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Free-Range Kids

Kids in danger, real or perceived, draw an emotional response. We need to remember to give reason a say too.

One Way to Keep Our Kids Safe

How do we teach kids to be safe when they are outside of our sight and home area? What do we say to them to make sure they are aware of what is going on around them at all times so they don’t get into serious trouble just being a kid? One thing I noticed one morning when I was waiting in my car for a building to open so I could go into it, scared me a lot.

3 Considerations For Choosing the Best Childcare

As a parent, choosing a person or facility to care for your child when you aren’t around is one of the most difficult decisions that you’ll ever have to make. Having a good idea what to look for and what will work best for your family will help the process along.

Are We Hurting Our Kids by Teaching Them Etiquette?

Truly good manners are the way a kind and caring person expresses just how much the other person is valued. When we teach our kids how to truly love others, we don’t need to teach them etiquette.

A Homage To My Mother

Born in Austria and raised primarily in a Jewish orphanage in Ohio, my mother was a difficult woman in all aspects of her life. Although I rejected much of her behavior when I was growing up, I have learned that in many positive ways, I am a lot like her. She had a lot of strengths and the ability to survive a myriad of handicaps.

Positive Parenting Tips to Prepare Your Child in a Good Way

Gone are the days when parents used to resort to strict disciplinary actions to tame their otherwise naughty children. With more and more emphasis being placed on positive parenting, it has become extremely important for the contemporary parents to think of such ways that can help them teach discipline to their children in a positive manner.

Mother’s Miracle: Balanced Parenting Tips for Moms and Dads

My quest to find tips on, how to be the best Mom, that I can possibly be, rather than being a perfect Mom. Parenting tips picked up on my parenthood journey.

No Mind for Discipline

Some children seem to be home-trained by parents that do not know the difference between right and wrong themselves. These parents reproduce offshoots that mirror them in their tree swinging behavior. Let’s take a short look at this.

How to Get More Fruit Into Your Kids

The new generation of cold press juicers can easily create nutritious drinks that are a delicious alternative to supermarket products. Using them is easy.

The Story of Two Transgender Children on Victoric Derbyshire

Monday saw the launch of a new BBC2 daily news and current affairs programme presented by Victoria Derbyshire. Amazingly, following hot on the heals of Louis Theroux’ Transgender Kids on Sunday, Victoria has started the programme with a sensitive look at transgender children and transgender issues in the UK.

Really! Over Praising Leads to Entitlement?

Does over praising really lead to your kids having a sense of entitlement. Kids learn to be manipulative with parents from the parents and their behaviour.

What the Heck Is Wrong With You?

My 2 year old daughter cried and cried and I had no idea what was wrong. Of course this happened on a very busy day and I really was at my wits end until I found out what was wrong with her. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry!

10 Confessions of a Special Needs Dad

Having a kid with special needs is hard. The initial discovery and subsequent emotions and process of the realization of being a parent of a kid with special needs is daunting to say the least. This is the stuff of real life-patience, unconditional love, faith, and life-long learning.

Helping Your Child Establish a Good Credit

As a parent, your greatest desire is to see your child grow into a productive, happy and well-adjusted adult. Creating a secure financial future is an important piece of this puzzle. Key to this is emphasizing the value of a good credit rating and its role in financial stability.

The Overlooked Benefits of Divorce for Both Children and Parents

Granted, it is one of the most stressful periods of one’s life, but too often we overlook some of the benefits of divorce. As someone who went through the procedure fifteen years ago, I can reflect on some of the ways divorce actually improved my life and family. Ending any relationship is tough, but it is extra strenuous when the two people have legally become one.

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