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Kadamakkudi Islands|Explore islands in Kadamakkudy|A drive to nature serenity

Kadamakkudi Islands|Explore islands in Kadamakkudy|A drive to nature serenity

Three Simple Ways to Teach Your Child About Goal Setting

The most important way to teach your child about goal setting is to model goal-setting behavior. Children grow up so quickly; it’s important to model good goal-setting behavior now.

Children Wetting The Bed Is Common – Understand the Problem

The first thing to understand about bed wetting in children is that it’s a relatively common problem. In fact, while most children develop what’s called an ‘adult pattern’ of control over their urination habits by the time they reach three to four years old so that they’re dry both day and night, bed wetting – or nocturnal enuresis as it’s medically termed – occurs in as many as 20 percent of five year olds and up to 10 percent of 10 year olds.

2 Powerful Reasons Why the Minimum Drinking Age Is 21

Why is the drinking age set at 21? This question is usually asked by the minor who wants to drink or is already drinking. In working with an adolescent population, I hear the litany of justifications that youth have for drinking underage and why they feel the laws are unjust. The problem is that they also share these thoughts with their parents, and often times the parents may accept one or more of these justifications as a reason to be lenient on the child’s behavior. I have explained 2 powerful facts below, in hopes that parents can use the information when talking about underage drinking.

How To Deal With Bullies

When we hear the word ‘bullies’ we tend to think of the school yard because the media covers that often, but bullies can be in any part of society. Although this article deals with the school yard bully, the theory for dealing with them is the same anywhere.

How to Talk About Underage Drinking

When was the last time you spoke to your teen about drinking? This may include your drinking, their drinking or just the topic in general. This may seem like a silly question, but in fact it is an extremely important and often overlooked step in combating underage drinking.

Parenting Tips – Setting Rules and Boundaries

As a parent you are constantly guiding your children to become responsible human beings, able to fit into society at some stage and being able to look after themselves. Guiding them also means teaching them about rules and boundaries.

Parenting Tips – Parenting With Consequences

Parenting can be an exhausting task, especially if children and teenagers don’t easily follow the lead. Where in the past, parents used physical punishment as a way to get their kids in line, we nowadays use different ways to discipline them.

7 Great Tips for Car Vacationing With Children

Many more families are making plans to travel with children by car for vacations for various reasons. The rising costs of airfares and growing security checks leading to longer time at the airports, are the main motivators for this happening. Here are some great tips for traveling with children.

Rules for the Parents Regarding Online Parent Control

First, what is and why do we need online parent control especially when young children are using the computer? Well, when we talk about online parent control we are thinking about a program, a software, what gives us the ability to control and monitor our child use of internet. These programs, block access to certain sites based on a predefined list of banned addresses, analyzes content and block access to certain pages based on a predefined list of prohibited words, allows access to certain sites based on a predefined list of addresses supported. Also, they limit the time kids spend on computer and / or internet, by setting time intervals in which the child can have access to them; they limit the types of programs and files that can be downloaded and installed on the computer. The programs also, draws up a list of sites that your child had accessed so that it can be verified by parents; prepares reports of pages visited, programs used, time and files accessed / created / deleted and email to the parents reports on children’s computer activity.

Parent Teacher Conferences: Six Tips to Sharing Information With the Teacher

As their children’s advocates, parents sometimes need to share information with the teacher to help students get the maximum experience out of their school day. Without this information, teachers may misunderstand behaviors, attitudes and responses. Here are some ideas to think about as you plan for your next parent teacher conference.

How to Improve Your Parenting Skills – 10 Tips

Are you parenting based on how you were raised? How’s that working for you? Parents do the best they can but being a parent today isn’t like when it was you were a kid. Your kids are technologically advanced and exposed to more sensations than you could have ever imagined. Improve your parenting skills whenever you can. Listen to your ‘gut instinct’ or intuition when it comes to parenting. What works for your friends and family may not work for you and your kids.

Montessori at Home: How Do I Bring the Montessori Method Into My Home? A Guide for Moms and Dads

The Montessori method is perfect for you to bring into your home, particularly as it is often straightforward to let our children to steer us in their interests within the home environment. From birth up to their school years, we can easily aid our kids’ instruction by working with Montessori procedures, activities and materials inside our home.

Don’t Know Who Your Child Dates? – Trace the Telephone Number!

Your child deserves his own privacy and there are limits to what you can do to protect your child. If you don’t know who your child dates, then there are still a lot of things to do before you actually trace the phone number. Tracing the phone number without your child’s consent will only break the trust between you two.

Signs of Crystal Meth Abuse in Your Teen

As a parent there are many things that concern you about raising your children. What these things are tend to change as the ages of your children change. When they are first learning to walk you are concerned about them falling and hurting themselves. As they get older and are learning to ride a bike, you might be concerned that they will ride into traffic and be hit by a car.

Being Smart and Sensitive About Child Custody Cases

Often it becomes more of a desire to beat the other parent than it does about the parents original intent, to spend the most time with the child they love. However, there are a few cases where the battle is for less than worthy reasons.

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