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How To Not React To The Covert Narcissist Attacks

How To Not React To The Covert Narcissist Attacks

How and Where to Get Singapore Maids From Singapore Maid Agencies

Busy Singaporeans may consider getting a Singapore foreign domestic workers. This is not an easy decision to make though. It is important to be certain that you can manage a foreign worker who may not be at ease or even aware of Singapore’s way of life and laws.

ADHD Parenting Tip – Maybe Society Has Become Too Structured For Children With ADHD

Imagine if ADHD had once been an evolutionary trait that gave people an advantage during the days when we were nomadic people roaming the countryside. What does that tell you about how our society has changed?

First Year Problems – Teething

As your baby develops, there are other milestones which are fascinating to experience, like your baby’s first tooth. Most children get this at around 6 months.

The Truly Great Teacher Inspires

Kids respond more readily to positive motivation. If properly understood, this can be used by parents and teachers in packaging instruction in a way that will surely reach the kids.

Day Care Center Tips – Ensuring Your Child’s Safety

As parents, our primary duty is to be able to give our children everything they need in life to grow up healthy and complete. Another responsibility that is of prime importance is the need to protect our little ones from all possible dangers.

The Children We Sometimes Forget

Many of us on a daily basis pass the battlefield without ever thinking or realizing a battle is taking place. It is fought by the youngest of our generation; children who did not volunteer to participate in this war. It is a battle that is ongoing, never ending and it hardly ever makes headlines.

10 Greatest Parenting Mistakes

It is a constant learning experience in bringing up our child to be a well rounded individual. Here are some common mistakes made by parents which make their parenting ineffective.

Parenting an Only Child

After years of infertility we have chosen to remain a single-child family. Trying to achieve another pregnancy would again put us on that infertility roller coaster we knew all too well. Today, wanting a baby and being able to have a baby are two different things, especially for the older woman. So ingrained in our thinking is the assumption that to parent is natural, that we believe becoming pregnant is simply a matter of choosing when. In fact, most fertile couples do not understand the anguish of those who cannot conceive children. I find myself wondering if we have made the right decision, to raise an only child. Although we could try Assisted Reproductive Technology a second time, we have opted to remain a single-child family. Were we depriving her of a richer, more fulfilled family life? Here are some pros and cons we considered when making our choice, as well as studies and research which has been done on only children and single-child families.

ADHD Parenting Tip – Medication is Not a One Size Fits All Approach For Treating ADHD

Do you have questions about medications being used to treat ADHD? Are you concerned about whether or not medication is the right option for your child? This article will review some of the things every parent should be aware of before making the decision to use or not use medication.

Make Learning Fun For Your Children With Educational Kids Toys

As parents, don’t you get a certain sense of satisfaction knowing that you are responsibly looking for toys which your children can not just play with, but also learn from at the same time? Sure, you cannot take away from your daughter that sock monkey or teddy bear that she had since she was a toddler – but you should see to it that the other toys that she is playing with are things that she can learn from. This is especially true if your children are at an age when they …

How to Inculcate Values in Our Children

This is an issue, which has been the area of concern for most parents as their children grow up. It is definitely painful to see the transformation of beautiful, innocent and angel-like infants into rude, incorrigible and (sometimes) irresponsible teenagers and then finally into unruly and dogmatic young adults. Why do most of us get bogged down by a simple resolvable problem like this one?

The Tree and Its Fruit

“A tree is known by the fruit it bears.” This phrase painted the sad but true scenario in our present society. Gone are the days when parents imposed “curfew” to their children attending social gatherings and how a child could lose this privilege if he fails to abide by this rule. Gone are the days when parents are the first persons that children confide with issues that affect them; dreams and aspirations in life, successes and failures and even affairs of the heart.

The Long Distance Parent – Technology Eases the Pain

Nothing can replace a hug or a kiss on the cheek, or being at your child’s kindergarten play, or cheering along the sidelines at their first soccer game. Yet, technology is easing the challenges of distance parenting, making it easier than ever for you and your kids to stay connected and grow together.

18 Reasons I Let My Kids Play Video Games

It’s OK to let your kids play video games! 18 funny-but-serious reasons it’s perfectly OK to let your kids play video games. Just exercise judgment and they won’t turn into rifle-toting lunatics, we promise.

Winning the Battle and the War – Parenting A Strong-Willed Child

Does your child seem to be so much more difficult to handle than the others you see? Never fear….you may just have a strong-willed child. Here are some tips on how to be a stronger parent for them.