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Inauguration Day for Kids

Inauguration Day for Kids

The Power of Time-In (What to Do Instead of Time-Out)

It has been customary for parents to rely far too much on time-out than on time-in to help their children develop positive and responsible behavior patterns. A parent uses a time-out when he or she directs the child to remain separate from a group, a person, or a place as a consequence for misbehaving in relation to that group, person or place.

Parenting the Family Underdog

One of the unwritten laws of family-life is that talent and ability is unevenly distributed between siblings. For some children achieving success takes more effort and concentration than it does for their siblings. The following article provides some ideas to keep in mind if you are parenting a child where success, at school, sport and other common childhood activities, just doesn’t come naturally.

The Children’s Hour and Your CCTV Camera – Red Flags

These days you never know what can happen to your kids when you are away at work or on a business trip. So it pays to be better informed and alert to some suspicious changes in the home or the behavior of a child. Thus, it is not enough that your CCTV camera just captures the daily rituals of sleeping, eating, and playing. You should be on guard for child abuse or neglect.

Do You Want Your Bully of a Son Caught on CCTV Camera?

No parent loves the idea of viewing his child on CCTV camera physically assaulting another child. Watching your darling child kicking and shoving a smaller child while he is applauded by his or her friends can be horrific and a shaming experience because there is no excuse for this behavior, which is always blamed on parents.

Steps You Need to Take to Protect Your Children From Online Predators

Online predators are rampant and are always on the look out for unsuspecting children. Be sure to protect your children by following this advice.

Are You an Over-Protective Mom?

This article offers suggestions on why being over protective can be harmful to your children. It’s important for children to develop the skills that will lead them to become confident and independent adults.

Midlife Women Look at Their Parents – What Kind of Family Did You Have Growing Up?

Midlife is a time when most of us assess our lives and wonder if we have accomplished what we came here to do. It’s the time to re-assess the beliefs we have accumulated – especially the ones we learned from our family of origin. This article describes several family types – See if you can find yours..

3 Strategies to Teach Your Children How to Problem Solve

Children don’t know how to problem-solve, and that’s why they act out in inappropriate ways. Here are three techniques you can use to help them learn to solve their problems on their own.

What is Better For My Baby and the Planet – Cloth Or Disposable Diaper?

Diaper options 1) Cloth or Reusable diaper: a simple plies of soft and natural cloth – the obvious choice, unless you prefer wearing disposable clothes, using paper plates and plastic utensils, though cotton diapering wrongly appear to be a grossly inconvenient and messy practice suited to the last century.

Are You Feeding Your Child Emotional Junk Food?

Challenging children are often starving for emotional nutrition. Discover how to serve up emotionally potent nutrition for your child that will feed his spirit.

Effective Parenting From the Inside Out – Parenting Tips From a Parents Viewpoint

Most parents feel inadequate at one point of another, which leads to a sense of hopelessness. Here are some skills you can learn to help you to become a better parent. I call the “parental behavior management skills”.

Vegetables – Getting Your Child to Eat Them!

Let’s face it, a lot of young children, openly declare they don’t like vegetables, with the rise in fast food and families cooking less and relying more on takeout, this has become almost epidemic. The huge rise in obesity is of much concern to many, families are turning back to healthy and more nutritious food in a home cooking environment, but the problem still remains, a lot of children will not eat vegetables!

How to Put a Halt to Bad Behavior in Children

Many parents don’t realize how easily they can stop a child’s inappropriate behavior. When parents use the six steps to solving problems with more clarity, they can get amazing results.

Raising Smart Rich Kids – Parents! Be Careful! Your Children Are Intently Watching and Listening

Do you know how your words, your actions and the experiences you give your children greatly affect who they are? You certainly will be aware as you read this article, won’t you.

Attachment and Adoption

A child with a trauma history and a history of an attachment break should simply be seen as a “Child with A Special Need.” And that special need is a well attuned, loving, and emotionally safe parent. It is in this dyadic relationship that the child (and his parents) finds his way back to love and healing.