Kitchen Table STEAM

How The Covert Narcissist New Supply Helps The Children

How The Covert Narcissist New Supply Helps The Children

Encouraging Words to Promote Positive Action in Children

Encouragement is the process of focusing on your children’s assets and strengths in order to build their self-confidence and feelings of worth. I like to think of the word “encourage” as “en”courage, or giving the gift of courage. Inherent in that gift is the idea that it is okay to take risks and perhaps even to fail – the important thing is to go ahead and try it anyway.

Raising Kids on a Budget – Involve the Whole Family to Cut Expenses

If your bills and expenses equals more than your income, you are headed for trouble and must take steps immediately to get back on track. There must be enough coming in your household to cover what is going out in expenses.

Nurturing a Gifted Reader

Is your child a gifted reader? How do you tell? What can you do to develop their talent? This article helps parents support and nurture gifted readers.

Children’s Clothes, Toys, and Food on a Budget!

If you’re trying to save money, it can be difficult to give your kids the clothes, toys and food they deserve. Here are a few money-saving ways of keeping their wardrobes, stomachs, and toy chests filled!

Seven Ways to Tell If Your Child is Rejecting Your Values

Parents recognize open opposition when a child talks back and sticks out his tongue, but they don’t always catch the subtle signs of rebellion. Here are seven signs that “values rejection” is on your child’s agenda.

Getting Kids to Read – Love a Book, Write the Author

Recently my 4th grader became so interested in a book that she did not want to put it down. When she told me how much she loved it, I encouraged her to write the author. She did with some amazing results.

Adopted Children Often Feel Like an Outsider

People are often surprised to learn that adopted children and stepchildren have something in common. Because neither have a natural biological bond with at least 1 parent, both feel like an outsider to the non-biological parent. Feeling like an outsider is natural in these circumstances. That is why a parent needs to work at building their relationship and transcending the outsider viewpoint to that of an insider feeling.

Better Balance For Single Parents, 10 Ways to Balance Your Life

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by all the things you have on your to-do list? With all that Parenting entails, career, family, social service, self, and doing it alone as a single parent, the tasks can get out of control. Seems like the more I do, the more there is left on the to-do list. Finding balance can be a challenge. Discover ways to take the pressures of life and get them into order and under control.

Staying Connected in a Disconnected World

Are we really more connected with all of this disconnected technology? I think it’s a false sense of connection. How connected are we when we are e-mailing, gathering friends on Facebook, and texting? What happened to the face to face relationships. I miss them as I sit in my office writing and my only connection is through my computer. I think I’m falling in love with my computer, the only problem is it doesn’t have the capabilities to love me back.

Instant Background Report Can Prevent Your Child From Becoming a Statistic

It is most disturbing to find any child harmed and in today’s society steps and measures are always on the improve. Nationally, we have the Amber Alert and unfortunately a precious little girl had to lose her life before the authorities saw fit in institute a very important tool for helping to prevent and catch would be child molesters.

Defeating the Homework Blues

Is it a struggle and a challenge getting your kids to complete their daily homework? Do you get frustrated and dread homework time? If you answered yes to either of these questions, this article is for you.

Creative Ways to Manage Your Children’s Behavior in Public

Does your children’s behavior embarrass you while shopping? Do your children appear to be oblivious to rules and consequences while in public places? Do you intentionally avoid bringing your children with you to public places in fear of developing extreme frustration and anger?

10 Tips For Preparing Your Child to Learn to Read

Teaching your child to read can be a significant challenge. Get 10 quick and easy tips from a successful reading instructor for preparing your child for this important learning experience.

Strategies For Effective Family Management With a Household Chore System

At what age do you think that kids should start contributing to household chores? Would you be surprised to know that experts recommend that children be exposed to and be expected to perform chores at a very early age? Kids of all ages can and should be taught by their parents the value of organizing and cleaning up after themselves. If parents teach them in an age-appropriate, structured way, these skills and values that will stick with them throughout their lives and help them to be successful.

Why Children Need Toys to Grow and Learn

Once your kid has graduated infancy, the learning process becomes a little more complex. A year ago, they were learning how to eat solid food by chewing on a pillow. They were learning what would eventually allow them to read by staring at the mobile above their crib going around and around. Now it’s time to start thinking about reading, mathematics, basic building and organizational skills, further social development… the list goes on. The wrong way to go about teaching these skills, and certainly you know one or two parents like this, is to treat the educative process too much like… well, academics.