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Dogs for Kids

Dogs for Kids

Is Your Child Ready For Competitive Sports?

There are some children who are naturally ready for competitive sports. What to look for.

The Third Major Principle of Quality For Parents

Deciding how much time to spend with your child, and how to spend it, comes with the territory of parenthood. This article is about the underlying principle that can help you solve this problem.

The First Time

I remember, so clearly, the day I was told my child had a disability. It was an explosion of emotions. Some emotions were conflicting which didn’t make acceptance occur in a smooth motion.

Keep Your Children From Harm by Conducting Background Checks

Conducting background checks is a serious matter; you have to be patient enough in gathering information. Make sure that information gathered is accurate and reliable.

Background Check Your Nanny to Secure Your Child’s Safety

In a world full of strangers, it is hard to trust someone whom you have just met for the first time. It is not bad to be suspicious; it is like securing one’s privacy and safety.

Ten Excellent Ways to Get Your Child Ready For Summer Camp

Summer Camp is an exciting thing for parents; as their child is going to learn loads of new thing in the camp. However it could be a nightmare for the child if he or she is not ready for camp.

Common Teenage Problems

Parents need to study their teenagers. This will assist with solving the problems they encounter.

Five Natural Ways to Foster Creativity in Children

Get rid of the frustration when a child is having difficulty learning or coping. Take advantage of five natural, simple techniques to come up with easy-to-implement solutions.

Parenting Your Children – Exercise Your Authority

Are families improved when parents exercise authority within the family? What will the kids say when mom or dad say’s “No”? In this article we will find out if exercising authority is a good thing or a bad thing, and what the children really think about it. The advice in here has stood the test of time and will really help your family if applied.

Youth Organization Bringing it All Together – Discipline

The area in which most parents worry the most about their connection to their teenagers is when it comes to discipline. How hard should you be? What are effective consequences?

Disciplinary Action and Children

It seems that these days parents are reluctant to discipline their children either for fear of the consequences of law or because they feel that reasoning with a child is more appropriate. This article will discuss the process of punishing your child and the consequences of not.

Parental Guidance – Are You Showing Your Children Inappropriate Films?

This article takes a look at how children have become desensitized to violence in the media through being shown inappropriate material by adults. Taking in film and video games, this is written by a person with years of experience in educating parents on appropriate movies and merchandise for kids.

Family Health- Parents – Kids Have Stress Too!

Parents: Do you know that your kids are stressed too in this society? Find out why, how you can recognize the signs and what you can easily do about it in this article.

Is Your College Student Safe?

Parents are preparing to say goodbye to their college bound students. The biggest worry, is whether they are safe. Statistics show us that students are safer on campus than off campus but one statistic is too many because that is someone’s child. This article gives some tips and options on what we can do, to keep our kids safe so everyone enjoys this college experience.

7 Mistakes Parents Make in Preparing Their Students For College

The summer before your child begins college can be an emotional time for both the Parent and the Freshman Student. Use this time to communicate with your college student and prepare for this next level of parenting. Make time in a relaxed setting to discuss expectations. This alone can prevent problems in the Fall. Allow your child to also express their concerns and expectations. Begin shifting your parenting style. Become a listener. Enjoy this experience. Don’t let the student have all the fun! Being a college student and being the parent of a college student is an adventure. You are making memories.