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Carrot halwa in microwave convection oven

Carrot halwa in microwave convection oven

How Well Are Your Children Being Taken Care Of?

After school programs benefit the children long after they leave the playground. The benefits to each after school program vary but all hit the same key positive points: Programs keep kids from the computer, video games and TV all the while they are being supervised by a young adult. Keeping them active, feeling good about them self and comfortable in a group setting, as well as being a part of a team/group.

How to Interview a Professional Nanny

There are a lot of advantages when preparing for a thorough interview. It can save a lot of time both in the hiring process and once you have selected a candidate knowing that she is the best fit for the role.

Another Parenting Nightmare: The Sexualization of Our Young Girls

In 2009, 41% of all births were to unmarried women. Is it really so surprising, though? Every kid nowadays walks around with a cell phone glued to her ear or thumbs – sexting, not just texting. Meanwhile, Hollywood celebrates non-committed hookups, MTV parades sex as youthful entertainment, retailers cash in on our youngsters, pop music resounds with offensive language, and on it goes.

5 Ways to Parent With a Backbone

Most parents in the 21st century don’t parent with a backbone. They allow their childhood to ‘cloud’ their parenting because they want to give their children everything they didn’t have. This is commendable but can backfire on you when your children become spoiled and expect that EVERYONE will hand everything to them. Parent with a backbone, and you won’t experience the pain of parenting!

Stop Bullying Or Else

This is an insight into the damaging affects of school bullying. You owe it to your child to find out the disastrous consequences of bullying upon their lives and to take action to stop the school bully.

Great Ideas for Kid Jobs

Kid jobs can be a great way to develop self esteem and responsibility in children. Read more in this short article.

5 Steps To Ensuring You Get The Most Suitable And Affordable Baby Pushchair

One of the basic baby products that every parent needs to have, a pushchair, can unfortunately be one of the most difficult products to buy and also one of the most expensive. It’s for this reason why it’s important that you have somewhat of a plan in place to follow to ensure that you get the most suitable and affordable baby pushchair for your needs and these five points should provide you with a good basis to work from.

3 Ways To Get Good Value For Money When Buying Baby Products

Every parent around the world likes to know that they’re getting value for money when they’re buying baby products. Some parents have a lot of free money to spend, will be looking in a different part of the market to other parents and won’t have to think about what it is that they exactly need to buy, whilst others will have to look at what baby products they need first and foremost, how much they can afford to spend and try and get the necessities within their price range. Irrelevant of whether you have 100 or 100,000 pounds…

Helping Your Baby Sleep

If you thought you could expect a full night’s sleep a year into parenting and your baby is not yet sleeping through, you will probably be feeling disillusioned and exhausted. Actually, your expectations were correct and if your baby is not sleeping through the night, you can carry these steps to ensure that she does soon.

For All Single Parents – How to Survive Your Adolescents

Every stage of life carries with it certain tasks of emotional development and adolescence is no exception. Adolescence is a major developmental bridge lasting from ages 10 and 20 and can be an extremely stressful time especially for a single parent. During this developmental period, adolescents have the following tasks to accomplish: establish their own identity; give up childhood dependency; develop their own values; deal constructively with authority; learn to deal with the opposite sex; and, handle their rampant physical and emotional changes. All this, while on the surface, rejecting their parent.

A Question For Parents – Are You Making These Three Child Raising Mistakes?

The way you were raised has a massive impact on the type of parent you become when you have your own children. With child raising methods constantly changing and improving here are three common parenting mistakes that you should try not to make.

Potty Training, Parents, and Daycare

Understanding how to use the toilet is a big event in a young child’s life. Due to the fact toilet training is a complex process, there are many issues day care providers and families must consider before and throughout the process of toilet training for it to be a successful experience for everyone.

Parenting the Parent

This article provides insight to some of the problems married couples face when parenting children. It includes steps parents can take to bring more harmony to their relationship while increasing the relationship with their children.

Dealing With Mouthy Teens

All of us as parents of teenagers have encountered at one time a smart reply from our child. Things like; “what’s it to you”, “whatever”, “who cares”, and I am sure you have heard many others. I’ll never forget my one teenage son telling me; “you can’t tell me what to do”, at first it shocked me then I realized there must be some way to deal with a mouthy teen.

Reduce Negative Anticipation of Childbirth With Subliminal Messages

It’s okay for would-be moms to be concerned about childbirth. How is it going to be? Will it be painful? Would my child be healthy? Will I be a good mom?

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