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Blessings Masked By A Difficult Time

Every parents battle over the decisions that need to be made once you have a child. Will the best option be daycare? Should one stay home with the baby? It can be a very tough decision for many. But whatever decision you choose. You are the only one who knows if it is best for your family.

What Happens To Teens When The Family Breaks Up?

All children need routine and discipline, but teenagers also need a reasonable amount of responsibility. Some teens have such a strong sense of responsibility built in. When the family breaks up, there can be evidence of role-reversal with the custodial parent.

How Do Teenagers Get With Their Divorced Dads?

Single parents that share time with their children have several options available other divorcing parents have used. Time with children can be split between parents during the week. Children can also be left in the home and the parents can move in and out.

Anti-Bullying Programs: Teaching Your Child Self-Defense Is Not The Same As Teaching Them To Fight!

Are you a concerned parent looking for ways to help your child deal with bullying in school and other areas of his or her life? Can you feel the anguish that they’re experiencing? Well, if you’re like me, and scores of other parents dealing with the same thing, the answer is… “Of course?” This article takes a strong and bold look at a common misconception about teaching your child martial arts skills, and flies in the face of the ignorance that continues to set your child up as the victims favorite plaything!

The First Rule of Fight Club

Butters looks and acts so much like his daddy that sometimes I question whether or not I had any role in his creation. But then he does something that is just so “me” that I have to… cringe.

What Can You Learn From Parents Who Are Divorced?

I just learned about parenting plans just recently. Unless there is conflict with their ex, most of the divorced people I know keep co-parenting plans to themselves, except for speaking of custody schedules and child support.

Stop Bullying the Bully to Not Be One! The Problem With Most Anti-Bullying Programs

“Stop Bullying” seems to be the rallying cry these days. Bullying is in the news, and on the lips of just about everyone who has a child of school-age years. But have you ever wondered, with all of the anti-bullying programs that are being offered – maybe even right there in your child’s own school – why there is still so much bullying going on? This article, written by a former victim who has literally stopped all bullying from his life, points to something that is seriously overlooked in the anti-bullying agenda.

Useful Information for Parents With Special Needs Children

Autism and related communication disorder: Child may have difficulties in social interaction and social communication, not being able to hold proper conversations or interact meaningfully with others. Child may prefer to play alone and have difficulties understanding social rules. These may include children with Autism, Aspergers and Semantic-Pragmatic Disorder.

Dealing With a Depressed Teen

Today’s teens usually become depressed when they have deceptions in love. In the past they would rarely try to commit suicide due to a love deception, while today this is very common. There are also teens who become depressed because of emotional trauma caused by their parents, or by someone close to them during their childhood. These cases are the worst ones, and need special attention. Depressed teens who are victims of tragic experiences usually abuse their bodies. They become neurotic, or they suffer from bipolar disorder. There are more cases.

A Guide To Averting And Coping With Bad Behavior

The commonest of all behavior issues in children is an angry outburst or temper tantrum. This is common among children, but should it continue on for ten minutes or longer or it happens a lot, then you should ask your doctor or psychologist just in case there is something more to it.

Top 5 Bad Parenting Habits to Break

Being a parent is not always easy. Not only is there a lot of responsibility that you must take care of but you must also set a good example for your children. You are the one they will learn from and children have a tendency of picking up many of their parent’s habits, both good and bad. Let’s face it, no one is perfect and everyone has some type of bad habit they need to break. Some of them are personal habits that won’t affect anyone else but when it comes to bad parenting habits, you may have a problem if you don’t get them under control.

Failure Is Necessary For Your Child’s Growth – 3 Reasons Why

Failure is essential for the positive growth of your child. When you observe your child closely, you will see that he grows and learns by failing countless times and not giving up. When your child learns to perform a new activity, he will demonstrate perseverance and continue to try until he will achieve his goal.

Praising Your Child? – 3 Basic Guidelines

The positive effects of praise are well documented. As our children grow, we need to build up their self-esteem and give them the necessary emotional support so that they will grow up to be emotionally healthy adults.

Successful Parenting – 4 Top Tips

Naturally, we all want to succeed with parenting our children. Parents carry a heavy responsibility, for the methods we choose to use for disciplining our children will have an everlasting effect on their lives ahead. Our actions and the things we say, will either build or destroy our child’s self esteem. Here are four top tips to successful parenting.

Is Your Child Being Bullied? – 3 Basic Guidelines

Unfortunately, it is estimated that over half of all children are bullied at one time or another during their school years. The long-lasting negative effects that bullying can have on a child are extreme and severe. If your child is being bullied, then you want to make sure to give them all the support they need. Here are three basic guidelines you want to adhere to.

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