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How The Covert Narcissist Sets You Up For Failure

How The Covert Narcissist Sets You Up For Failure

Raising Confident Children

I actively explore the development of children through literature. Please read on to explore my findings on how to raise a confident child.

Discipline Versus Punishment

There are several solutions for every situation and remember every child and every set of circumstances is unique. Take the time to talk to your child to determine why they are breaking the rules and then help them figure out a way to honor the rules and still get what they need in their lives.

Blended Family Parenting is a Matter of Commitment

Blended family parenting may be the aim of the adults coping with step children, but there are certain truths they need to face. The anger, heartache and insecurities they experience from the demise of the previous marriage may, temporarily, be masked by the appearance of a new love in their life. But those same adults need to recognise that far from appeasing or healing the children’s hurt, this may, actually, add to it. Commitment is crucial to successful step parenting. And it is the adults responsibility to provide it.

How to Teach Children Manners

If your child doesn’t act like a prince or a princess at times when you need her to behave, try using a few simple parenting techniques to help your child learn positive behavior patterns. Positive behavior is learned. Make sure you model the way you want your child to act.

Considerations About Adoption Birth Certificate Information

There are many considerations when requesting adoption and birth certificate information. This information can vary greatly by state.

Surrogacy – How Much Contact With the Surrogate After the Birth is Appropriate?

The journey of parenthood through surrogacy is one of the most significant undertakings that one will ever do in life, for both the surrogate and the parents. That being said, the decision to remain in each other lives after the birth is an intensely personal decision. This, like many of the decisions that must be made, should not be made hastily and should not be made based on opinions of others but made after careful examination of one’s thoughts and feelings about the process. Having a professional assist one in working through this decision can be invaluable.

Discipline Children With ADHD

Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are notoriously difficult to discipline. Because children with ADHD have trouble focusing, it can be hard to get them to do what you ask or listen to the reason why they are being punished. Consequences such as timeout can be hard to enforce with children who are easily distracted as well.

Teaching Children to Read Stories

Stories are loved by children. The range of stories in Indian culture is full of awe, thrill and intrigue. Children are marveled by the adventures of kings, the pythons and animal life and the true story of freedom fighters. Owing to their adaptable nature children are very much influenced by virtues. Each story has a moral and children are able to relate the same to daily life. Read this article and find out more.

How to Handle Your Child Or Teen’s Mean Or Critical Comments

Handling mean and/or critical comments from your child/teen can be stressful. Get 11 tips on how to react if and when this happens.

Teaching Discipline – Discipline Techniques For Teaching Self Control and Acceptable Behaviors

The reason for teaching discipline to children is to help them learn how to respect others and to express their needs and feelings in a socially acceptable manner. Providing discipline to your children as they are growing up helps them to become responsible adults.

Strong Willed Children – Nurturing and Developing Your Strong Willed Child

Each child is a unique individual that needs to be nurtured and developed throughout his or her childhood. Children grow through experiences, learning and maturity. Each child has a set of strengths and weaknesses. It is a parent’s job to nurture and focus on their child’s strengths rather than their weaknesses.

Discipline and Punishment – The Key Differences Between These Two Terms

The words discipline and punishment are often used to mean the same thing. However, they are very different from each other.

Using Time Outs For Discipline

Many parents use time out discipline when their children misbehave and have success teaching their children in this way. Time out discipline can be effective if you keep the following guidelines in mind.

Creative Discipline – Creative Techniques For Disciplining Young Children

Raising children is a challenging adventure for all parents. Trying to discipline a toddler can be a frustrating experience. These adorable tiny people are so excited to learn and grow that they seem to be all over the place and into anything and everything.

Less Money Doesn’t Mean Your Kids Can’t Stay Active

How to keep your kids active on a tight budget. Cutting back on budgets doesn’t mean you can’t keep your children active.