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Easy Egg Puffs in IFB Oven|Egg puffs recipe|Malayalam|How to make egg puff at home in IFB 23SC3

Easy Egg Puffs in IFB Oven|Egg puffs recipe|Malayalam|How to make egg puff at home in IFB 23SC3

Single Parent Families – How to Make Your Children Feel Loved

When parents have separated, children may not feel as loved as they once did. Because the custodial parent is usually busier and the other parent is gone, it is particularly important as a single parent to make that extra effort to ensure that your children feel as loved as they did before.

Appropriate Punishment Techniques For Teens

Punishing your teenager can be like swimming through shark infested waters. The sharks may not be hungry and you may reach the shore alive..

What You Need To Know To Stop Sibling Rivalry

When we were dating my husband and I talked about our dreams and what kind of life we would like to have. It definitely involved marriage and starting a family. We spoke about where we would live, what kind of house we liked, and how many children we would like to have.

What Kind of Voice Do You Use When Speaking to Your Child? Part 2

Learn how to speak to your child more effectively. Get your child to do as you request. See how talking baby talk to older kids can have a negative impact.

Parenting Tips – Parents Working As A Team

Let’s face it: We’ve got all different opinions on child rearing. That’s to be expected. The fact is that children and teenagers will work much better with you as parents if you work as a team and follow through on the same guidelines and basic rules.

Do Kids Need Cell Phones?

The first thing that you should take into consideration is how often your child is away from you or your spouse. If you have an eight year old who is never away from you except to go to school, then the odds are pretty good that he or she does not have any real need for a cell phone. On the other hand, if your child spends a good deal of time away from you (with friends, relatives, or at school sponsored events), then you might want to consider purchasing some type of cell phone for emergency situations.

How to Discourage Aggressive Behavior in Your Toddler

How to Discourage Aggressive Behavior in Your Toddler can be easier than you might think. You just have to make some changes in your life. These changes are quite different from what you might be thinking.

The Burden of Domestic Apathy

Unlike the vast majority of Moms out there who need relief from what I call “SuperMom Syndrome”, I don’t need to be released from the crushing weight that comes from the pursuit of being a domestic diva. Rather, I need release from the feelings of inadequacy that result from not even trying to be one. You see, I sometimes get the sense that there must be something wrong with me for not wanting to have sheets on my bed that have been pressed, miniature sculpted soaps that everyone is forbidden to touch, or meals made from scratch everyday. Or most recently from not wanting to make, all by myself, a real-live hand-made wreath made of 3500 fresh cranberries, which needs to be soaked in water every other week just to keep it alive. Find out how to keep the demands of being a parent today in perspective, and when to just let things go.

How To Secure Your Child’s Future

The birth of a child is the greatest joy of every couple most especially when it’s the first child. The feeling of given life to another human is overwhelming and calls for celebration. But beyond the celebration, comes the harsh reality of bringing up the child in the right way and securing his/her future for a better tomorrow. This article reveals to you how you can successfully secure your child’s future.

Tips About Parenting a Child With a Disability

Any child is perceived as a blessing to the parent. Whether boy, girl, disabled or healthy, it is important for the child to receive the parents’ attention and to have the essential needs met. However, some parents are not able to provide most of the basic needs due to ignorance, financial problems or even out of lack of interest in taking care of the child.

When a Second Child Is Born

Having a second child can require sensitive handling. The first-born has been the centre of its parents universe for its entire life and then another baby is born, demanding attention and love. Here are some of the potential problems and ways to handle them well.

Tips For Finding A Great Tutor

Are you a student in need of a math tutor or the parent of a child who needs one? It can be difficult if you or your child is struggling in school to achieve a level of success equal to that of their peers. It can be a challenge to find tutoring and to ensure that the tutor has the proper qualifications and availability.

Baby’s First Steps

One of the great excitement of a parents adventure is when a baby takes his first steps. I was fortunate enough to be there when both my son and daughter took their first steps.

Graco Travel System – The Baby’s Best Friend

Lots of considerations when buying travel system. Fortunately, a new wave of travel system, which has been pounding the market with innovative baby products and accessories, brought a deeper realization among the parents. Graco have kept up with the parent’s choice in the light of their present situations. Up until now, Graco Travel System has been not only, the baby’s best friend, but also the parents’ best non-human baby-sitter.

Energy Drink Claims Disputed by a Pediatrics Study

A review of scientific literature published in Pediatrics claims that energy drinks do not appear to provide the benefits they claim, and do cause serious medical complications to pre-teen and teens health. The beverage industry was quick to draw criticism to the paper shooting back that energy drinks have no more caffeine than a single cup of coffee.

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