose to parents from the start. If you want parents to be able to see when student redeem points, you can redeem points this way. I have done this for years and it works, as long as you disclose to parents what the redeeming points means.

Inform Your Families

After the class chooses their rewards and we have points set up and after we make a sign up section, I send my parents information with the information they need to know about redeeming points using Class Dojo. I break down the rules, like needing socks on feet and to be able to tie laces to wear no shoes. Then, I also share the point breakdown menu. I also share the important info that parents can’t see when student redeem points, so to not be alarmed if they can’t.

Most parents tell me they keep this parent information letter on a fridge or door to refer to as the year passes. They also tell me that their students learn the rewards and values very quickly. Occasionally, I will have a parent who doesn’t read the information sent home and they get a little confused. We can easily clear that up.

When Can My students Redeem Class Dojo Points

I allow my students to redeem their class dojo points each morning before 8 am. If their bus is late, I let them redeem them when they arrive at school. If they come in a few hours late to school, I do not since they will most likely not get their full reward with part of the day gone. Many teachers only allow students to redeem class dojo points once a week. Do what works for your learners in your classroom.

Some days we have what we call saving days. These are already special days of school where we won’t redeem points. These are field trips, themed days like Polar Express or the 100th day of school. Also, any day that I am not at school is a saving day.

A Few More Details

Some rewards can be for one day a week. A good example is extra recess. I can get coverage to get some students to the playground early occasionally, but not daily. So we have extra recess only on Fridays. (I set an alarm in my phone to remind me on Fridays.)

Students can choose to save their points to redeem them. It is completely up to them. Some students want to wear no shoes in the class everyday. Some save up to get to over 100 dojos because they want to. I do encourage student to use up all their rewards by the end of the year because they don’t save for the next year.

Grab My Files

You can grab my files (without the images) and parent letter that is a PowerPoint that is 100% editable. You can grab them by clicking below.

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