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Balancing the Demands of Parenting With Our Desire for Relationship, Personal and Family Happiness

How do we balance the demands of parenting with our desire for relationship and personal happiness? Recent research suggests that our minds wander close to half the time and, further, that a wandering mind is an unhappy mind. Yet multitasking feels like a necessity for engaged parenting, so how can we be effective parents and be happy parents, too? Read this article to find out.

The Introduction of Fixed Term Tenancies – Good or Bad Idea?

There was a time where a council house tenancy was for life all the while the tenant kept to the conditions of their tenancy agreement. Security of a family home would remain so all the while mum and dad were alive, which meant that children flying the nest to set up homes of their own would always have a loving environment to return to and to bring their own children to, to unite as a bigger family.

Why Do Some Children Only Respond When the Parents Get Angry?

Unfortunately sometimes no matter what you do as a parent no matter how you would want to develop a good parent child relationship, no matter how patient you are or what approach you take your child only seems to respond when you get angry. Good parenting communication happens when you and your child meet in the middle and understand each other’s needs.

Suffer The Little Children

As parents, we see our children as our prized possessions. That’s where the problems come in.

Tiger Moms in Every Culture

Although Amy Chua has gotten the most press about being a Tiger Mom (after all, she did write a book about it), if we look to every culture and to every country, we will find a long list of women who can be awarded a similar medal. Perseverance and grit are key to become experts in any field.

Baby Games Help Parents Understand Baby Talk

Whether you are expecting your first, second or third child, there is always something new to learn about babies. Many parents these days are joining the new wave of ‘digital baby information seekers’, and are educating themselves as well as their babies.

Stop Repeating and Start Succeeding

For some reason, parents and teachers have gotten in the habit of repeating themselves when they request things of children and teens. This article will help you learn how to stop the silly cycle of you asking and them ignoring.

Dignity Quest

What is the noise out there? Your three year old fights with your five year old? What are they fighting about? Are they fighting over a toy? No, they fight over who is more important, more significant, who is worthier and by how much.

Teach Your Child Life-Saving Skills With Swim Lessons

Being prepared is essential to water safety, especially in regards to children. Although swim lessons are not a guarantee against drowning, they can significantly reduce your child’s chances of becoming a victim.

Tiger Mom’s Performance Parenting? There’s More to It

Professor Chua makes it sound like achievement is everything. Far from it. Based upon Unruh’s forty years of counseling children, being comfortable in your own skin is far more essential as a foundation for successful living.

Free Baby Stuff for Low Income Families – A Quick Review

A new baby is usually a bringer of joy to most families. However, a baby could also be a big burden to families that earn less income. One way that they could get to save on their expenses on baby is to get free baby stuff for low income families that most stores and baby product companies give out so that they will have more customers.

How to Spoil a New Mum

After the birth of a baby a new mum, as well as feeling happy, will also be feeling tired and overwhelmed, and sometimes even a little left out, as the focus of attention that was once on her while being pregnant, is now directed at the baby. She will be very emotional, possibly still getting the hang of feeding, and perhaps feeling uncomfortable with her body shape as she can only fit in her maternity wear. Spoiling a new mum is as simple as doing something to help her get through the day.

The Generation Gap: Change From Appreciation to Entitlement in Today’s World

“When I was a child…” are the words spoken by every generation at one time or another. Of course, what we say to finish that statement is very different depending on your age and which generation you were brought up in. What you think is proper or necessary, may not be the same as someone much younger or older than you.

Parenting The Next Generation

Last week my seventeen year old son informed me, “Shouldn’t this be my decision? I am an adult now”. This statement was my cue and awakening in that it reminded me of the glory of parenting; parents’ true power lies in the ability to give children grounding via responsibility and wings through wisdom and freedom and ultimately to know when to let go.

Child Anxiety – When Normal Apprehension Turns Into Abnormal Fear

We all experience anxiety and fear at some point in our lives, mostly we can deal with this and the phase is short lived. Understanding these problems in our children’s lives is, however, much more difficult and it is not always easy to establish the root of the problem and the cause for their anxiety.

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