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HALLOWEEN COSTUME SHOPPING! // instacart grocery haul, garden updates + views on small pets

HALLOWEEN COSTUME SHOPPING!  //  instacart grocery haul, garden updates + views on small pets

Ways of Protecting Your Children From Bizarre Incidents

Exposing small children to any form of horrible occurrence can have a devastating effect on their lives and well-being. So many children have developed some sudden sicknesses and even died because of the some awful scenarios they have viewed, watched or witnessed. In my former residence when I have not gotten my children, I had a neighbour who had two kids then and these children love staying with me.

Bullying and the After Effects: A Report for Every Parent

In the past, bullying has often been looked at as a “rite of passage” – something that every kid goes through. However, studies today are showing that being bullied is far from harmless. In fact, victims of bullying may end up dealing with psychiatric problems and other aftereffects a decade after the bullying occurs. Lasting psychiatric damage occurs to children that are victims of bullies. In fact, the aftereffects seen in kids are often similar to those seen in children that have been mistreated or abused by family members. If you are a parent, you need to fully understand bullying its aftereffects so you can truly understand what your child goes through when they are bullied. It’s important to realize that this is a huge deal and it needs to be stopped. The following are just a few of the aftereffects that can occur as a result of being bullied.

What Do You Do: Your Children Want to Live With You After Years of Being the Non-Custodial Parent?

Do you have a child who wants to live with you after years of living with their other parent? Maybe you’ve married since the original custody arrangement was settled. Perhaps you have started another family or live in another state. Possibly you were left so financially and emotionally broken after the last custody hearing that you have much concern about going through it again. Or maybe you simply are experiencing fear about being ‘good enough’ as a custodial parent. There is definitely a lot to consider before jumping on an opportunity to claim custody of your children after the loss of custody for many years.

How to Interact With Your Childcare Provider’s Teacher

Childcare Teachers spend the majority of the day with your child. It is important to learn how to interact with them so that your child may reap the ultimate reward. Daycare, Preschool, VPK, and Nursery Teachers have explicit insight into your child’s daily routine. Use your most valuable resource and talk to the teacher.

How To Become Practical Parents

Parents play a major role in young children’s development. It’s both complex and challenging. But sometimes parents feel frustrated with their kids’ disobedience. One reason could be that our approach may not fit with the times. Therefore, being practical is the only way to deal peacefully with kids. Find out ways how to become a practical parent to avoid a clash.

Raising Happy Kids With Toys and Games

There’s no better way for parents to feel satisfied than to see their child always happy. Parents who allow their child to play must have had experienced a happy childhood. Discover what amazing things toys and play can give your child.

Spend More Time Outdoors With Your Kids

Time in nature can help kids to be more active and may even help focus kids with attention deficit disorders (ADD and ADHD). As a parent, this is also an opportunity to enjoy time with your kids. You don’t have to register your kids for organized sports or sign them up for snowboarding classes to get them to discover the fun of being outside.

5 Tips to Calm Angry People in Your Family and Elsewhere

Five tips can transform an angry child. When practiced by parents, these tips in action can make a huge impact on their family and their children’s lives by calmly addressing anger problems when they occur.

Parenting Angry Teens

The teen years can be some of the most painful and confusing for parents. Previously amicable, kind and happy children can quickly turn into sullen, angry teenagers overnight – and parents are left wondering where things went wrong.

Never Give A Sword To A Man Who Cannot Dance – How To Help Youths Pursue The Quest For Meaning

In this article an award-winning author, psychiatrist and parent explores the link between lost youth and the need for working out one’s meaning and purpose in life. Young males need to be supported in finding meaning in their life before they a handed the modern equivalent of a sword. This article outlines how to help young men on this all-important journey.

Lessons I Learned From My Children

Everyone has big hopes and dreams for their children, hoping for them to excel in ways that you didn’t, wanting them to have easy and successful lives, happy and healthy relationships. When they’re little you don’t think about the possibility that things are going to turn out badly, or differently than you dreamed. But I finally figured out if I let go of my dreams and what I wanted for their lives, and let them live their lives the way they need to, things might work out the way they need to. Or at least if I am open to it, there are things I can learn from the journey.

Suffer Our Children Their Own Journeys

My son is an addict, and after numerous arrests and trips to rehab, he still ended up in prison at the age of 20. His journey is just beginning, but so is mine. This is part of our story.

What I Would Ask Nancy Lanza

It’s easy to become isolated when you have a “problem” child. Unless you’ve ever lived with a child who doesn’t respond the same way as a “normal” child to “traditional” parenting techniques, I’m here to tell you, “You don’t have a clue!” What these parents need is not finger-wagging and advice, but compassion and acceptance, so that they feel like part of the human family again.

Take Time To Be Good Parents

Can you count the number of quality times you had with your kid this month? Your child may not say it but most children long for their parents’ presence. Parents are the very first people an infant trusts. So enjoy your kid while they are still young. Discover how you can be good parents to your child even in simple ways.

Two Living Reasons Why Scouting Still Matters

Those looking to use the messy politics of Scouting to keep their son from becoming a Boy Scout will always find ample raw material to justify that decision. But when your son or grandson is struggling in troubled waters 100 yards from shore, none of those objections are likely to seem very important.

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