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HOW TO DRESS FOR ANTE-NATAL CLINICS – Lets talk about dressing #118

HOW TO DRESS FOR ANTE-NATAL CLINICS - Lets talk about dressing #118

Parenting Skills – The Art of Reframing

The art of reframing is not just for artists and professional framers! It is also a crucial skill to have when parenting.

So You Want to Be a Great Parent

Parents do not want to feel they “suck” at being a parent. To be a parent means we have by definition, been humbled by how easy it is to make mistakes. Yet amazingly, we continue to become parents worldwide in large numbers. If your goal is to be a great parent, then it is important to increase your odds of success.

Lectures Fall on Deaf Ears

You want to impart your knowledge and experience to your child so they don’t make serious mistakes. You want to protect those you love and likely as a parent feel you have a huge responsibility to fulfill.

Parents – Are You Inadvertently Encouraging Your Child to Lie?

While it is hard to believe, many parents in trying to get their children to tell the truth are inadvertently teaching their children to lie. Children lie for the same reasons adults lie.

Parenting Blunders Transformed Into Parenting Successes

Parenting Blunders immediately impact us and our kids on a daily basis. More than ever, we recognize how this impact lasts to influence future days, weeks, months and generations to come.

Bathing Your Newborn Baby

Congratulations! You just brought your beautiful newborn baby home. Now what? Well, one thing you’ll be spending a lot of time on is keeping baby clean.

Teach Your Baby Math – 4 Steps on Why They Will Flourish!

You obviously teach your baby math, because you want the best for them. I’m sure you want your child to be happy, well-adjusted and successful. Once you see that this is the reason for doing this then you are ready to take the very first step in this process.

Warning! Your Child With ADHD May Benefit From a Play Date

Play dates are a common occurrence in the lives of most children. Kids want to have friends over and they want to visit the homes of their friends. For some children with ADHD, spending time with their friends can be difficult. If your child does not experience play dates, she is missing an opportunity to practice and hone her social skills.

Please and Thank You – They Are Magic Words

When your child asks you for something, as parents we are always conscious to teach them the correct manners and will always remind them to say the magic words “please and thank you” if they have forgotten to use them. Saying these words costs nothing but the impact they can have can alter the way we interact with others and more importantly how others perceive us. That’s why they are referred to as “magic”.

Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare – How to Protect Your Children Against the Crime of Human Trafficking

The issue of child slavery is a real problem that is facing the United States today. This tragic crime is happening all over the United States. Recent stories reported in the news demonstrate the reality of this problem. Parents need to take action to protect their children from becoming victims of child slavery. The first step to protecting your kids is education.

Tips For the Evergreen Parenting Problem of Getting Your Child to Listen the First Time

Whoever said ‘quietness builds character,’ obviously did not have parenting in mind. Any parent knows first hand just how difficult it can be to get your children to listen to what you are saying even on the second or third try.

A Few Ways to Help Children Save Energy

There are many ways families can work together to help conserve the energy usage in their home. It is important to teach young children the proper way to use appliances and electronics so they do not end up consuming more electricity than they should. One of the best ways to do this is by turning off machines when they are not in use.

Handling Your Kid As He Starts Talking Back

When kids start to talk back, it’s not merely that they are asserting their rights. You must make sure that he is talking back with the right purpose in mind otherwise he might end up being the ultimate trouble maker.

Adoptive Parents – The Other Heroes of the Story

I always admire children who are well aware of the fact that they are adopted and don’t have a hang up about it. It is difficult enough to grow up with your biological parents, what more growing up with parents that didn’t really give birth to you. However, not enough credit is given to the parents who chose to adopt these kids.

How Arts and Crafts Can Spark the Creativity of Young Children

Do you want happy children? Everybody wants happy children. When they are not happy they are fighting with their siblings. Is that what you want to do all day long break up fights and listen to crying all day long? Instead of listening to bored kids all day long get into all kinds of predicaments, try something new. Not only will your children love it but you will also.

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