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Cheryl Bassitt: The 4 Gifts of Family Meetings

Cheryl Bassitt: The 4 Gifts of Family Meetings

Radio Controlled Boats – The Perfect Parent and Child Bonding Activity

Radio controlled boats are a great way of passing the time and enjoying yourself. They are also great as a family oriented activity that is just right for that picnic or outing down by the lake. In fact, assuming your child is old enough, radio controlled boating is a perfect way to start him or her on a hobby they can enjoy for a lifetime. If you are more of a beginner in this field, the electric boats will seem fast enough. And, if the operator is a youngster, electric boats have the edge as far as safety and ease of operation goes. As far as cost, boats can range from around thirty dollars, all the way up to several hundred dollars.

Into the Mind of a Kid Who Means No Harm

Everyone is faced with making choices in life. Some of us ask for the advice and opinions of those more experienced before making a decision. Those people are deemed wise. Then there are those of us who, regardless of warnings and advice to the contrary from parents and the like, make a left instead of a right. This is the first of many stories of Mike, a likable guy who probably should have made a left back there.

Bed Wetting Solutions – Five Tips That Can Help Stop Bed Wetting

While not all bed wetting solutions will work for every child, here are a number of steps you may perhaps want to think about when hoping to stop bed wetting. Parents and children alike can find that wetting the bed is not only uncomfortable and exasperating, it is also very uncomfortable for your child when they start to have or attend sleepovers with their friends.

Giving Children Time Outs – Effective Discipline

Time outs for children have become an extremely common “imposed consequence” for just about any and every misbehavior from a child. Many times, however, a time-out for a child is used inappropriately by parents. An inappropriate, less healthy, use of the “time-out” for children is a form of punishment that intends to shame, blame, and/or emotionally banish a child.

How to Deal With Your Child’s Tantrums

Children and tantrums go hand and hand. Fortunately, with patience and a proper response you can help yourself and your child through these tantrums.

Chill Out With the Family

Use the chill of winter to bring your family together again. Indoor activities are a great way to strengthen family relationships.

Effective Discipline For Children – Healthy Consequences

The word “discipline” literally means to educate, teach and train. Effective discipline of children is not to punish, control or manipulate. In her book, ‘Kids are Worth It!’ author Barbara Coloroso discusses that effective discipline does four things that punishment does not: shows children what they’ve done wrong; gives children ownership of the problem; helps children find ways to solve the problem; and leaves a child’s dignity intact.

7 Internet Safety Tips For Kids

Social networking site have change the way we communicate with friends and family. When your child logs on to their Social network site to notice they have 5 new friend requests. Most children just add strangers to their list without knowing who that person is. These Internet safety Tips for Kids can save your child life and allow them to be aware of the internet dangers.

5 Simple Activities to Help Young Children Develop Friendship Skills

The first thing I teach young children is personal space. As a dance educator, it is more then just “keeping your hands to yourself” but understanding what exactly is space. For example, some children like to talk close in another child’s face; other’s will instinctively grab a friends hand or sit on top of another child. Some children do not have an understanding of their bodies and when they play they easy knock into others and are considered “rough.” When the child’s whose space is inadvertently being squished speaks out the squishier can interpret this as the child does not want to be play or be friends. But this can be the furthest thing from the truth.

Kids and Athletics – Parents Keep Your Eye on the Goal

Kids and Athletics- Parents Keep your Eye on the GOAL Our kids have a lot of pressure on them these days in the athletic arena. They have full schedules juggling sports, school, family and other activities and there is pressure for them to “specialize” at a very young age in one sport. Gone are the days that kids could play a sport per season with little overlap.

Helping Your Child Control Their Anger

I am sure many of you have been there! You are in the middle of shopping with your 2 year old and all of a sudden this screaming match starts out of nowhere!

How to Stop My Child From Hitting – Learn 4 Simple Steps!

Is your child hitting you? That’s pretty alarming, let me tell you… Just kidding fellow parent! A child hitting isn’t an alarming problem if you plan on acting upon the situation of course, and if you ask yourself “how to stop my child from hitting?” I guess you want to do something about it.

A Child Safety Tips Discussion is Not As Hard As You May Think

Now is the time to have a talk with your child about Child Abduction. This article has good suggestions to help you do that. You may be surprised to find that your child has been wanting just this kind of talk.

3 Discipline Tips For Character – How to Discipline Kids Without Criticism

Would you like 3 parenting tips on how to discipline without criticism? You can stop being your child’s critical judge and build character instead. Look inside to find out how.

Raising Responsible and Respectable Children

There are many ways in which to raise a child to be responsible and respectable. If you allow yourself as a parent to remain calm, determine consequences, offer choices, and remain consistent then you’re on your way to doing great things.