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How Important Is It to Talk to Your Family?

A person may encounter a breakdown in family communication. This breakdown has caused misunderstanding and isolation in a family. It doesn’t follow that if we live together with our family we know everything that concerns them. We may know what kind of food our children likes but we don’t know that he may be worrying about school and the kids that are bullying him. Effective family communication should be practiced to avoid these kind of troubles.

Smarter Kids Through Music

Singing and playing instruments have always been an integral part of family life as well as a great way to bond with friends and loved ones. Through music, we are able to express our innermost emotions as well as convey meaningful messages to others. We may not be consciously aware of its effects in our brain and mental development, but music helps us to be creative, more vibrant, and smarter which are great attributes to be acquired and developed by our children.

Great Parenting for Smarter Kids

There many suggestions and beliefs that one should do as a parent to ensure that his/her child will grow smart, or will be able to perform to his/her maximum potential. One of the most popular theories is engaging your child to music. Some even suggests that as early as pregnancy, having your baby listen to Mozart or any other classical music helps in the child’s brain development.

Freedom To Choose – Parents Rights

If we could integrate and fully accept the principle of freedom of individuals to choose we would be returning power to the mature individual who in turn directs the education and upbringing of children. Parental care is natural care in order to safeguard an infant to maturity. A child’s health care is normally left entirely to parents, whatever their philosophic or ideological background. There is a social welfare system employed to observe and intervene only if there is proven maltreatment of a child.However, parents rights are being threatened dramatically.

The Interactions of a Preschool Child With the Parents

Although the preschool child becomes increasingly independent, his relationship with his parents remains the primary focus of his interactions and his attachments to his mother and father continues to be strong. The child enjoys spending time with his mother, talking to her, haring his toys with her and he draws emotional support from her presence.

Why Is It That We Don’t Talk to Our Family?

It happens in the best of families: just because we live with another person and see them every day we make the mistake of thinking that they know what we like, what we want, and how we feel. Parents may get to know which child prefers cereal or eggs for breakfast but not know how worried he or she may be about being bullied at school, or difficulties with study. Parents might think that they are already practicing positive parenting but they are wrong as there a lot of things that they do not know about their children.

3 Ways to Tell That Your Child Is a Bully

Bullies are created not born. A newborn infant is not automatically a bully, so where is it coming from?

Mom, Can I Have A Pet Dog?

What is your first reaction? Do you jump with joy that your child is growing up or groan in despair at the thought of another thing to care for?

Parents Vs Cyber-Bullying – How Parents Can Win

Whenever I hear the term cyber-bullying, the image brought to my mind is one of constant, never ending harassment on Facebook. It would not occur to me to think of manipulated images, vicious postings, and fake profiles dedicated to the victim’s misery.

Anger Management To-Do List For Parents

Let’s be honest. Sometimes our kids drive us crazy. I have heard many people say things like, “I never used to yell until my son was born” or “no one can get under my skin like my daughter.” Parenting can certainly bring out the best and worst parts of ourselves. What do you do when your anger and frustration get out of hand?

Understand Babies Insomnia In Order To Deal With It Successfully

Babies are generally considered to be sleeping monsters and usually sleep even most of the hours of the day time. However, some babies also suffer from sleep disorder symptoms for example babies insomnia which proves to become a challenge for that mother and father while they still can’t talk well with their babies. Additionally, babies insomnia or Infant Sleep Disturbance (ISD) in health-related terms is hard to diagnose due to erratic characteristics connected with babies sleeping patterns.

I’m Bored! I’m Bored! What’s a Parent to Do?

Oh to be a kid again! I hope we can teach them again to enjoy the simple things. I’m afraid we may be getting a little too far away from that when we buy expensive toys for them

Evolution of a Fairy Tale: The Three Little Pigs

This article is about variations of the Three Little Pigs fairy tale. It starts with a discussion of the original written version and it’s reprint by Joseph Jacobs. Halliwell-Phillips and Andrew Lang follow with variations of their own that expand and differ in some respects from the original version. Finally, Disney puts in own stamp on the story of the Three Little Pigs in its animated classic short film. It’s interesting how the tale is still recognizable but has changed over time.

Your Parenting Needs to Establish Good Mental Health

Picking a good parenting approach for your child is not the first parenting step. First know your child’s mental health needs and then find a parenting approach that fits these needs. Unruh, forty year veteran child psychotherapist, outlines five fundamental child mental health needs.

My 7-Year-Old Insists on Doing It Her Way – Help!

Why does my 7-year-old always want to be so independent? It’s normal.

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