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Crispy French fries in Malayalam|French fries IFB microwave convection oven|How to make crispy fries

Crispy French fries in Malayalam|French fries IFB microwave convection oven|How to make crispy fries

Children Who Love Power

Let’s take a close look at the child who loves power. All he wants is to be in charge. I have a strategy that I will share with you that motivates this type of child. I call it, “Turn your child into a consultant.” And that is just what you will do. You will take the behavior that your child is struggling with, and make him feel that he is in charge of advising someone else about it.

The Tragedy of Teen Driving Accidents: What Can Parents Do?

Losing a child to a teen car accident is devastating. Monetary compensation can never make up for that tragic loss, but it can help you get accountability.

Tips For Getting Kids to Do Their Chores

The kids are cheerfully and efficiently doing their chores, first thing Saturday morning. Mom is relaxed and happy. Sound like a dream?

How to Have Fun With Your Kids During Summer Vacation

Summer is a great time to connect with your children after a long winter of hard work. Everybody is relaxed and geared up toward having fun. Even if there is some school-work to be done, it is usually not too much.

Seven Top Tips To Develop Your Parenting Style and Achieve Confidence As a Parent

The top goal for most parents is to find work/life effectiveness so that they can raise happy, healthy and confident children. As a new or an experienced parent, we develop our own parenting style through trying out different strategies to communicate, discipline and bring up our children into a caring and loving environment.

When You Should and Shouldn’t Talk to Your Kids

My message to parents has always been that too much talking is one of the biggest mistakes a parent can make when disciplining their child. However, there is a place and time when talking is truly beneficial to the parent/child relationship. So how does a parent know when to talk and when not to?

Avoid This Big Parenting Mistake – Taking Your Anger Out On Your Children

Being a parent is probably the toughest task most of us will ever face, and making mistakes is a part of parenting that we cannot avoid. However, taking our anger out on our child is wrong, and it is something that definitely needs to be addressed.

Teenage Perils

The teen years are a trial for both kids and parents. Perhaps in prior centuries that was not so much the case. Adolescence is a modern invention and growing up takes longer than ever before. Most kids make it though. Good parenting will save many of these kids, in the long run.

Child Home Fire Safety

Many of the things we adults take for granted in the home can present a serious fire or burn hazard to kids. Learn to watch for these hazards and control them with simple, inexpensive materials and practices.

Home Chemical Storage

When you think about it, there is a wide range of chemicals used around the home all the time.  We take them for granted.  Nonetheless, they can be a major child safety hazard in our homes.

Purpose of Parenting

The purpose of parenting is submerged in the immensity of the breadth, length, depth and height of a parent’s love. A parent’s ability to comprehend the magnitude of their purpose in their child’s life is fundamental in the process of inspiring, motivating, and encouraging them toward excellence.

Tips On How to Research For Cribs

Shopping for all the furniture that your baby will need could be a complex process. It will be wise to do some research and to know what type of features you want. When it comes to cribs, you have many options. Study what the market has to offer and pick the most appropriate option.

Parenting Tips – How to Instill Good Eating Habits

Good eating habits should be instilled at an early age. The sooner a baby learns, the better. Good eating habits can be created as early as the child’s first year. Naturally, the specifics will change as the baby becomes older and starts demanding diversity.

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Used Baby Travel System

As parents, our most important job is to make sure that our child gets the best protection we can provide. Baby travel system is one the most important purchases you are going to make after having a baby. Personally at the beginning it took me a long time to find an appropriate one. So do your market research smartly and pick the baby travel system which is right for you.

Parenting: Communication Skills and Building Self Esteem in Your Young Adults

Perhaps you know young adults who are being negatively influenced by their peers? Or rebelling against their parents? Or not interested in reading good literature because all they want to read is text on their cell phones? Or, perhaps most critical – suffering an identity crisis?

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