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Blister Beetle Bug Bite treatment | How to treat? | Prevention| Acid fly attack

Blister Beetle Bug Bite treatment | How to treat? | Prevention| Acid fly attack

Nourishing Literacy

Every parent is encouraged to read to their children to encourage literacy, but what additional steps can parents consider? One book-loving family shares additional ideas for raising the next generation of book lovers.

A Winning Formula

How do you define success? Do you know how to guide your children to success? Read the latest article from Effective Parenting on the winning formula!

Using An Effective Child Behavior Modification Plan

Behavior problems can be the result of a number of points including idleness, emotional problems, and bodily challenges such as Attention Deficit Disorder. The child behavior modification plan might help parents successfully and effectively work with their own child to accomplish any kind of new as well as desirable behavior.

How To Plan And Build A Child’s Playhouse

  It can be exiting for both a parent and a child to see a fun-filled wonderland in the backyard. Swings, a sand box, slide, kick balls, bicycles and more bring a sense of wonderment and youth to your day. For children, it can be fun to imagine your own house and to play out scenarios with siblings, cousins or friends.

After-School Apathy

It’s a typical weekday afternoon. The door swings open and the kids enter. “Hi! How was your day?”, “Fine.”, “What did you do learn in school today?”, “Nothing.”, “Do you have any homework?”, “No.” Child grabs a snack and disappears till dinner. Does this sound familiar? I’m sure it’s not just happening at my house and yours but in thousands of homes across the country.

Guiding Your Child In Doing Good In School

It is very difficult for the parents to hear that their child is failed and held back to the previous class. This is non-manageable thing not only for the child but also for the parents because the friends move ahead of the child and child have left alone? To handle such a condition, what should be the response of the parent?

Teach Teens Respect and Tolerance

Teens need to know that everyone is different. The planet would be boring if everyone talked the same, dressed the same, had the same interests, and ate the same foods. Diversity is a good thing. Teens need to learn to respect and develop tolerance for others. If not, life will be lonely and full of obstacles.

Parenting Tips to Improve Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Parenting can be as challenging as rocket science. A small mistake can lead to a disaster of astronomical proportions. Here are some tips to improve your child’s self-esteem.

Understanding ADHD and Treatment of ADHD Symptoms for Troubled Teens

Studies show that certain chemical imbalances in the brain results to ADHD/ADD. There are certain neurotransmitters which are not present in the brain of people with ADHD/ADD. These neurotransmitters regulate behavior, which probably explains a lot of the symptoms commonly shown by people with ADHD/ADD. Studies show that 1 in 20 children will exhibit symptoms of ADHD/ADD.

How to Help Your Child Develop Good Handwriting

Postural alignment, shoulder stability and strength are all necessary components in order for your child to sit at desk and produce handwriting. We don’t normally think about how many elements need to be in place for handwriting to emerge. But when one or more of those elements is absent, your child can have a miserable time learning to write and keeping up with written class assignments. Find out what’s needed to develop handwriting skills and how you can help your child.

Being A Parent And Being Fashionable – Can The Two Really Go Hand In Hand?

For some parents, being fashionable just isn’t on their agenda. They try and look the best they can, but they were never really into fashion and wearing the latest trends before they had a child, so it’s not a major issue that they can’t keep up with the modern styles now that they’ve got a little one running around. There are parents at the other end of the scale completely, however and as they adored being seen in the latest fashion trends, when they found out that they had a child coming along, they had a few moments where…

The Art of Searching for the Best Science Projects

Parents have been known to get too caught up in finding the best science projects so their kids can win an award. You can find great ones without getting too intense. It is the kid’s project, so put that energy into learning how to search…

Parenting Doesn’t End When Your Child Turns 18

As I have learned over the years…parenting does not end when our children turn 18. As mother’s, we still dish out the advice on what type of jobs they should have, what type of men they should be dating and about the clothing they wear.

Does Fluoride Cause Spotted Teeth?

In the early 1950’s concerns about dental health among children led to controversy when it was proposed that fluoride be added to drinking water. In Grand Rapids, Michigan fluoride was added to the drinking water and studies six years later found a dramatic decline in tooth decay among the children there. The Surgeon General endorsed water fluoridation and many communities responded by fluoridating city water supplies.

The CSA and Obtaining Child Maintenance

The family organization has become such that separation of couples have become a common scenario these days due to certain reasons. The case becomes a little more complicated and considerable when the couple has a child. The question that arises on the separation is of course about the responsibility of the child as to whom the custody and the responsibility of the child is to be given.

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