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Child Growth and Development Stages – Milestones for Your Kid

Not all parents can confidently say at what age their child has to start riding a bicycle or tying his shoes. In this article I would like to touch on the subject of milestones for child development and answer the most common question parents may have.

Hey Teens! If Life Sucks – Change Your Life!

May can be a challenging time of year for students not ahead of the curve. Sometimes it seems like it’s a lost cause but it never is if you are willing to change things around. This article offers 10 great tips to making life “not suck”.

Kids Name Labels – A Secure Method

Parents and guardians are overtly apprehensive about the welfare of their children. This apprehension is one of the natural and parental instincts to take care of their children, both at home and at school. While at home, the children live in the protected confines of their homes and are therefore not a bother for the parents. It is when they are sent off to school that the parents start worrying about their children since there is always a high probability that a child may lose some of their belongings.

If My Mother Could Live Again, What Would I Ask Her?

My mother died on April Fool’s Day in 1993. I was too young to lose a mother’s lifetime of wisdom. If I could ask her a few questions, they would be… At this time in my life, I would actually LISTEN to my mother’s answers.

The Power of Play: The Benefits of Playing With Your Children

Children are a great reminder that exercising the power of play can lead to overall happiness and fulfillment. As adults, it may be hard to imagine as we trudge about with our heads down focusing on smart phones and our many commitments to fulfill. Now that we’re headed into the warmer months we will have plenty of opportunities to learn from and reflect on the brilliance of the children in our midst and experience for ourselves, The Power of Play.

Baby Safety Gates For Awkward Spaces

Baby safety gates are used to help keep crawling babies and walking toddlers in one safe area of the home. These gates can also be used to keep family pets from entering certain rooms in your home as well.

15 Parenting Strategies That Prevent the Need for Discipline

There are two ways you can approach parenting: one, from a reactive place and two, from a proactive place. Although you need to know and consistently use a simple, loving and effective discipline approach like I teach my clients, it is important, if not crucial, to learn proactive ways of avoiding misbehaviours in the first place.

Tips on Parenting an Indigo Child

Understanding an indigo child can be a challenge for a conscientious and loving mother. Raising a super-sensitive, highly intuitive introspective child necessitates thinking of new ways to encourage the child to express his or her inner world.

Traveling With Twins: How to Be Prepared

In today’s article we are talking about road trips and how to plan and prepare for them. Making sure you have every situation covered and thought about makes trips as easy and fun as they possibly can be, for everyone involved. Having a list is critical so you do not forget things and make sure all parts of your trip are covered.

The Confessions of a Bully

Yes, I am a bully. I am a bully absolute. Long live the bullies. I have always been a bully, and I guess I will keep on being a bully until someone puts me six feet under, destroys me by fire, or any other way of setting me free. I enjoy being a bully. It is good. It is right for me to be a bully. I come from a family of bullies. My grandfather was a bully, my father was a bully, my two brothers are bullies and I guess my children will be bullies one day. I think that my dogs are bullies as well. You can just look at my bulldog, and my rock wilders and you are ready to run.

Parenting – Is There a Method That Works No Matter What?

We are all bombarded with all sorts of parenting techniques that claim to solve all issues. Not only they don’t offer real solutions, but they also dig even more in the overwhelming insecurity we all feel regarding our own parenting. Let’s take some perspective.

What Do Bullying and Gravity Have in Common?

Bullying is a very emotive topic for people. Everyone has an opinion on it and for most people it goes along the lines of the person being bullied is a victim, the person being the bully is nasty and bullying should be stopped. While on the face of it this may seem logically justifiable and emotionally appropriate the real downside with this approach is that it disempowers everyone involved…the person being bullied, the bully and any observers.What we are doing now is not working and won’t ever work. Just like gravity, the issue is not whether we like it or not but more that it exists and we need to understand it and learn how to work with it. Go from being a victim to understanding and emotional freedom.

How to Help Your Child Deal With the Effects of Foreclosure

Just like adults, kids have a hard time with foreclosure! Get some tips on helping your child deal with the effects of foreclosure.

Put Down Your Smartphone And Enjoy Your Family Dinner

Hey, being a Telecommunications Executive for 11 years, I get it. Technology and communication have advanced to a level to allow people to get work done WHEREVER they are in the world at that moment. When the first smartphones (PDA’s) came out, I thought the concept was cool. It let the person venture away from the office (no more tethering to the desk). Instead, the person could: go out into the field and meet with employees, make an afternoon Dr.’s appt., attend a child’s soccer game. The idea was the employee could really work remotely.

Effective Potty Training Tips for Girls and Boys

Potty training is one of the biggest challenges parents face during the toddler years. Children are often too busy to sit still and pay attention to instructions. Here are useful potty training tips for boys and girls that will help parents.

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