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Fish in Microwave Oven

Fish in Microwave Oven

Sleeping Tips for Parents With New Born Babies

Newborn babies spend most of their time sleeping. As per studies, infants sleep around 16 hours a day. So, new parents would have many questions and concerns about caring for their new-comer.

Huggies Vs Pampers – Which Is Best for Your Baby?

When it comes to choosing diaper brands, Huggies and Pampers remain as the premium names. But which one would work best for your babies? Now, it is the time for a Pampers Vs Huggies battle.

How To Cut Down On The Soft Drinks And Give Your Child Healthy Drinking Habits

One of our friend’s son is nine years old and heavily obese. His body went under a transformation from normal kid-size to fat-boy in under one year, but he had it coming.

When Buying Organic for Baby Isn’t an Option

Whether you’re breast feeding or using formula, eventually, your baby will need to start the weaning process. New parents are inundated with information on what weaning process works better, and what weaning foods to use, and which ones to avoid.

Teaching Kids About Money And When To Save It

People often get lost in possessions, good times and in the need to have it all. Having everything is not necessarily the responsible way to get through life and can have many people knocking on bankruptcy’s door. Teaching kids about money not only gives them the value of hard work, but it also allows them to make financial plans and informed decisions.

Kids and Sports – Parent Without Being the Coach When Your Child Starts on a Team

Getting involved in organized athletics is an exciting milestone of parenting. It also raises lots of questions. Which sport is right for my child? How intense should her involvement be? What is my role as he participates? Get suggestions on each of these issues and make sure that your child’s sports experience is in keeping with your family and it’s philosophy and values.

Clear Out the Barriers Between You and Your Children

The fact is that many children are not inclined to tell their parents about the things they have done in school or outside the home. Be aware that it is a dangerous sign…

How To Entertain Your Child And Give Him Good Habits From The Start

It’s Sunday, and you have the whole day in front of you. What do you do? Do you turn on the television and let your child watch cartoons most of the day, eating sweets and drinking soft drinks?

Teaching Morals to Children

Teaching morals to children is the main duty of the parents. If one parent is always out, then the sole parent takes the whole responsibility. If both parents are so busy and/or gone or away, guardians (grandparents, older siblings, other family relatives, adoptive parents, close family friends or helpers/nannies) take over.

How To Avoid Jealousy When Your Child Is Having A Baby Sister Or Brother

Jealousy between siblings is unfortunately very common. However, it can be avoided, if you prepare the arrival of a baby sister or brother the right way.

Should You Allow Your Son To Play With Toy Guns?

There is so much violence in our world, and many parents ask themselves if they should allow their son to play with toy guns or not. Wouldn’t it be like allowing and encourage brutality to give your child toy weapons? Shouldn’t you help society by denying your son contact with guns of any kind?

What To Do If Your Child Refuses To Eat

This is probably something every mother and father have experienced. Their sweet little child has turned into a potato spitting monster and refuses to eat.

Toddler Tantrums – 3 Simple Tips To Help You Deal With Those Terrible Toddler Tantrums

Which parent has not suffered the frustration and embarrassment of trying to deal with a toddler who is throwing a memorable tantrum? Tantrums are an inevitable part of growing up for the majority of children but there are steps you can take to help reduce the problem. This article considers three of them.

How Much Television Should You Allow Your Child To Watch?

It’s a huge problem today that children spend too much time watching TV. Often the children themselves become the victims of such behaviour, since it will not leave them enough time to do their home work, or to be social among friends.

Second Grader Goes On Strike

How many times, have you had a moment, where you could have stood by your kid, in no uncertain terms and claimed your rightful place as their protector and instead, turned aside to make someone else more comfortable (usually another adult)? How many times, has your child taken a stand, did something unexpected, demonstrated a family value and was met by empty praise and lavish attention, instead of being allowed to own their accomplishment with dignity and humility?

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