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How To Survive Eating Out At Restaurants With A Fussy Eater

Eating out at restaurants with children can be a real nightmare at the best of times. It can be even more stressful if your child is a fussy eater. With fussy eaters, it’s not just about finding healthy menu options, it’s about finding something they will eat that isn’t of the deep fried potato variety.

Coming Of Age – How Does One Become An Adult?

I grew up in a household of two (heavy) cigarette-smoking, coffee-drinking parents. For me, this was the epitome of adulthood… And when I started smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee, at the age of seventeen, I felt that I have arrived!

Children Being Effected by Cyber Bullying

Most of us know what it feels like to be the outcast; the disappointment of feeling left out or excluded. Being the last one picked for the team, or teased for being different. Well in today’s young society, cyberbullying is becoming a problem for young people and making them feel even more ostracized and excluded

Helping The Anxious Child

Anxiety in Children – All children experience anxiety; it’s normal and expected – particularly at specific developmental times. From the age of 8-9 months of age for example, a baby may begin to show worry and distress at being separated from a parent or known carer and this may continue through the pre-school years. Worries about particular events or objects may also become prominent for some children as they grow older – a fear of spiders, the dark, animals, strangers or thunder and lightening – and this may continue into the primary school years.

Techniques for the Prevention and Management of Tantrums to Ensure They Decrease in Frequency

Most parents experience the trials of temper tantrums. Tantrums, which are explosions of anger, frustration and can involve crying, screaming, kicking, flailing about and running away, can cause a great deal of frustration to us as parents and professionals. We are going to present some prevention techniques, some management strategies as well as some reactions to avoid.

Words Matter: What You Say Impacts How Your Child Feels

Words are the medium through which we convey our thoughts. The words we use have great impact on the listener. We should think carefully before we speak. Words can have a positive or a negative effect on those hearing them. When talking to your child, it is very important to choose words that uplift the spirit rather than dampen the spirit.

How Strong Parent-Child Bond Prevents Child Physical Abuse

The bond between parent and child is one of the strongest and most rewarding that human beings build. The unwritten code underpinning this is that parents cater to their children’s needs when they are young and vulnerable while children reciprocate this gesture when their parents are old and frail with considerably reduced capacity to care for themselves. Establishing this bond with your child is both an enlightened self-interest as well as a wise investment because if your child turns out well, your future is well insured.

Child Development: Self-Liberating School-Age Child

  There are many theories of child development. However we consider the child’s development as self-liberation. A child is liberating herself from dependencies and fears moving toward freedom.

Signs Your Child May Have ADHD

Diagnosing ADHD can be challenging because every child with this condition is different. However, the one thing that all parents of kids with this condition have in common is that they sense their children aren’t normal. Children with ADHD often have trouble fitting in, and they may even have negative emotional responses to their conditions from very early on. Parents tend to notice these things, yet they…

Talking About Cyber-Bullying

The modern world has made for busy parents, busy children, and lots of new technology to keep us that way. Kids are rarely without their many various and sundry electronic devices, smart phones, iPads, laptops and the like. Parents are so busy working to pay for all of these technological wonders that we hardly have time to supervise the activities that are taking place.

Failing Idaho Public Schools

Millions of dollars are spent to graduate 90% of high school students, yet only 25% go on to college. Then only half of those will complete college leaving a grand total of 10 to 15 percent with a decent college degree. Do the math. Is there any wonder we are overflowing with poverty and an unmarketable work force? Big damn deal you have a diploma! Congratulations. Now you can fill out welfare applications with the rest of us. Why don’t you get your damn ACT together Idaho schools and motivate these kids.

How Can I Acquire Wholesale Baby Fashion Clothing for My Business?

Have you ever wanted to start your own business? During these tough economic times, one must think very carefully before embarking on a new business venture. One must find a product that is always in demand and will continue to have a market.

Reselling Wholesale Baby Clothes: A Profitable Venture

When someone finally makes the decision to open their own store, it is critical that they put a lot of thought into their strategy before they open the doors. The first thing that an entrepreneur should consider is what kind of products to stock. Typically one will choose to focus on an industry that they are passionate about, to ensure that they will be dedicated enough to see this venture through to completion.

Parenting Is Hard, So What Is the Role of a Parent?

So many think that the job of a parent is to protect their child. But is that true? In a world where most teens resist their parents, what is the role of a parent?

Safe Toys: Where Are They?

In the wake of Mattel’s huge recall of toys shipped with lead paint, a worldwide near panic caused one of the Toy Industry’s biggest shakeups ever! Find out what retailers took matters into their own hands and developed toy safety nets far stronger than had ever been used before.

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