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Edible Parts of Fruits | General Science – Biology

edible parts of fruits general science biology

Fruits and Edible Parts:

Edible = something that can be eaten or is fit to be eaten.

We have to remember which portion of a fruit is fit to eat.

In exams you are frequently asked (at least one question or two) about the edible part of a fruit.

Here I’ve prepared for you a list of some important fruits and their edible parts.

You can make notes, or take a screen or download pdf from our telegram channel.

Fruits Edible Parts

Mango Mid-pericarp / Mesocarp

Apple Thalamus

Pear Thalamus

Coriander Thalamus & seeds

Litchi Pulpy aerial

Coconut Endosperm

Guava Pericarp

Grapes Pericarp

Custard apple Pericarp

Chinese dates Pericarp & mesocarp

Tomato Pericarp & perisperm

Papaya Mid-pericarp

Lemon Juicy pores

Jackfruit Sepals, bracts, seeds

Mulberry Sepals, bracts, seeds

Ground nut Seed, leaf, embryo

Water chestnut Seed, leaf

Wood apple Mesocarp & endocarp

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You may find some terminology difficult. You have to revise again and again.

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