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Successful Parenting – Parenting As a Team

If you seek answers from friends this may only complicate things even more. If someone agrees with your style of parenting, it feels good for the moment, but in reality it just fortifies your belief that you are right and your spouse is wrong. What you really want is to switch the focus to working together in unison, as a well greased parenting machine.

Character Happiness Makes a Better Life

Are you happy with the way you treat people? Are you happy with the way people treat you? If you’re not, you can change things by changing your character.

3 Options of Discipline Children Respond Well To – Discipline Children With Responsive Techniques

What can Parents do to improve the odds of discipline techniques they use? Will the discipline work and smooth the transitions of any emotional response? While that is certainly not too much to ask, from where many parents sit this seems unlikely even as a possibility.

Kids Like Coloring Pages, Free and Easy to Do

There are many rewards for you child if they try coloring in pages and best of it all its low cost and low hassle to you as a parent. For quality time with your kids its hard to beat.

When Your Child Should Learn Self Defense

The decision to learn self defense is becoming less and less optional for most kids today. From schoolyard bullying to mass shootings, all kinds of violence at school are increasing, and the only way to survive without psychological trauma is to know how to handle yourself when your world turns violent.

What Parents Should Never Say to Their Kids – 10 Blind Spots to Avoid

Most parents want a healthy relationship with their children. They know what they are doing isn’t working as well as it could, but they don’t know how to fix it. In this article you’ll learn about 10 beliefs, phrases, or behaviors that are toxic to your children.

The Deadbeat Dad Law, Divorce Without Dishonor – Grow Up

Courts of law have clev­erly dis­guised their mis­sion to ‘pro­duce rev­enue for the state’ by pay­ing lip ser­vice to impor­tant issues like the ‘dead­beat dad law’ and shared parental respon­si­bil­ity laws. The sys­tem right now is based on ‘ide­al­ism’ but as we all know, ide­al­ism is never going to work. Human nature will never allow ‘ide­al­ism’ to become a real­ity. So let’s grow up, and start get­ting practical.

Making Kid’s Math Homework Fun and Easy

Take the dread out of kids math homework with these simple tips. A these basic suggestions will help your child become a math superstar and knock the “I just don’t get math” out of their vocabulary.

Handling a Child Who Hits Others

You have probably gotten into an embarrassing situation where your little kid had hit another child in his playgroup. Probably he did so because someone tried to take away something from him and rather than just letting it go, your child decided to take his stand. Do not get too taken aback when this thing happens.

Essential Kids Summer Camp Checklist

Summer camp is a right of passage for most kids. Whether they’re heading off to day camp or an overnight camp program, a little planning and forethought on your part can make sure your kids are prepared to handle anything summer camp throws their way.

Running – A Great Exercise For Kids

Keeping kids healthy is tougher than ever these days. Parents need to encourage their kids to find time for healthy kids exercise activities. Running can be one of those things, with it’s inexpensive costs and ability to do with your child.

Parenting Tips For First Time Parents

Having a baby is a joyous occasion for most parents, however, the day your new baby arrives can be a little stressful unless you know what to expect beforehand. There are a lot of things that people don’t say that would be helpful to know. For example, don’t be surprised if your newborn doesn’t look like the Gerber baby you’ve seen on television or ads.

Are School Bullies Making Your Kids Sick?

School bullying is a big problem. Could an issue with school bullies be causing your child to avoid school by faking being sick? This article will help you deal with school bullying.

5 Things You Can Do to Prevent Cuts to Special Education From Hurting Your Child!

This article will be discussing 5 things that you can do to prevent special education cuts from hurting your child! Lots of important information included that you may use in your advocacy!

How Music Benefits the Child’s Brain

Scientists have also shown that music can influence human heartbeat; it can calm the heart down or it can speed it up. Now research shows as well that music can produce positive effects on the child’s brain.

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