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How to Improve Sibling Relationships – 6 SMART SHORT CUTS

How to Improve Sibling Relationships - 6 SMART SHORT CUTS

iPhone Parental Controls Are Essential for a Happy Home

Parents around the world are stressed out every day over what could be happening on the iPhones and iPads of their children. Do we want to stop giving our children the best of modern technology? Absolutely not! Technology is here to stay and it will only benefit our next generation to get them involved in technology early. Also, games and apps have been shown to increase engagement and understanding in certain areas of brain development, like pattern recognition.

Why All Guardian Ad Litems Are Not Impartial

Guardian Ad Litems should be required to be parents. I’ll explain why.

How Strong Is Your Family?

“Nothing in the world can make human life happier than to greatly increase the number of strong families.” How might your joy and peace increase as you determine to strengthen your family? Take this assessment to determine how you can take steps forward to pursue the family you desire.

How to Spend the Summer Break

How to spend the summer break. There are different ideas on the best way to Spend the Summer Break. Read some options of how your children can spend their Summer Break.

Saving Our Children From Affluenza

Saving our Children from Affluenza. This is the age of more and more acquisitions. How do we raise our Children to be secure in themselves and not measured by what the have or won.

Parenting Tips for Raising Children With Values

Raising Children is a full time job and we want to be sure that Children have values. Read some helpful tips to ensure that you are training Children to have values.

Your Guide to The Best Birthday Party Places for Kids by Age

Are you trying to think of the perfect setting for your child’s next birthday party? Then you’re in luck! We have researched the top spots and created this helpful guide of best kid-friendly venues for birthday parties. Doesn’t matter if your child is having their 1st, 5th, or 13th birthday party, we have some ideas for birthday party places for kids that you will love!

A Loving And Affordable Family Daycare

For most mothers, working out of home is more of a compulsion rather than a choice. Given the rising costs, two pay packages have become necessary if parents want to give their children a quality life. However, the decision of working after having children is always a difficult one for a mother. It is because of the fear of trusting your child in another’s care. It becomes even more difficult when children are very young; as young as 6 months old, sometimes even younger.

The Top 3 Things Parents Can Do To Raise A Healthy Child

We all want children who are happy and healthy. Being healthy is not just eating right and exercising, it’s how our kids interact with and communicate with their peers, how they feel about themselves and how they move through life. Looking for ways to promote health and happiness for your kids? Give these three ideas a try.

Do You Want Your Child To Be A Leader Or A Follower?

Chances are if I asked you if you prefer that your child be a leader or a follower, you would say, “leader.” How exactly do we encourage our kids to be their own person, able to lead or follow towards positive goals, especially during the fragile tween years when every moment (or so it seems) is already fraught with an “Am I being judged?” anxiety?

Virginia Woolf: The Lady in the Water

Times of depression can be fun. It’s a host for good material to write about but you can also remember your cruel intentions, your moods that other people around you have to live with. When you are not fun you are sheer hell to be around with and people will be powerless to stop the things you do and say. You will regret your actions the morning after but by then it will be too late. The damage would have been done. There will be no apology in the world that will make the wrong seem right. You would have lost a friend. The opposite sex will hurt you the most during your life experience. Now I’m the cold comfort woman. Uncomfortable in situations where I must speak my mind. People want a woman on their arm who is confident, dazzles, and shines with vitality. I am not that kind of woman. Never will be. How did I get here? I took a walk in the clouds. Divinity, profound observation of the nature of human behavior, killer instinct, restoration (something had to be restored to me), a new husband, children locked in stone. Keats and the lady in the water.

Secrets to Help Those You Love Open Up (Part 1): Active Listening

There are a number of skills you can develop to create dynamic conversation in your home. Active listening ranks at the top. Does your spouse/child feel heard? Incorporate these tools and watch the conversation flow!

5 Great Questions to Start Conversations With Your Family

Great families share a common practice: the art of meaningful conversation. A completely learnable skill, you can create powerful connection with those you love. Enjoy 5 questions to jump start your next interaction.

Handling Teen Defiant Behavior: 13 Strategies Black Parents Can Use Today

Are you at a loss about dealing with your teen’s defiant behavior? In this article, I give you some easy-to-follow strategies for managing your defiant teenager.

Can Multitasking Affect Your Social Skills, Focus and Health?

We all multitask, but did you ever wonder if multitasking is damaging your social skills, ability to focus and health? Even worst, what kind of example are we showing our children? We can all develop simple tools to help us slow down and focus on what’s really important in life.

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