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Black and White Contrast Baby App/Best App for newborns/Babies/ Visual Stimulation

Black and White Contrast Baby App/Best App for newborns/Babies/ Visual Stimulation

Dolls for Boys – Let Boys Play With Dolls

By nature girls are more attracted to dolls and boys are more attracted to vehicles or construction toys. Adults are really good at maintaining this pattern; some even to an extent that they worry that playing with a doll could have a negative effect on their son – which of course is an old myth! The fact is that when you let your little boy play with dolls, he will stimulate his paternal instinct and develop skills that will help him grow up to be a caring, loving and protective husband and father.

How to Help Your Child Who’s Being Bullied

Do you know if you child is being bullied? Ideas for helping your child with bully.

Tips On How To Give Your Child Boundaries And Limitations

Training children takes a lot of love, time, dedication, persistence, motivation and discipline. Children need a lot of attention. Mostly boundaries and limitation that you as a parent need to set for them.

Why the Challenging Behaviour and Tantrums – Why Does Your Child Get Angry?

We all accept that our children may not always be perfectly behaved. If we believe that they are then I guess that we are fooling ourselves! But when they have a tantrum, act defiantly or exhibit others signs of misbehaviour, what are they trying to tell us?

The Way To Be An Exceptional Father

Sadly, it isn’t very hard in this world to be a father, but transforming into a good dad could make such a huge difference to so many people around you. As a father you will be able to support the mother of your child in doing wonderful things for your better half and with your child or children. Along with a good father is one thing which everybody in the world truly needs.

The Benefits of a Good Baby Massage

A baby massage is a tradition in many countries and one of the many preferred forms of baby care. But is it really important that your baby be given a massage? If so, what should be the frequency? Read on to know more.

Choosing an Alcohol Rehab Center for Your Teen

Not every teen who has been caught drinking needs alcohol rehab. But inpatient treatment is recommended for teens whose problems persist over a long period and through multiple incidences of punishment.

Parenting Tips – Being Consistent As A Parent

Being a parent is an everyday project for the rest of your life. Your job as a parent is to care, nurture, guide and steer your child in the right direction. Consistency is part of the project and will pay dividends in the long run.

Is It a Good Idea to Educate Our Children About the Canadian Pardons Process?

Will educating our kids about an issue like the Canadian pardons process harm them later on in life? Or will it teach them about second chances?

Father Of The Bride Speech: Please Don’t Let Your Daughter Down

Giving the Father of the Bride speech isn’t the sole duty of the bride’s dad, no his duties commence well before the wedding day itself. He shoulders a lot of responsibility in making certain that his daughter’s big day is the best that it can end up being, and that nothing at all goes wrong that can spoil it for her. His jobs consist of advising and also helping where needed with the preparing and organisation of the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception.

Keep Your Children Healthy While They Are Away From You

As parents, we are always concerned about the health and well being of our children. We can always protect them when they are around us, but what about when they are away from us? With all the viruses that are present today such as the Swine Flu, it has become a real worry for parents to send their children off to school.

Successful Parenting Skills

It’s a significant question before every parent that whether they should need special skills and talents to grow their children in discipline and mold their good behavior patterns? With a little observation in and around our family or society, anyone would be able to find out parenting without a proper foundation definitely brings confusion and wrong ideas to a growing child. Create a List of Expectations The first and foremost step to successful parenting is in developing a clear expectation of what parents need.

Give Your Children the Advantage of Learning a Musical Instrument

To give your child the benefit of learning a musical instrument is to give them the chance to express themselves through music in a way that will bring them great pleasure and a feeling of satisfaction. They may never become professional musicians – although you never know – but just being able to play on a social level will open new avenues for them. Kids love performing and showing new talents and I know from experience that, if a youngster has some training on an instrument, it is often the case that they need very little persuasion to perform for family and friends. A great confidence boost for some children who are otherwise a little shy in public.

The Dark Side of Family Leadership

The dark side of leadership, that is the controlling side. Leadership is actually working yourself out of a job, sending others out to surpass what you can do. Far too many, especially in the Church, are all about dictating to others how they should live. When we do this to our children they resent us, they don’t trust us. Children don’t want to disappoint us, so they often follow along with our demands, but there will come a time when they know in their hearts that our leadership is really about controlling their behavior because it serves our needs as the parent. Children need to feel loved for how they are right now not loved for who we wish them to be. Then they will have the freedom to spread their wings and be who God created them to be (often not whom we, as parents may want or even recognize).”

How to Find a Good Babysitter

Finding a good babysitter can give busy parents the chance for a rare night out. To find a good babysitter who is trustworthy and reliable there are a number of important steps to follow, including hiring and screening.

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