Kitchen Table STEAM

Amazing Animals Around the World for Kids

Amazing Animals Around the World for Kids

Raising the Next Generation

Is there any work harder, more satisfying, aggravating, bewildering and important than raising kids? I think not. It’s a huge, long-term, scary project, and worth thinking about a good deal. I read somewhere that we only prepare for what we think is important, so let’s prepare for this most important endeavor.

Television Violence and Its Effects on Our Children

Many of us have read the astonishing statistics concerning the effects of TV violence on our children. And we may stand in one of two camps: Television is just a reaction to society — a projection of the way life is. Or television is influencing and encouraging the brutality in this world. Either way, it can’t be sugar-coated. Let’s look at the disadvantages and solutions of too much violence on the TV.

Talking to the Kids About a Tight Budget

Times are tough for a lot of people, and many families are on a tight budget. Meanwhile, the children want the latest video game, the hottest new toy, or designer clothes. Here are some tips for teaching the kids that your family must stick to a budget.

2008 Financial Crisis and Parenting

The current 2008 financial crisis and how it puts stress on parents. How to relieve the financail stress as a family. How the kids are affected with parent stress.

How to Help Kids Deal With Bullies

Unfortunately most kids encounter bullies at some point in their lives. Bully’s can make a child’s daily routine a living nightmare. I recently asked a panel of kids to give advice to their peers on how to handle bullies.

The Best Time to Read to Your Child

We all know that reading to children at bedtime gives both the child and the parent an opportunity to bond. It also assist in early childhood development. However, one might wonder when is the “best” time to read to a child. Read this article and hear from an expert the answer to this pressing question from parents.

Tips on How to Talk to Your Parent

It is a common question and a thought that is hard to avoid, especially if you are changing diapers, tying shoelaces, or dealing with incompetence or irrational outbursts. Regardless of the circumstances…..the answer is a flat-out and very definite “NO”. You are not parenting your parent. If your parent is no longer able to care for herself, you may have new responsibilities; ones that may at times resemble those of parenting.

Making a Play Office Set Up For Your Child

During your child’s preschool years a lot of their play is mimicking the world around them. Play kitchens, play workbench, play cars, baby dolls and all their belongings. It’s the cutest thing in the world  but sometimes it can cost a pretty penny and do you really want to spend well over one hundred dollars for something your child may not even take to?

Shielding Young Children From Economic Anxiety

In these times of wild economic uncertainty, we need to make sure that we protect children under six from economic anxiety as much as possible, because not only do anxious children suffer emotionally; their emotional suffering may produce or aggravate health problems as well as behavior problems, as it leads to lowered performance, motivation, and self-control. The primary way to shield children six years old and under from economic anxiety is to get control over that anxiety within yourself first, because children pick up on our feelings, no matter what we may do to conceal how we feel.

School Issues – How to Communicate With Your Child

Since children are usually in school for thirteen years, they are likely to run into problems at some point in time. It may be a personality conflict with a teacher. Or, they may be bullied, or even be the victim of school violence. Children may have to cope with a learning disability, which leaves them unable to keep up in class. They may suffer from negative peer influences. It is vital to keep the lines of communication open about school, and school issues and how to talk to your child.

Teenagers Can Be Sneaky When it Comes to the Computer!

Your children are not dumb, I’m sure you know that. They can be very sneaky when it comes to doing things on the computer that they shouldn’t be doing! Read my article to find out more information!

Parenting a Troubled Teen – Getting Your Teen Back on Track

It seems so easy as our children grow up to simply push them away and take care of the more pressing issues at hand. However, as the troubles manifest themselves into behavior and other problems, we, as parents, want to place blame in other areas or question what happened. Some of the warning signs that parents need to be aware of are:

Recreational Things You Can Do on a Kids Sofa

Often, you live a harried and hurried life in the pursuit of providing for your children’s needs and wants. For relaxation, you turn to adult recreational outdoor activities like golf that leaves little time for spending time with your children.

Top Tips on Stocking Kids’ Bookcases (And How to Encourage Kids to Read From Them)

Your kids have many entertainment options available to them – cable television, Internet sites, portable games and outdoor activities. However, the most important recreational activity is still reading books simply because reading builds self-confidence and learning skills that will prove valuable in later life.

Help My Teen – Troubled Teen Advice

What do you do if your teen comes home at 2 am, drunk and belligerent? How will you react when the principal calls with news about your son getting expelled from school for fighting? Or finding out that your 15 year old daughter is sexually active.