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Parenting an Adolescent

The adolescent period is a developmental period which involves various physical and biological changes. During this period the teens feel pressured and stressed. Majority of adolescent make their transition and become mature without much difficulty.

Cabbage Patch Christmas

It seems that each year some one reaches an imaginary switch and creates that one item, every person must have for Christmas. The year I was 11 years old, it was the Cabbage Patch Doll. I wanted one of those dolls so badly.

Best Practices for Bullying Prevention

Bullying is not only an embarrassing experience for any child who has ever been subjected to it, it is oftentimes terrifying and traumatizes the individual as well. Sadly, this has become an extremely popular pastime with students in class and out in the schoolyard while at the same time being practiced by the many idiots who have a computer and enjoy doing it. It is estimated that nearly 20% of American elementary, middle school, and high school students have experienced being bullied at least once during their education years.

Different Types of Day Care Centers

When you are a working parent with children, you may at some point in time be confronted with the possibility of having to place you child in one of the day care centers in your local vicinity. Most parents who are considering this for the first time oftentimes make the assumption that these facilities take a one-size-fits-all approach to child care. Nothing could be farther from the truth as no two are ever alike including how they are classified.

Dealing With a Teenage Daughter

I have my mom living with me and my son is usually still sleeping and I don’t want to wake the house. It’s been going on for so long that in order to break the cycle I need outside advice. I have enlisted the help of a therapist and we start this week. I am hoping she can help me figure out how to get the respect from my daughter that I should be getting. I do know that some of my daughter’s problem is her hormones, some of it is peer pressure, and some of it is personality.

The Importance of Routines With Children

You hear a lot of people complain that their small children are unruly at bedtime and that they fight to get them to go to sleep. People complain that their children do not pick up their toys and they will not sit down and eat their dinner when it is mealtime.

7 Stress-Free Tips for Traveling With Your Tots and Teens in Tow

Whether it’s the holidays or summer vacation, we often dread the time and energy it will take to get there and get back home. After years of living overseas and traveling back and forth on eleven hour flights with our three kids, I’ve acquired a few strategies to make trips more enjoyable and less stressful.

Breaking the Cycle of Parenting With Food

We love to blame our parents for all sorts of things. But if truth be known, the snippets from childhood that we blame for our adulthood failings may not be the correct ones at all. If you really want an accurate demonstration of what your parents were like as parents, then life does offer you a second chance to recapture their parenting skills. All you have to do is wait until they become grandparents.

DNA Paternity Testing at Birth

If there is doubt about the paternity of a child, then it may be advisable to have a paternity test as soon as possible. If paternity is not established at birth then it may be much more complicated to later ensure that the biological father is taking responsibility for the child. In many states there is a presumption of legal paternity and that presumption may or may not be correct.

Tips for the Busy Parent

Nowadays parenting in the 21st century is can be an overwhelming experience. Juggling the expenses of raising kids, finding the best schools, paying for extracurriculars, and handling your own career and personal life can be stressful. Although there have been many books and research done on child rearing it seems that there is a lot to keep in mind for balancing everything and keeping everything sane.

It’s Time to Start a Family Blog

Every family should have a family blog. The many benefits of having one include: promoting family bonding, providing a way to document the children’s growth and achievements, and supporting the children’s learning. It captures the heart of the family and is a permanent record which can be viewed by future generations. It is also a means for children to get to know their parents as interesting people instead of as just Mom and Dad.

How To Cure a Child That Lies

Parenting children today can be quite a roller coaster ride. As the parents go through the ups and downs of life with children they can be left feeling overwhelmed and helpless. This feeling of helplessness can be emphasized further when the parents find character faults in their child.

How to Have a Wonderful Family Holiday Without Going Into Debt

This time of year can bring loads of happiness and joy however it can also bring loads of stress and anxiety, particularly for parents. Is there a way to authentically celebrate the holidays without feeling stressed and going into debt? Absolutely!

Why Children Misbehave: 8 Reasons and 8 Solutions

One of the most common expressions parents can be heard saying is, “I don’t understand why he’s/she’s doing that”. There are eight, very common reasons why children misbehave. It is extremely useful for parents to know these because if they can pinpoint the root cause of the misbehaviour, they can be more successful at reducing it.

How to Simplify Your Life With Kids – Part 2 Rhythm

If I asked you what a typical day for your family looks like, what would you say? Often times when I ask parents this question most say, “There is no typical”. Family life today is more about randomness and improvisation than rhythm. Wednesday wash day? Snack and milk after school? Sunday dinner? These kind of weekly traditions rarely occur anymore. The consequence? Stress, misbehaviour, lack of family connection and overwhelm. The antidote? Creating more rhythm in your home.

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