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Best app for baby /toddlers/kids

Best app for baby /toddlers/kids

Improving Intelligence in Children

Children began to respond to their environment while still in the womb. As their organs develop they start to use them. Providing stimulus to our children improves their mental capacity. Nothing happens without faith. No achievement can be obtained unless you have faith enough in yourself to achieve a goal. Children gain self-esteem by doing things. Even learning to tie his or her shoes the first time adds to self-esteem. Building a paper airplane that flies adds to self-esteem. So, parents should play with their kids. They should work with their kids too because kids learn to do things when they work.

How Parenting Is Like Football

Tonight I was washing dishes while listening to Daft Punk. It was a big job and I needed some motivational music. I started to think about the abysmal season that just ended for the 49ers, culminating with the firing of their head coach, Mike Singletary. Then, I started thinking about how parenting is like football and this is what I came up with.

The Authoritarian Parenting Style Versus the Unconditional Parenting Style

Do you believe an unconditional or authoritarian parenting style is best when it comes to raising children? Parenting is a huge responsibility and knowing what contributes to positive child development is essential when executing parenting choices.

Do You Know the Functions of a Family?

If you take time to understand the function of the family you can improve your ability to establish and develop harmonious relationships. You are then in a better place to enjoy the best your family has to offer. An effective family communication is needed to build that good and harmonious relationship with each member of the family. The main functions of the family fall broadly into three categories: practical, social and psychological. Before we delve more into these three categories let us take a look at what could be experienced being in a family.

How to Help Your Teen Battle Peer Pressure and Drive Safely

Last week I attended a meeting of NOYS (National Organizations for Youth Safety) in Washington, D.C. It was a great meeting that focused largely on teen driving because more teens and young adults die in car crashes than from anything else. After talking about driving safety for most of the day, we shared cabs to go to a group dinner. My husband, Al, and I climbed into the taxi and immediately fastened our seat belts. Our companions didn’t, so I reminded them to buckle up. The teen buckled his seatbelt but the adult flatly refused! I was flabbergasted when he started making ridiculous arguments about why he doesn’t wear seat belts…

Treating Children Fairly

Childhood complains about unfairness – such as “it’s not fair, “She got more than me” or ” you love him more than me” – are familiar to all parents. We probably made themselves to our parents or hear them now from our own children. While parents feel uncomfortable when faced with such an accusation – especially if there is any truth in them-they often do feel a special warmth for a particular child. Now that’s not to say you love that child any more, however, it may be the child’s personality, a shared interest or outlook, or simply the child’s age and temperament.

Providing Comfort For Your Kid

There are cars having such seats, which provide a great support o the neck and head of your child and make him feel better. The most common of them are infant or toddler seats. An infant seat has a plus point also that it has a handle that helps you to move your child from the house to car and car to house without even taking a single step.

Creative Play – Why It Is Important

What is creative play? Some tend to use the terms creative play and imaginative play indiscriminately, and though they are somehow related, they are not exactly the same thing. Both imaginative and creative play will develop the child’s senses, self-expression and confidence. But while imaginative play describes the free unstructured pretend play, where the child uses free imagination to create a story and a setup, creative play is an artistic expression through drawing, painting, play dough, needle work, music and dance etc. Both imaginative play and creative play are two very important aspects of children’s development – a way for them to express feelings and explore their creativity.

Parenting Children: Do You Make These Mistakes When Your Child Misbehaves?

Parenting children is a wonderful – except when kids misbehave. When kids act up, not only do we feel angry at them for deliberately breaking the rules, we worry for their safety, perhaps obsessing a little about whether they’ll somehow manage to grow up to be responsible human beings.

Financial Seasons

To everything there is a season, including money. A common challenge in most families is the lack of knowledge about financial seasons. Year after year we see families making the same financial mistakes due to limited understanding about the process of their financial seasons and what they need to do to prepare ahead of time for each season.

What Is the Correct Way of Holding Your Baby?

New parents are often very conscious about holding their baby because they feel that they might hurt them. But it is not so. The warmth and safety that a baby experiences in your arms are second to none. All that is required is to know what is the correct way to hold your baby.

“School’s Boring!” What Your Child Really Means!

We have all heard kids say that something is ‘boring’, that they don’t want to do something because they would be bored and are uninterested. But should we believe what they say?

Live For Today, Not For the Future

Zen Master’s go even further than living just for today. Their wisdom teaches to live in the present moment, in the right now. What time is it? Answer, right now.

What Every Parent Ought to Know About Supporting Their Child’s Education

All parents want their child to do well in school, and all parents do what they can to support their child’s education. But many get it wrong, and kids suffer as a result.

Protect Your Kids With Family Friendly Parental Controls

The Internet is undoubtedly a useful tool to access information or knowledge covering all aspects of life. The role of internet is vital as it has brought the information of whole universe under control by just few clicks. Its use is marvelous but abuse is very injurious and highly damaging.

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