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Is The Covert Narcissist Still Talking About You

Is The Covert Narcissist Still Talking About You

The Power of Positive Children

It is the steadfast hope of all parents that their children mature and develop into well balanced and thoughtful individuals that are rich in confidence and self-esteem. As adults, we can attempt to fulfill these endeavors with an ever flowing river of positive and loving communication.

Letter to a Teenage Daughter

Dear Daughter, You are a wonderful person and your mother and I think the world of you. It will not be long before you leave home to make your way in the world. Can I please give you some friendly advice?

My Baby Can Read!

As parents, we are continuously seeking ways to educate our children to improve their chances to have a successful life. Few realize how important it is for children to be able to read early. Teaching your baby to read is probably the single most valuable thing you can do for them during the first few years.

ADHD Parenting Tip – Watch Out For the Identity Crisis That Follows From Being Diagnosed With ADHD

Did you know that a new diagnosis can cause a major identity crisis for a child? Are you ready to help them make sense of what it really means to have ADHD?

ADHD Parenting Tip – Why ADHD Can Be Such a Bad Diagnosis For a Child

Have you ever wondered about the impact a diagnosis can have on a child? Do you think they understand it the way that adults do? Can you imagine for a moment the impact it has on their identity and their self-esteem?

Death of a Pet – Read This to Your Child

The loss of a beloved pet can be one of the most traumatic and devastating events for an adult or child. There may be difficult decisions surrounding the death and, whether it’s planned or an accident, great remorse and guilt can walk by our side, a continuing reminder of all that was, could be, or might have been.

How to Handle Children With Tantrums

Children can often throw tantrums when things do not go their way. Some parents choose to give in, and giving in regularly to the children will lead to a reinforcement of the behaviour. The child will then subconsciously realized that they will get what they want if they throw tantrums. This will lead to spoiled and pampered children.

Safety of Your Kids When They Are Playing

As much as playing and relaxation is an important aspect of a children’s life, we must understand that dangers are lurking everywhere and anytime. As parents, we must often take note of the possible dangers of play which may affect our kids. Let us run through the type of dangers our children may be exposed to:

Acquiring Sufficient General Knowledge For Your Children

General knowledge is important for your child. It gives him the necessary head start in school and encourages the learning habit. Needless to say, it definitely aids him in his overall development.

Are You Raising a Brat Or a Bully

Change you, change your child, what you can do to turn things around. Are Your Kids the “B” Word? Nobody wants to believe their child is a brat. But, brats abound these days. In America materialism has overtaken quality time, caring and relating.

5 Tips For Keeping Things in Real Time

As we know too well, time stands still for no one; not even our kids. Helping them set short and long-term goals in a realistic time frame will yield excellent benefits both now and in the future.

The Family As Social Foundation

Are we witnessing an alarming trend? Is the traditional family failing in its efforts to raise responsible citizens? The internet and cell phones as a social obstacle. What happened to meaningful communication within the family? Government as Big Brother?

ADHD Parenting Tip – Have We Gone Totally Overboard With the Term ADHD?

Are you as confused and unsure about ADHD as a lot of other people, myself included? Is it possible that we really have gone too far with these labels and terms? I think we have we missed the mark and gone overboard. Read this article to find out why.

Internet Monitoring – Advice For Parents Who Just Don’t Know

I decided to write an article since I am in the Internet monitoring security business on Internet Monitoring. Some people look at it has some sort of Big Brother tactic which some software out there can be spy ware in disguise of Internet Monitoring security or software to monitor Internet activity. When purchasing good software you want to make sure it is not some ordinary key logger that the virus scan may disable thinking it was flagged as a Trojan horse virus.

Mama Drama – Unlocking the Parental Persona

This Just In: Families know how to push each others’ buttons. Can’t we all just get along? Apparently, not so much. A parent and child share a bond that should be strong enough to overcome any adversity. So why is it that we always fight the most with the ones we love? Is it genetic, learned behavior, or a little of both? More importantly-does it have to be that way? Can parents and their children ever see eye to eye?