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Empowering Youth – Six Secrets For Raising Successful Children

Do your parenting skills have an impact on your child’s success? If the answer is yes, this is a good time to check yourself.

How to Stay Connected With Your Children

There are so much entertainment for Children these days that quality time with Parents seem to be a thing of the Past but it is not. It still remains a vital part of their development.

Top Family Fun Night Solutions to Beat Cabin Fever

When you find yourself locked indoors during the long winter months it can almost be enough to drive you up the wall. What are some great things you can do to have fun at home when the cold weather sets in?

7 Tips to Handle an Angry Child – The Best Solution to Handle an Angry Child

All of the conflicting circumstances surrounding all these strong feelings and emotions make learning how to handle an angry child extremely challenging. Every parent reacts differently to anger being directed at them coming from their own children. Its also hard for parents to realize that they are not responsible for the angry emotions coming from their children.

How to Tell If Your Child Or Teen is Lying to You

Children, due to lack of experience and awareness, are much easier to spot out then adults. If you have kids you’ve likely already clued into many of these things.

Preparing Your Child For Surgery

The thought of your child having surgery can be a little scary. Here are a few tips and advice for parents and children, to better prepare for a procedure.

Teaching Preadolescent and Adolescent Children at Home by Method and Example

For parents to successfully help their children develop intellectually and intuitively, the care-giving adults must plan methodically to stimulate their youngsters within their various waking environments. Whether after school, sitting in a living room at home, at a museum, library, or on a nature walk in the woods, parents have opportunities to enliven their kids minds, to prompt questions from them, and to answer the questions in such a way as to prompt continued cognitive exploration. Read on to discover the success derived from parents seeking methodology in teaching.

Three Questions Parents Can Ask to Learn If the Goal of Misbehavior is Attention Seeking

Children generally exhibit four goals of misbehavior: attention, power, revenge, and fear of inadequacy. Learn what questions to ask yourself to find out if your child’s goal of misbehavior is attention-seeking. If so, you can learn to change your response so that you can teach your child to respond in a cooperative rather than attention-seeking manner.

Danger of Being Young, Passionate and Vulnerable and How to Deal With It

I will be speaking to this year’s soon-to-be-awarded Queens Guides tomorrow. 44 young ladies from all over the country have worked hard at challenging and building themselves, championing a cause they choose, raising awareness on the need to care for community and the environment.

Advice to Parents For Coping With Carers

When you have to leave your child with a carer, such as a nanny or babysitter, their routines and rules may get disrupted. It is important not to let this happen. This article offers some advice to parents that will help them communicate to the carer so this does not happen.

God I Sound Like My Dad

Ever said that to your wife, or even your children, when you’ve been talking to them? They may ask for something and you respond with a quick automatic response. Then you think on what you’ve just said, and you think “God I sound like my dad!”

Your First Born and the Coming Baby – Dealing With Jealousy

A new baby in the family is always great news to couples who have committed to raising a family responsibly. Grandparents and friends as well get excited as everyone prepares for the latest addition to the family circle. Daddy gets the crib and playroom ready while Mom is totally engrossed with taking good care of herself and the baby in her tummy.

10 Most Useful Tips For Happy and Successful Parenting

To be a parent either in masculinity or in femininity is the most covetable of relationships especially in the human world. We all know that by giving birth to the offspring we start being parents. But how many of us can claim honestly to be happy and successful parents to our children right from the beginning of our parenthood through out its course? Very often many parents have been found to be wailing over the misfortunes thrust upon them either by circumstances or by their very offspring.

Letting Our Kids Be Kids

Our little Emily is about to turn 5. Sometimes we forget she’s just a little girl.

Teach Your Baby Math – Make the Time!

You want to teach your baby math, but you feel like you don’t have the time to teach them. Baloney! There are 24 hours in a day, and if you truly love your child you will make the time period.

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