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Fun Learning Videos For Kids!

Fun Learning Videos For Kids!

In Home Childcare – Its Pros and Cons

First off, what is in home childcare? It simply refers to a service offered by childcare providers who have decided to convert a home into a place where you can drop off your child.

Healthy, Honest and Open Communication With Your Teenager

In this day and age it is VERY important to have an open and honest relationship with your children. You should start MUCH earlier than teens. However, having good communication with your teenager is vital to protecting them and properly guiding them.

Attachment Parenting International – Eight Principles of Parenting

Attachment Parenting International has distilled the philosophy of attachment parenting into eight principles. These principles guide parents who want to develop and maintain strong emotional bonds with their children. This is the heart of attachment parenting.

Choosing a Daycare Facility That’s Right For You

Leaving your child with a stranger for an extended period of time can be a difficult and scary ordeal-especially if it is your first time to do so. However, planning ahead and doing a little bit of research can help ensure that your child stays happy, healthy and safe.

What Do You Say?

For parents who are concerned about the spiritual direction of their children. Just as they are the primary educators for them they are also the primary source of forming their souls and developing their moral character.

Getting Around the Walls Your Teenager Puts Up!

One day you wake up and you hear this familiar voice talking over the phone, and you realize that you don’t much like anything they are saying. Worse, now they are talking about you in a less than flattering way, and complaining about everything under the sun. You wonder “Where did I go WRONG?”

Moms Vs The Professionals – Debates About Play and Learning

Parents tend to think that play with an educational focus better prepares kids for school. However, over preparation or enrichment activities at very young ages can stunt development. Unstructured play leads to problem solving, literacy, creativity and social skills.

10 Tips For Parents of (Pre) Teen Entrepreneurs

For teen entrepreneurs, it’s not just homework or hormones and friends or fashion. For these exceptional young people, it’s all of that – plus finding funding, building business and securing their futures at an early age. And it’s important that their parents understand and appreciate their struggles and offer them support every step of the way.

Troubled Teen? What You Can Do As a Parent

When it comes to raising teens, parents do their best. When that teen starts to show mild signs of rebellion, its natural. When a teen starts to get kicked out of school, do drugs, get pregnant, run away then you should start to worry.

Key Conversations to Have With Your College Bound Teens

As our teens embark on a new life in college it is key to have the difficult conversations with them. As parents we are obligated to give our teens the information they need to help them through this changing time.

Criminals in Your Neighborhood – Do You Know Who They Are?

How well do you know your neighbors? Maybe not as well as you think. Statistics show that for every 12 miles there are 7.5 registered sex offenders. How many homes do you and your children drive by each day that are inhabited by sex offenders?

Children, Chores and Praise

Praise is an essential part of offering regular encouragement to a child who would otherwise find the task of household chores undesirable. It also helps remind children that their contributions to the household are appreciated and a necessary component to its functionality. Young children respond especially well to verbal praise, as it contributes to their sense of self-worth.

Creating Success in School – A Parent’s Guide

Feeling frustrated because you don’t know what to do to help your child succeed in school? Written by an experienced school teacher, this guide will help you navigate the process of opening up the lines of communication with your child so you can motivate them to set and reach their goals. This isn’t brain surgery…it simply takes love, commitment, and the desire to ensure your child has a healthy, successful future!

Organize Your Children For Current and Future Success

As a parent, teaching children the skill of organization is not just one less cleaning job on the household chore checklist. Some experts consider teaching children organizational skills as fundamental as instructing them about morals, values and other personal signposts. In fact, organization skills taught during childhood are likely to follow the child through adolescence and onto adulthood.

The Little Social Graces Add Up to Major First Impressions

We’ve all heard the saying, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” And yet, one of the things that I have noticed lately is that kids don’t seem to know as many of the social graces that many of us learned when we were kids.