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How The Covert Narcissist Co parents A Special Needs Child

How The Covert Narcissist Co parents A Special Needs Child

Professional Nanny – Discovering the Five Most Important Things Parents Look For in One

Parents don’t have to be looking at academic credentials to hire professional nannies. However, it is important that if you’re looking for someone to regularly babysit your kids, there has to be some standards before you choose and hire one. The most important things you need to look for in a nanny that you can regularly entrust your kids to should have the following:

Childhood Discipline Techniques

It’s not always simple for parents to apply childhood correction particularly those who have got only one youngster. The inclination for any of these moms and dads is to baffle their baby because they simply have one kid. The parent who would like to train their kid ought to be very cautious in this effectuation.

Go Sleeveless If You Love Your Children

How do you feel after reading that title? Shocked? Threatened? Confused? I don’t know you and how well you look after your children, but if you love your children, there’s a pretty high chance that you’re putting them before yourself.

The Effect Our Words Have on Our Child’s Success in Life

For us to understand the power of our words we must first understand what words are. Words are our thoughts made physical, think for a moment, whatever comes out of your mouth was first a thought but since the people we communicate with can’t read our minds we must find a way to communicate our thoughts to them. This is how language began, it began as a method to explain our thoughts.

Building Self Confidence in Children is Worth It

Building self-confidence in children takes effort and a burning desire to want your children to make something of themselves. If you try to lead an exemplary life, fill their minds with aspirations, and empower them to be courageous in pursuing their own goals, chances are your children will eventually be able to spread their wings and fly totally on their own! See how you can help build your child’s confidence…

Working Wives, Stay at Home Dads, and Marital Stress

In his widely read book of the French Revolution, Charles Dickens wrote in A Tale of Two Cities (London and Paris) “It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. It was the age of wisdom. It was the age of foolishness.” Given the worldwide financial meltdown, we could echo these words with conviction. Whether good or bad, these times are a-changin’ dear readers. Traditionally, the majority of people in the workforce have been male. During the two world wars of the last century, women entered the work force in huge numbers. We are seeing the same thing again but now we have a growing phenomenon – stay at home dads (SAHD).

Dealing Effectively With a Problem Child

A problem child can pose a big challenge to parents. He can affect the whole household especially if he doesn’t learn to manage his anger. Problem children are normally where parents’ energies are focused which can be bad for the whole household especially if there are other children in the family who need attention.

Use Repetitive Logic to Keep Your Teen From Arguing

The secret to cutting down on your teen’s arguing. A high school English teacher presents a simple verbal concept used successfully in the classroom, as well as a model for how to adapt the idea to use with your teen.

Reaching the Empty Child – Parenting Beyond the Mask

Parenting would be a lot easier if kids weren’t so good at hiding things from us. But they are masters at it, and since it’s our job to protect them from bad decisions until they are old enough to know better, we need to be on the lookout for warning flags. Unfortunately, this job begins as soon as they realize that other people (us, for example) exist independently, and might not do what they want. This parental vigilance lasts until we give up or they’re on their own.

Fallout From Overloading Our Children

There’s a different fallout from the increasingly larger body of activities we impose upon our children. Did I say impose? Yes. And I meant it. How many children do you know who desperately crave to be in at least one team sport every season of the year, on top of music lessons, social organizations like Boy Scouts? And yet there we are, the attentive parents, constantly asking our children what activity they want us to sign them up for. But how often do we give them the option to sign up for nothing?

Good Attitude Helps

Something just came to my mind recently observing the cats I have in my house. It really struck me how relevant this would be to kids and parents, and how much it can impact people.

Raising Kids Who Are Smart With Money

One thing my parents were really good at was teaching me about money. I grew up knowing that money was not to be wasted and that I couldn’t have everything I wanted. I am so grateful for this lesson.

Old School Parenting – I Want it Back!

As a School Nurse, I get an up close and personal picture of middle school kids, as well as a bird’s eye view of what parents attitudes are like toward their children. I have learned that not all parents had that same life changing “epiphany” that I had. Some still live with the attitude that if it is an inconvenience for them, even if it is for their child, they still aren’t willing to go out of their way.

When it Comes to Teens – To Argue Or Not to Argue

The secret to whether it is worthwhile to argue with teenagers, or not. Decide where to put your energy when it comes to dealing with teens by reading this article.

Cost Cutting Tips For Parents – How You Can Save on Parenting Expenses

Parenting is surely an expensive affair, You now have the additional expense of a new member in the family and the whole affair is cutting into your wallet. This article is a must read for every parent as we are listing some useful cost cutting measures.