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HELPING DADDY WITH THEIR SURPRISE! // visiting with our “quarantine buddies” + how we decompress

HELPING DADDY WITH THEIR SURPRISE! // visiting with our "quarantine buddies"  + how we decompress

Success in School and Beyond

You send your kids to the best play school, his teachers are great, you get him the best books and activity kits, still your child may not be excited for school. You may wonder what is missing. The twin areas that are often ignored in this witch hunt if you will, are the levels of attention and focus.

Parenting the Picky Eater – How to Help Your Child Eat Healthy Meals

How to parent the picky eater. Learn strategies to get your child eating a wider variety of healthy meals.

Why Kids Misbehave

Kids misbehaving have been a cause of frustration to many a parent. ‘I give them whatever they ask and yet they misbehave’ stated one parent and another had this to say: ‘I constantly send my kids to their room when they go too far but they still continue to do the same. Things are in fact getting worse. What am I doing wrong?’

How to Raise Bookworms

One of the best things for our children is to be life long learners, and being readers is a big part of that. But what do you do to encourage your children to read especially the ones that maybe can read the words but don’t seem interested in reading books on their own?

Clear Expectations With Teenagers – Discipline Made Easy!

When communicating with your teenagers – have clear expectations. Let them know exactly what you want to talk to them about. Don’t beat around the bush. Say it like it is. No BS-ing!!

Can Psychotropic Medication Really Cure the Behavior of Children?

Many parents are meant to believe that psychotropic medication for children such as anti depressants, antipsychotic, and medication for attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder can ultimately cure children of misbehavior. However, psychotropic medication cannot cure any one of misbehavior or symptoms related to a psychological illness. The key term here is ‘cure’. Cure infers a permanent resolution to a problem.

How To Talk With Teenagers (Sex Talk)

How to talk with teenagers? Parents are recognized as the most vital sexuality educators. Taking time to talk to your teens about sexuality can be a very challenging task. At other times, parents are afraid of going overboard especially when discussing such sensitive issues with their teens.

Should Christian Parents Play the “Santa” Game?

Santa is a HUGE part of Christmas in our day… even in Christian homes. But should he be? Thinking through the idea of “Santa” from a Christian perspective.

Build Character and Motivate Kids With 3 Little Rhymes!

Raising motivated kids with character-building rhymes can be powerful. Why? Positive rhymes motivate but negative thoughts irritate. Today you’ll receive 3 motivational rhymes, 3 brainstorming one-liners, and how to teach self-talk rhyming to your children.

Introducing ABC and 123

From the moment baby is born, his brain is starting to work overtime. We are wrong to think that all they do during the first weeks are eat and sleep and fill the diaper. Every interaction we do with the baby stimulates his intelligence. Little by little he recognizes mother’s voice and touch. He knows when it is time to feed him or time for bath. It is important to stimulate the baby’s brain as early as the first weeks to brace them up for more exercises the following months. Introduce those colors and sounds. You’d be surprise how early they will interact and know the ABCs and 123s.

How to Instruct a Babysitter on Their First Day of the Job

Leaving children with a babysitter is often a painful situation for many parents. They will be worried about staying away from their little ones, especially, if they are leaving their children with the babysitter for the first time.

Humiliation: Punishment or Persecution?

Parents have to use their own judgment when it comes to deciding when a child steps over the line in challenging them. Teens will always test the waters and see how far they can go before a parent yanks on the leash, but that doesn’t mean that a parent should respond in kind with some outrageous act designed to embarrass their child. While humiliation may be a temporary fix to a conflict between a child and their parents, it is more likely to ramp up the situation than fix it in the long run. If the relationship between parents and their children is already a delicate balancing act, humiliation can push kids over the edge with sometimes tragic results.

How Does My Day Look?

Having a schedule and routine with little ones is very critical to setting expectations for your day. It also is what will help you keep your sanity while your twins are little.

Educational Toys for Toddlers

When you try to keep up with toddlers the whole day, you will likely to lose the energy even to cook dinner for the family. The trick is, after you are done with pretend plays with running around while screaming your whole lungs out, try to give them a toy to wind down their energy after that strenuous activity. You do not have to feel guilty and all because there are lots of toys in the market that will help your child boost his intelligence.

Parenting Help for Building Confidence

There are lots of children who are petrified of going to see the doctor. Read this article to get some simple and useful tips for parents raising children to help kids overcome their fear of the doctor.

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