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Essential Baby Sleep Pointers for New Moms and Dads

Being a first-time parent can really be exciting, but it can also be stressful at the same time. This is especially true during the first few months of your baby when he is still establishing a sleep pattern. Get rid of the stress and learn to enjoy this period instead by understanding these basic baby sleep facts.

Yet Another Humanitarian Project? [Part 10] Love Thy Family

All suicides had someone in their circle who professed to have loved them. That was most likely the case, but that love must have been conditional to performance of one sort or another. In any case, that love failed to sustain. It failed to calm.

Are You Raising a Connected or a Clingy Child

The first few years of a child’s life are extremely important. As a parent you should know proper ways to raise them to not be clingy. This article describes a few ways on how to do that.

Is It Wrong to Vent My Frustration With My Child?

Parents aren’t always sure whether its OK to be openly angry with your child or to suppress your feelings. This article outlines how healthy it is for your children to know that their challenging behavior is frustrating and doing it in a respectful way.

Visual Timers Create Cooperation

Keeping track of time between parents and kids is not always the easiest thing. This article describes how one product, Time Timer, helps creates a quick visual representation of the amount of time remaining on the activity at hand. Once there is a better understanding of the amount of time that is left in the activity, more cooperation follows.

Ten Tips for Raising a More Peaceful Child

There are many things that we sometimes take fore granted as parents. This article describes 10 useful tips to help raise a more peaceful child at home and in the classroom.

Stop Putting Your Child’s Drawings on the Fridge

Are you praising your child too much when it comes to something as small as putting their artwork on the fridge? This article helps define the difference between a healthier type of praise known as encouragement. Parents need to encourage more and praise less. This article offers tips on exactly how to do that.

Eight Ways of Stopping a Tantrum

No one likes when their child has a tantrum. Only you know your child better than anyone else. This article offers eight means of stopping tantrums.

Two Important Things You Should Know About Attachment Parenting

Breast feeding and co-sleeping are important aspects of attachment parenting that meet the needs of an infant for closeness, comfort, and touch. These develop stronger bonds between parent and child and create a loving home atmosphere for the baby.

What Causes a Resistant Child?

Having trouble dealing with you resistant child? This article identifies why children become resistant and what parents can do to get more cooperation.

Does Being a Single Parent Affect Children?

Does being a single parent affect the bringing up of children? There are numerous problems that single moms or single dads face when raising children. There is always a way of overcoming these problems and making children understand the situation.

Baby Monitors: A Boon For Parents!

A baby monitor helps the attendants to monitor the activities of the babies. It warns them when the baby cries or wakes up. It is a very useful device and is being used by parents all over the world.

Because I Said So, The Famous Phrase Used By Parents

When I was a child, I can remember very clearly my parent’s explanation for why I can’t do, or have something. “Because I said so!” were very common words spoken in my house when I was growing up. It’s the answer parents give to their child when they’ve been asked for something over and over again, and the parent has run out of reasons for the child’s questions of “why?”. So, after a reasonable amount of exhausting effort to satisfy the child’s curiosity, a parent may finally get fed up, and say, “BECAUSE I SAID SO!”.

Reasons to Use a Child Safety Alarm

Nearly 800,000 children younger than 18 are missing each year. Equip your child with self defense skills and a safety alarm to avoid making them part of that statistic.

Tis the Season For Family Board Games: To Lose or Not to Lose?

Tis the season for board games, with colder weather and family gatherings. My clients always ask me, “Erin, should I let my kids win so they feel good about themselves and stay interested, or should I play fair and win sometimes, at the risk of upsetting them?”

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