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Bedtime Physical Play with Pamela Quiery

Bedtime Physical Play with Pamela Quiery

Slumping Economy Can Raise Anxiety in Children

Many times current events, such as the world’s economic woes, can affect parents and children alike. Is your child’s reaction to bad news normal or a cry for help? Here are ways to help identify and control overly anxious behavior in children.

Teens Giving Back – Parents Teaching Teenagers the Importance of Giving Back During the Holidays

Often time it is easy for all of us to forget the importance of giving back during the holiday season. As a parent, it is even more challenging to teach your children the importance of giving to others during a time of the year which has become so commercialized. This article offers some specific suggestions for parents who are interested in helping their teens appreciate the value of giving during the holiday season.

Support For Children of Divorce

There is no more challenging issue for families than the impact of divorce on the children that are involved. Although children may have experienced trauma as their parents grew apart, the major impact of such a life-changing event becomes even more pronounced when the separation is final.

The Most Important Parenting Lesson

On Friday, my two year old daughter re-enforced what I believe to be the single most important lesson I have learned in twenty-two years as a parent. We were in our room and there was something in my dresser she wanted. She kept pointing and asking…Tuttle. At almost three, I can understand her about 95% of the time. But on this occasion though I quickly exhausted everything that I knew sounded like…tuttle.

Messes – The Value of Heuristic Play

Ever looked around your living room in disgust at the toys carelessly strewn about? Ever wondered if your child will ever keep their room clean? This article offers an alternative perspective on making messes. Written by the mother of six who has come to see the value in those messes, this article offers hope that the lessons our children learn by making the mess is worth the effort it takes to clean them up.

Not the Brady’s Anymore – Coping With the Modern Blended Family

As a child, I remember watching the Brady Bunch. It was an idyllic exploration of what was just becoming an American norm: the ‘step’ family. By idyllic I mean that the show carefully avoided many of the complicated issues of real life. While Tom Brady was clearly identified as a widow, no mention was ever made of what had become of Carol’s first husband.

The Meaning of Christenings

For Christian families, christening or baptism of their child is one of the most crucial parts of their children’s infancy. It means that the child’s original sin is being erased and he or she becomes a full-pledged child of God. It also signifies the child’s entrance into the Christian faith and the family and community welcomes him or her to their fold.

Co-Parenting During-After a Divorce

Most parents going through a divorce will agree that their children are the most important issue they face in the litigation. Children of all ages are thrust into the uncertainty and heartache of divorce. And, while living in separate households can actually be more beneficial to children than remaining in a house of constant turmoil and hostility, parents can do irreparable harm to their children by involving the children in the disagreements that arise in the divorce proceedings.

Mommy, When Do You Like Me?

This was question posed to me by my 3-year old daughter not too long ago. It took me by surprise and it really required some thought. Of course, the “automated” response would be, “I like you all the time.” But, every mother of a 3-year old knows that is simply NOT an honest answer.

Bedwetting Help – How Parents Can Help Their Child Stop Bedwetting Today

Let’s face it. We as parents understand how frustrating it can be when a child is struggling with a bedwetting problem. If not handled in the right manner, bedwetting can be a larger issue than many would believe and it’s important that you as a parent know how to tackle this problem head on…

Aggressive Parenting Produces Sleep Disorder in the Progeny

Parenting is like gardening which means helping the child grow as they are without tempering the real or decisive element of a child. Parenting should always be pro-progeny.

Rekindle Your Child’s Passion For Books & Reading

Children have a love-hate relationship with books. This article discusses how to get them to start reading again!

Christian Dating Rules For Teenagers

Being parents of a 14-year-old teenage boy is difficult enough when they are becoming more and more independent and their body is changing and testosterone is increasing, but when dating comes into the picture, it’s even more a challenge. As Christian parents in this fast-paced world and trying to raise our children in a godly way, setting strict dating rules and guidelines is, in my husband’s and my opinion, detrimental. We needed to seriously pray about the idea.

Using Psychology When You Take a Child to the Hospital

Mental Preparation. A Child Alone in Hospital. Probably the most important thing to keep in mind when you take a child to hospital is your constant assurance that he/she is not alone in the experience. And I mean “constant”. You should never, not even for a moment, allow any hint of the child being alone to creep into your conversations.

Tips on Fingerprinting Your Children

With so much on the news about missing children, should you give consideration to fingerprinting your kids. Also, if you want to have your kids fingerprinted, is there somewhere you can go to have it done or can you simply do it yourself.

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