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First Birthday Celebration Decoration at Home|DIY First Birthday Decoration Ideas

First Birthday Celebration Decoration at Home|DIY First Birthday Decoration Ideas

A Clean Desk – 3 Myths – How to Help Your Child Get Organized for Academic Productivity and Success

The 3 main myths about a clean desk are knocked out here. You will quickly learn why these 3 popular myths are not true. You will also get concrete usable strategies to help your child develop the productivity enhancing habit of keeping a clean desk.

Drawer Organizers Help Your Kids Help You

If you’re a parent who believes in raising self-sufficient kids, then have I got a tip for you. It involves buying some simple drawer organizers and allowing your kid to put away clean silverware from the dishwasher as well as sort some of his or her own laundry. Around our home, we believe parents do their kids a disservice if they’re not given the responsibility of contributing to the household through chores.

How To Keep Your Baby Warm In The Winter

How to keep your baby warm in the winter is a common worry for all new parents. There are many ways to keep baby comfortable without overdoing it. The lack of a large body mass in babies is one of the reasons that make it difficult for babies to stay warm in the winter months.

Using Disposable Materials

When it comes to issue of ease of handling, the disposable ones outscore the others by far. However, thinking about stylish and fashionable stuff that your child can use, you should look towards having the more practical kinds of nappies, which are generally the reusable ones. It is more convenient to the young mother because she is more likely living the fast paced lifestyle of today.

Gearing Up for Preschool

Are you prepared for perhaps one of the most important days in your child’s life? With a new School year beginning there are many parents feeling mixed emotions as they prepare their little one for day care of preschool. Parenting may be hard during this stage as parents are having hard time to let go of their little ones. However to develop positive parenting parents should learn to let go and adjust for the betterment of their children.

How to Teach Children About Church

The best way to teach children about church is to take them by the hand and go to church with them. Example is always the best teacher.

Control Acute Stress – Get Home Life Organized

We have discussed that living under extreme stress is dangerous both for you and for your children. Thus, controlling stress becomes a necessity. Getting your home life organized is one of the tips I indicated needed to be done sooner rather than later.

Single Parent Families and Child Abuse – The Best Way to Prevent It

Parenting runs along two continuums: abusive and nurturing. One can equate higher incidence of nurturing with less incidence of abuse because the two behaviors are mutually exclusive. In nurturing single parent families, children receive support, have clear boundaries, and live under appropriate expectations. In abusive single parent families, too much may be expected from the children. Empathy for the children is lacking, physical punishment is prominent, and lack of awareness of the children’s developmental levels is evident.

How to Effectively Discipline Teenage Boys

Imposing household rules is a very important component of responsible parenting in order to raise well-adjusted teens. Many young men often find it difficult to traverse their teenage years because of the narrow definition of masculinity that they see in how men are portrayed by the media, and sometimes even within the family. In the process of growing out of teenage years and entering manhood, some young men become troubled teens and experience difficulties cultivating a positive self-image.

Teaching Your Teen Anger Management – What Works and What Doesn’t Work

Helping teens manage their anger is an important component to their well-being. In a way, it’s also important to keep the peace and safety of the family and community. Troubled kids who have severe anger management issue often make their home life incredibly difficult for other family members and are threats to the safety of other people around them.

The Three Components of Reading

When your child’s teacher tells you that your child is having reading problems; What does that mean? Most parents don’t know that learning to read has three major components. The first being decoding, second comprehension and third retention.

Raising a Sickly Child: Make It Easy for Your Kid and Yourself

Raising a kid isn’t easy, but it is more difficult if your child turns out to be sickly. It drains your finances, puts a lot of emotional strain to your family, and creates anxiety or depression.  

Bipolar Disorder in Children: Parents, Know What to Do

Bipolar depression affects thousands of children all over the world, but not all of them get the right kind of help. A lot of parents misinterpret this type of depression as usual tantrums and mood swings of kids. They view irritability and hyperactivity to lack of attention.

How to Prepare the Older Children With the Coming of the Baby

A baby is definitely a huge family blessing, but his or her arrival also means a lot of adjustments and stress. Everyone should be prepared, including the baby’s future sibling.   Sibling rivalry can happen very early, even before your baby is born.

Questions – Creative Kids Communication Techniques

Questions are an important part of communication and keeping an open dialogue with your children and teens. Here are several benefits to asking questions you might not have considered.

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