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#Coronavirus/Covid-19/Lockdown latest -Live : Managing children and family in the Covid-19 era.

#Coronavirus/Covid-19/Lockdown latest -Live : Managing children and family in the Covid-19 era.

Establishing Reasonable Structure in a Teen’s Life

Adolescent teens need structure in their lives. To start building structure, high schoolers need love and trust. They have to realize that their guardians are there to issue them required love and backing. Teenagers need to make certain that nothing can shake parental responsibility to them-not their developing development, dispositions, trouble making, nor outrage at something they have done. High schoolers need parents to keep power while permitting them to settle on a few choices.

Development of Self Identity in Teens

Development of stable and strong self identity is taken as a major task among many teenagers. Although this development happens throughout the life of a person, teenage is the first time that a person starts to think about how identity may affect life. It is during this time that teenagers get more self conscious about the change of their identities than all others stages in life. Identity is the sense of who a person is not only as an individual, but also as a member of social groups. This grows in response to both external and internal factors. However, identities can also be developed by environmental factors that a teenager may out of one’s control.

How to Deal With Teen Smoking

Whether you just caught your teen smoking, or you want to prevent the situation from arising, I hope I can give you some insight on how to deal with the problem. It can be a tricky subject to address and one which is particularly scary for any parent. The most important thing here is that we educate our children on the dangers of smoking. Most schools these days do a pretty good job of teaching our kids that smoking is both addictive and harmful, but sometimes the message isn’t heard well enough.

Teens and Eating Disorders Lifestyle

Eating disorders are complex, real and distressing conditions that can have grave consequences in health, relationship and productivity. Eating disorders are not phase, lifestyle or fad choices. They are potentially serious life-threatening condition that can affect a person’s physical and personal emotions. Individuals who are struggling with eating disorders need to seek the attention of a professional. The earlier the person seeks the assistance the better the recovery will be affected earlier and there is a likelihood of emotional and physical healing

Teens and Drugs, Cigarettes, and Alcohol

In December 2011, The National Institute on Drug Addiction had some uplifting news and some not all that great news. The uplifting news was that more teens are settling on smarter decisions concerning not to smoke or drink liquor. The not all that great news is that a different gathering of teens are deciding to utilize pot and doctor prescribed drugs without the slightest hesitation.

Computer Effects on Learning and Emotional Intelligence

Having computers in kids’ rooms diminishes the measure of time families spend together, builds the danger of ahead of schedule presentation to erotic entertainment and kids carrying on sexually, diminishes the quantity of family suppers, and reduces the measure of social play time with other youngsters. The negative effect of this is evident in school too. These youngsters have a shorter consideration compass, all the more frequently need to get their direction, have lower than normal social abilities and regularly feel socially disengaged.

What to Know About Teen Depression

Teen depression is a medical problem that happens mostly to adolescents and causes them to have a relatively persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interests in various activities. It affects how a teen thinks, behaves and feels which may cause physical emotional and functional problems. Mood disorders such as depression are known to occur at any age with different factors contributing but symptoms vary between teens and adults. Though there is no single cause of teen depression, issues like peer pressure, changing bodies and academic expectations can be some of the causes. Teen depression is not something to be taken for granted because it may cause serious consequences and may require long term treatment.

Talking About Sex With Teens

Talking about sex with teens is not a recent development, but it has been established by some of the growing national coalition of organization through significant publication and vital community programs for the last two to three decades. Sex education basics which may be covered in class may be of little or no benefit because teens may fail to understand. It is actually important to note that sex education is part of the parent’s responsibility which helps in reinforcing and supplementing what the teen learns in school or in any other gatherings. Doing this as a parent helps in setting the stage for a teen’s lifetime- healthy sexuality.

Setting Rules for Teenagers

What are great rules and prizes for teenagers? Why set rules for teens? Breaking points and guidelines amid youthfulness are an imperative part of getting the sprouting grown-up prepared to leave home. Amid this planning time, keeping concentrated on the final result (an effective grown-up) is imperative. At the point when giving and arranging rules for your youth, start by exploring the potential aftereffects of effectively following the guidelines.

Communicating With Teens

Teen years can be troublesome for some families. Youngsters may create thoughts, qualities and convictions that are distinctive to those of their guardians. This is a piece of the ordinary procedure of moving towards autonomy. Folks may battle with the amount of freedom they ought to permit their kids at distinctive ages and in diverse circumstances.

5 Tips on Dealing With Baby Tantrums

Are you facing difficulty when it comes to dealing with the temper tantrums of your child? Do you need some tips and advice on how to control your child’s sudden display of anger and stubbornness?

The Racket of Hair Donation – Who Is Really Being Helped?

Many well-meaning women and girls donate their long hair to Locks of Love and other “charitable” organizations, thinking they are made into wigs donated to children with cancer. The truth is, these are NOT “non-profit” organizations; most of the donated hair is discarded or sold online; and the wigs are sold – NOT given – to children and adults. Better to sell your hair directly, and donate the proceeds to a charity that is really helping people.

Terrible Twos or Terrible Teens?

I found as a parent that the threes were often worse than the twos… at three years old, children have a greater understanding of the world around them and know what “buttons” to push! They’ve begun to develop manipulation techniques. I have also found the adolescent brain and behavior to somewhat mirror that of the toddler! Of course teens are much bigger, hairier, and more articulate, but they are risk-takers in similar ways as three year olds.

Parents Step Up!

This article is an expression of a growing concern of the state of our youth today. There seems to be a gap in the level of discipline between youth of today and the youth of a generation or two before them. This is a plea for parents to step up and help correct a wrong that could affect generations in the future.

Do You Wanna Fight About It? The Difference Between Discipline and Punishment!

There is a difference between discipline and punishment. Kids should not be punished, they should be taught and shown by example. Punishment is not only physical but also verbal.

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