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Digits and Numbers Part 4 of 4

Digits and Numbers Part 4 of 4

Financial Education – Leave it to Parents?

Just as information and guidance on healthy eating and exercise can prevent a lifetime of obesity, effective financial education, when started at an early age, can prevent chronic financial health problems later in life. Where this education should take place is a matter of debate. Whether education and guidance of this sort would be more effectively shared by parents and families or taught formally as part of the school curriculum. Here we discuss some of the issues on both sides.

How the Act of Surrender Can Empower Your Kids

I recently came across a list of 45 inspiring life lessons, and one of them simply said, “Yield.” I decided to explore what could this mean when it comes to parenting.

Methods on the Way to Help Your Children With Their Homework

Homework is troublesome. You know that, having experienced years in elementary, college and college with mountain of them on your back. This is the reason why most parents understand the importance of them to help their children with their homework.

Learn How to Block Porn Sites and Keep Your Children Safe

There are many reasons you may want to block porn sites. The most obvious is you have children that use the Internet and do not want them subject to that type of material. To block porn sites you want to use some kind of parental control software.

Why Do Parents Accept Defeat?

Learn to cope with the challenges of parenting, rather than accepting the pain and repercussions of parental defeat. All parents struggle, but those who have plan and don’t simply react to adversity, will reap joy, pride and satisfaction as their families grow. Don’t get stuck in a downward spiral, take control of your families development and see the difference.

Understanding the Compassion to Discipline Children – Patiently Parenting Aggressive Children

Are you inadvertently putting your children at risk? Would you rather receive positive attention when you go out with your children. Learning the right discipline technique is crucial in getting the behavior that works best for everyone. This article explores the compassion it takes to discipline children, especially aggressive children, by learning what you are up against.

Parenting Child Care – A Sick Child’s Cry

A baby crying due to sickness is something that requires immediate medical attention. The immune power of the child is less when compared to an adult.

Teaching Your Kids to Save Money

No matter how old you are, it pays to be financially savvy. Children are curious about money and through observation and repetition, can be taught about it as soon as they can count. Educating, motivating and empowering children to become regular savers and investors will ultimately encourage them towards financial independence and smart financial decisions later on in life.

Making Chores Fun For Kids

As a new parent you wonder how on earth am I going to teach my child to not only do their chores but to enjoy them in the process? Well, the best advice I can give you as a parent is to make it fun and use lots of positive reinforcement. My son is my mini me at the house.

Before Buying Video Games For Kids

Unless you happen to be a gamer yourself, buying internet or video games for children could be difficult. With the current threats online, internet safety for children is of prime importance, since a majority of gaming consoles function online.

Tips to Have a Stronger Family Bond

Family is very important to us. Our parents, siblings are always there in our ups and downs, through thick and then. Strive to make your family bond even stronger. Consider some tips in this article.

Parental Control Software – Idiot Guide

The following article provides an in-depth introduction to the technology available to help you protect your children online. The technology is readily available, but it is a bit harder to get through all of the information to determines what tools is appropriate for you and your family. Hopefully, after you have read this article, you will feel comfortable to proceed and start using parental control software to help you monitor and control your children’s online activities.

How Do You Block Kids From Getting on Porn Sites?

Studies have been showing a trend of more kids getting on porn sites. Such studies have shown that the word “porn” is ranked #6 in the list of top 100 search terms used by kids.

Making Kids Physical Activities Fun Again

As I remember it I was a lot more physically active when I was a kid than the youngsters of today are. In summer we rode our bikes like there was no tomorrow and in the winter we used to pretend that our snow racer sleds where actually motorized snowmobiles – using our legs to propel us through waist deep snow.

Fun With Growth Charts

Growth among kids is both crucial but nonetheless exciting to monitor. Children ages from five to adolescence are more prone to growth gap hence as parents, the responsibility still lies on you to help them reach a normal level. And the first step you need to do is to monitor their physical growth through hanging growth charts.

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