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HAPPY NEW YEAR – My First Video for the year 2021 #116

HAPPY NEW YEAR - My First Video for the year 2021  #116

3 Bugaboo Accessories You Must Have

Bugaboo strollers are without a doubt one of the most fashionable modes of transport for any toddler and ever since these “weird” stroller came unto the scene its transformed the way we look at baby accessories in general. Its no longer good enough for mom’s to walk around in a clunky steel stroller and for the urban mom, a highly functional and very stylish baby stroller is an absolute must.

School Budget Cuts and Special Education – Is it Legal and What is Their Motivation?

Many parents whose children are receiving special education services are very concerned about what will happen to their child’s services, due to school budget cuts. Some special education personnel are threatening parents with loss of services or financial responsibility for the services. This article will be discussing whether this is legal or not according to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act 2004 (IDEA 2004). You will also learn what their possible motivations would be. This will help you in fighting any cuts to your child’s special education services!

Child Behaviour Modification – 4 Ways to Help Improve Your Child’s Behavior

Communicate clearly It’s really important to say what you really mean to your child. When you communicate clearly to your child using simple language and making clear the behavior you expect, you give boundaries to your child. Steer clear of using sarcasm and negative body language when you communicate to them.

Infant Potty Training – My Experience With Potty Training My Son

Potty training is supposed to be one of those stressful parenting jobs you have to do and as a parent to a 2 and a half year, I was always worried about this aspect of parenting. Luckily though my son was absolutely fantastic, and with every decision I have made with my son, it was very easy going to get him to use the potty, in fact he chose to himself.

Simple Techniques For Teaching Your Child How to Apologize

One of the most disheartening situations for a parent is to have a child who doggedly refuses to apologize even when they are clearly in the wrong. For parents, this can be a very frustrating ordeal especially if it occurs either in public or at a social gathering in the presence of family and friends.

Adjusting As a First Time Parent

For first time parents, having a child can be a wondrous experience. It can also be a stressful time, as well, if they are unprepared for what it will be like to have a new addition to their home. It helps to ask other parents for advice and read up on infants before they arrive.

Toy Box Fun With Your Toddler – Encourage Your Child to Tidy Up

Understand the effective way to get your toddler to tidy away their toys. Install great habits for the future.

How to Get Your Kids Back to School After a Vacation

Vacation time is over and one of the hardest things to do is to get kids to go back to school without much fuss. Most kids would generally like to spend more free time at home or out with friends, but with the end of a great vacation, kids dread school instead of being excited about it.

Waiting Room Toys – Best Way to Keep Your Little Patients Happy While Waiting

Waiting room toys are designed to keep your little ones entertained when you are waiting for a scheduled appointment in the lobby or the waiting room. So if you run pediatric offices, children dental clinic, daycares, schools or any such place where children often visit, you must consider purchasing high quality waiting room toys or lobby toys that are durable, attractive as well 100% child-safe from reputed toy manufacturers and set up an active play area for your little patients/visitors.

After Parenting Adolescents, You Should Be Fit For a Diplomatic Post!

Parenting children of any age group is difficult, at best. Becoming a parent brings with it so many responsibilities, along with the need for skills you might never have required in your entire work career.

Kids’ Bedroom – A Grand Central Station For Germs? This Disinfectant Cleanser Does it All

As a father I know what it feels like to try and find the “perfect” anti-bacterial cleaner. Its so tempting to go the store and leave with at least 3 bottles to accomplish one task. Well, I’ve found the antidote. No more searching. Yes!

Is Your Teen on Drugs – Recover Deleted Texts For the Truth

It is common for teens to get mixed up with drugs and other illegal activities. Recover deleted text to get the truth about what your teen is doing.

How to Make the New Year Better For Your Kid

Parents should not be the only one who should enjoy the fruits of the New Year. Kids must also feel that the New Year brought something good for them, and there is no other way to make them feel better this New Year than for their parents to change for the better, right?

Christian Forums Offer Social Opportunities and Insightful Perspectives For People of All Faiths

If you’re a busy parent, looking for a little socializing online, with lively discussion and debates, as well as insights on parenting, the Christian parenting forums might be an excellent choice. It’s not necessary that you adhere to the Christian faith, as many of the Christian parenting forums are quite open to people of all faiths.

Teens and Bullies – Recover Deleted Text to Stop the Violence

Teens are common targets of bullies whether it is someone at school or someone in the neighborhood. In some cases your teen may even be the one doing the bullying. Unfortunately this is a problem that has plagued children and teens for many years, and it has only gotten worse with kids carrying around cell phones.

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