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Baby First time in the sea|അപ്പാ എന്തോരം വെള്ളമാ…. എന്നും ഇവിടെ വരാരുന്നു.| |Varkala Cliff|Beach

Baby First time in the sea|അപ്പാ എന്തോരം വെള്ളമാ.... എന്നും ഇവിടെ വരാരുന്നു.| |Varkala Cliff|Beach

Symptoms and Cure for Baby Diaper Rashes

Babies often suffer from diaper rashes. This can be painful and treating a baby with such severe pain can be another difficult thing to do. Some simple tips can help you cure baby diaper rashes and can also prevent them from happening.

5 Tips for Smooth and Productive Evenings With Kids

If you’re a working parent, you may have anywhere from 2-4 hours with your kids on a typical weekday evening. That’s not a lot of time. Here are five tips and routines that will help you save time.

How Your Parenting Style May Be Damaging Your Child’s Chances of Happiness

The majority of parents strive hard to guarantee the happiness and success of their children. Sometimes, parents can commit involuntary mistakes that ruin children’s chances of a fulfilling life. How do parenting styles affect the mentality of children?

Danger Zone of Success – Your Child Learned a New Skill? – How to Turn That New Skill Into a Habit!

When you or your child first taste the delicious fruits of victory from learning a new skill there is a period where there is danger you will lose the skill. Not only will you lose the skill in this danger zone but if you do lose the skill in this danger zone it will be 10, yes 10, times harder to get the skill back!

Tips on Bathing a Baby

A baby bath is often one of the most enjoyed activity by both the baby and the mother. While this can be an enjoyment, there are some important things that you need to bear in mind while you bathe your baby.

Parenting Tips: Why You Shouldn’t Bargain With Your Child

Sometimes, even the best of intentions are insufficient to guarantee a productive and easy relationship between parent and child. On occasions, parents may even be forced to bargain. Bargaining with children, however, is related to various problems and should be used as a last resort measure.

Best Study Habits – Is High Powered Task Shifting the Master Key to Getting the Homework Done?

If you would like to see a hidden but helpful factor in your child’s study skills, you will find it in this article. We have been told for some time now that multitasking is a good thing. To get a grip on the truth about it read this article.

Power of Completion – A Great Source of Energy Helps Get the Homework Done With Ease

Would you like to give your child an extra energy boost at homework time? In this article you will see how the act of completion can do just that.

End Homework Procrastination – Ready and Available Materials Reduce Resistance to Starting Homework

If your child or teen struggles with organizational skills and procrastinates on starting homework, you will find a good strategy here. This quick simple strategy can help overcome some probably not all) of your child’s resistance to starting homework. In this article you will learn the strategy, as well as how and why it works.

Childhood Memories: Create Priceless Memories For Your Child With The Best Playhouse

Being a child is without a doubt one of the greatest experiences you can ever look back upon. Who doesn’t want to be nave and young again? It really and truly is the best time of your life. Just about everything you experience is new, exciting, and simply amazing. Don’t you wish you could just relive your childhood again?

Parenting After Your Child Is Over 18 Years Old

Many times after a child turns 18 it can be a difficult situation between parents and the child. Find out what you can do to be a parent when your child is now legally an adult.

How to Successfully Parent Teenagers

The teenage years are the most challenging years for both the teen and the parent, and it’s often that those years extend far beyond age 19. When a child turns 13, he is all excited that he has entered into another phase of his life. He feels that he’s now mature and ready to live his life on his own terms.

Extremely Dangerous With a High Potential for Death – Life Lessons to Lie Down and Be Still

Sometimes God makes family leaders lie down, takes us to quiet waters where family leaders can restore their soul to be used in your family for His namesake. This article describes how a medical emergency can be a reminder for all of us to slow down, trust in God, and remember the really important things of life.

Miscarriage and What Dads Can Do for Their Partners

Men and women deal with grief in different ways. Between the two, men move on a lot faster. And this often leads to arguments between partners.

Pretending to Be a Girl

What a crazy world we live in. What makes it even crazier is the people who live in it. But it sure does make raising children very interesting…

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