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Doodhsagar Waterfalls | Close one eye and feel the nature

Doodhsagar Waterfalls | Close one eye and feel the nature

Don’t Procrastinate in Writing Your Life Story!

In today’s society there is so little time for us to share our stories and even the family dinner table is often vacant as families rush in different directions on a daily basis. Yet the need to be known and understood is a fundamental need all humans experience.

7 Parental Mistakes That Can Give Children Low Self-Esteem

The more parents love their children, the more likely it is that the children will develop high self-esteem. However, loving your children is not always enough. Some parents genuinely love their children but unknowingly make certain parenting mistakes that prevent their children from developing self-esteem.

How Do You Know If You’re Buying Your Baby Products From A Quality Online Baby Shop?

Becoming a parent is a particularly exciting time and one that is enjoyable for most. However, it can also be a time that’s expensive, as you’re buying everything from nappies right through to nursery furniture. Due to the expense being potentially very high, the last thing you want is to be buying baby products from online baby shops that don’t live up to their word, with the products that they’ve supplied you being of a poorer quality than first thought- or worst still, you hand your money over and they don’t deliver your products at all.

How to Parent a Child Who Is Growing Up Too Fast

Is your child growing up faster than you are? Do you have a 10 year old who thinks she is 16? I do and I can relate to your pain. Today’s kids are growing up so much faster then we did.

Where Are Your Children Most At Risk From Hazards?

Reading this article may not put your mind at ease, but it will highlight some of the most dangerous places for children as they grow up. All you need to do is try not to worry too much and do your best to pre-empt any possible accidents.

How to Deal With a Teen Who Wants to Join the Military

The decision by your son or daughter to join the military, can be a shock to you as a parent, or you will feel a sense of pride that your child was mature enough to even think about military service. Military service could be what some teens need, to gain a sense of discipline, pride and some direction in there lives. Are there things better than the military?

Toddler Mile Stones

For every developmental achievement, there is an average range in which a child may accomplish that achievement For example, walking may take place as early as 8 months or sometimes not until 18 months and be considered normal. One of the reasons it is recommended to see your pediatrician at regular intervals is to check your child’s development. Any concerns on the part of the doctors, parents, teachers, or childcare providers are important to discuss for the well being of the child.

The Happy Child Guide – Stopping the Grocery Store Temper Tantrums?

How many times have you been at the checkout in the grocery store and from across the room heard the screams of a toddler throwing a tantrum in the snack isle? As a mother of 2 wonderful children, I have also fallen victim to the embarrassment of temper tantrums in the grocery store.

Teaching Our Kids to Perform Random Acts Of Kindness

I have written before about “cognitive dissonance” which simply means that humans do not like to hold two opposing thoughts in their mind at the same time. This plays out in children when they have to blame the other kids for starting a fight. Your child might think something like this: I want to think of myself as a good person. Good people don’t fight with others for no reason. Therefore, if I fought with Johnny today, I must have a good reason. That reason must be – Johnny started it.

Being A Single Happy Parent

By a single parent I’m referring here to the parent who does not raise his kids on a daily basis, and usually that’s the father. When there is a divorce, typically the mother takes on the duties of raising the kids, while the father typically sees his children on the weekends and vacations. At least, that’s the usual arrangement.

101 Creative Ideas to Keep Kids Busy WITHOUT TV, Technology, Media or, Dare I Say It, Video Games!

The reason I took the time to come up with one hundred ideas was to help parents connect with their children AND keep kids busy without using television and video games as a means of entertainment. I strongly believe that media, video games and television are terrible for kids…especially when over used by parents as a means of keeping their kids occupied.

How to Parent Your Defiant Teenagers

I know what you’re going through and I know how you feel. You have defiant teenagers and you are trying to get them under control, but it feels like all of your efforts are useless and you are losing hope. You try being forceful and they push you away; you try to let them learn their own mistakes and they just fall into a deeper hole. You don’t know what to do anymore and you want some kind of hope.

Stop Bedtime Temper Tantrum – 4 Tips to Try Tonight

Does your child throw a temper tantrum at the sight of their bed let alone the mention of bed time? Here are four things that our family does. Give them a try!

Time Is A Precious Commodity

Think back to the time before you had a family. Remember when you could do whatever you wanted whenever you wanted. Then you have a child of your own and your life changes in so many ways. One of the biggest changes is your time is not your own.

Control Acute Stress – Set Realistic Goals

Raising children at the same time you are working outside the home as well as working inside the home doing everything both indoors and out will change chronic stress into acute stress. Prolonged acute stress is dangerous. The brain under acute stress does not function properly. This means that for everyone’s well-being, you must find ways to decrease and control your stress. No, getting rid of the kids is not an option!

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