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How to use signal app|Alternative to whatsapp|എങ്ങനെ Signal app ഉപയോഗിക്കാം

How to use signal app|Alternative to whatsapp|എങ്ങനെ Signal app ഉപയോഗിക്കാം

Swimming Fitness for Moms and Dads

Moms and Dads, here’s some swim fitness tips to get some activity in while your little one splashes nearby… For years I stayed fit as a swimmer. Putting in my laps at the pool or taking long swims out across local lakes.

The Blast Zone Superstar Inflatable Party Moonwalk

The Blast Zone Superstar Inflatable Party Moonwalk is an inflatable bouncer for kids from the ages of three to twelve. It offers Blast Zone’s largest jumping floor at 12’x12′ and can comfortably accommodate up to 5 children at a time, compared to the standard 2-3 children which most bouncers can hold. It’s designed for outdoor use, though the relatively low ceiling height of 7′ makes it practical for use in a large basement as well, perfect for rainy days.

Talking With Your Child

Talking and listening with children can be quite a frustrating challenge in some cases. We feel like they are not hearing us and they feel like we aren’t listening to them. Excellent listening as well as speaking skill-sets are important to successful parenting.

Let the Creativity Flow Through Imaginative Play

There are a lot of things that parents do in order to keep the kids engaged in creative activities and toys help a lot in this regard. The variety of toys that can be found in the present time is quite astounding and it is hard to believe that anything that a person can possibly think of is already available as a toy. The toddlers learn a lot while playing with their favorite toys hence it becomes far more important for a parent to be very selective while choosing toys for kids. It is a known fact that toddlers are very imaginative and always try to enact the role of their parents, this kind of imaginative play should be encouraged amongst the kids and you should give the toys that would further add to their experience of such a play. The concept of imaginative play is not new and children were always encouraged for such role plays to enhance their skills and creativity.

Autism and Family – How It Affects the Other Children

When a child in the family is diagnosed with autism it not only affects the parents, it also affects the rest of the kids in the family. It is important for the family unit to remain a unit, this includes all of the children.

Get Your Share of Free Toddler Stuff

The market place is full of products for toddlers and kids of all ages and it just a matter of choosing the best product for your kid. There is no dearth of free toddler stuff but you should exercise some amount of caution while making a choice in this regard. There are many companies which produce a lot of stuff for toddlers and the way these products are marketed by the companies makes it a bit confusing for the parents to choose the best for their toddlers.

Ten Tips For Coping With The Daily Routine As Parents

As parents we certainly get used to a daily routine and if you actually sit back and think about each day and write down what you do you just wonder how we all cope. Gone are the days when all you had to do is jump in the car and head off to work without a care in the world. Having children is one of the best experiences in the world but there is no denying how difficult it is and I have listed a few tips that for you that I find help with coping with the daily routine.

Say You’re Sorry!

“Say you’re sorry!” is a phrase I often hear parents say. With good intentions, they are usually trying to teach their children some manners and remorse after they’ve done something to harm another person, either emotionally or physically. Demanding apologies, however, can lead to a child muttering an insincere or even cavalier “sorry” and moving on to the next activity with little thought.

Dumbed Down by Technology

My family never had a television in our home until I was six years old. When we finally got a TV our lives changed. I was only allowed to watch TV for one hour a night but that rule soon evaporated as my brothers and I greatly pressured our parents for more TV time.

Increasing Focus With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Your child’s ability to focus, maintain concentration and get work completed is a significant factor in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and is a significant stressor for school-age children. Beyond working with a therapist who is familiar with ADHD what, can a parent do at home to help their child? Homework can seem to take hours to complete, your child’s room is never clean, chores never seem to be done, and often as a parent, you get upset, angry and stressed. Your child can learn how to be focused and with some changes in their environment and how you interact with them. Both you and your child can feel less stress, less anger and have a better relationship.

Family, Kids, Home and Nature

Health wise perhaps some of the new wonders are not so wonderful, especially when the time that it consumes does not include outside exercise, learning, mixing with friends nor involve family time together. Being addicted to video games for example, does not add any value to one’s life as this can gobble up hundreds of hours, but in small doses can be very entertaining.

The Origin of Delinquency

A child is born especially sensitive, tenderhearted, loving and emotionally vulnerable. The child wants to be successful and acceptable.

How to Motivate a Lazy Teenager

If you are a parent of a teenager then you might have ask yourself this question; “how do I motivate my teenager”? One thing that is certain, you are not alone in asking that question. Many parents are wondering the same thing and need help in this area.

What Is in a Baby Name?

What is in a name? All names have an origin, or meaning. Do you think that you live up to what your name happens to ‘mean’? Does it really have any bearing on what kind of a person you are?

Steps for a Tactical Conversation on Bullying

How to have a tactical conversation with school authorities when your child is being bullied. The guidelines will apply to any discussion where anger can take over.

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