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Chocolate cookies in IFB Oven

Chocolate cookies in IFB Oven

My Labour of Love

A humorous view of labour by a frustrated and rather fed-up mum of two. Part of a regular series of blogs of a mum’s life with two kids, an eccentric dad and anorexic cat (amongst other things). Very funny, often surreal and all true!

Parenting Children: Eight Tips to Helping Your Teen Achieve Success

Most parents would like their children to be successful. A few kids seem to naturally gravitate to success: they’re the ones selling snacks to beleaguered kids on the playground, and running their own web sites by ten. What can parents do, however, about the child who has potential, but requires a helping hand in order to get there?

Developing Healthy Habits For Your Children To Grow Old With

Once you become a parent, your world alters. You start to think about all the ways in which you can keep those little ones safe and healthy. There are a number of things to think about when trying to raise healthy children and the choices you make for them in the early years can really transform the course of their lives.

It’s Time to Examine Your Relationship With Your Children

When it comes to our relationship with our children, spring is the perfect time to examine where you are… the quality and depth of your relationship and make a commitment to start with a fresh perspective.

How to Handle Intense Feelings With Children

“I was so angry, I couldn’t think!” When is the last time you heard-or uttered-this phrase? While it may seem trivial on the surface, it’s actually an unhealthy message to give to our children. Allowing anger, or any intense emotion, to be an excuse for not thinking, or for certain behavior, can inadvertently condone physical, emotional, or verbal violence. In fact, when we are experiencing intense emotions, this is one time when we need to be doing some of our best thinking. That’s the healthy message to give children, and we need to be good role models.

Are You Speaking My Love Language?

February’s almost over, and the month wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Love Languages. While relationships are complicated and rarely find an easy fix, there are simple tools that can help us stay connected and keep our eye on maintaining healthy connections. Dr. Gary Chapman’s work provides us all with such a tool.

Succeed With a Schedule – 10 Easy Tips for Parents

Scheduling your day, no matter who you are or what you do, is a great way to make sure that you meet your goals for the day, week, month and even year. For parents and homeschoolers scheduling can be a life saver. Don’t worry though, scheduling does not squash your freedom and creativity.

Learning to Be a Mentor For Young Kids

Learning to be a mentor for young kids is tough, so what mother’s and/or parents do is tough. What guardians do and nannies do are tough. What grandma and grandpa’s do are tough.

Organizing a Family Routine for Any Season

You’ve probably noticed that your family routine changes with the seasons. Traditional school schedules leave your kids with all sorts of free time in the summer. Fall brings back the school routine and extra stress at work as you ramp up for busy season. Winter has you cooped up inside away from the cold, with short days and long nights. And spring brings with it an incredible urge to purge and start the year fresh. So how do you keep things relatively even-keeled through it all? Here are some ideas.

Single Parents: A Challenging But Rewarding Job

Single parents always experience financial difficulties especially in raising their kids because there is only one income that pays the necessary bills. Expenses for food, housing rent or amortization, utility bills and the kids’ education can be financially challenging to a solo parent.

Should I Purchase a Baby Travel System or Not?

Life with an infant is not so easy. Lots of efforts are needed to nurture a child. Even more, traveling with your infant is just like moving with a circus over the head. A baby travel system is designed to keep you away from these hassles; it takes care of your infant and makes you tension free.

How New Single Parents Can Stabilize Their Physical Surroundings

After you’ve stabilized your emotions, your physical environment is the next largest factor that shapes your mood, safety and environment. Depending on your circumstances, you’ll want to first assess where you’re going to live.

Parenting Advice – Don’t Ever Use the Word No

We have all been there when your child asks you a question and you know the answer is going to be a firm no. What will be your child’s reaction? I know my children and it is going to be all out temper tantrum or battle of the last word.

Why Do Children Ask?

Is your child one of those kids who ask a ton of questions? Here you will learn why it is good you don’t know all the answers!

Stuck in Life

I was in my house tending to my four month old daughter when the terrified screaming began. Neighborhood children burst through my back door crying, “Mrs. Hooker, come quick! Candy’s head is stuck in the porch railing!” Had it not been so pitiful…

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