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Known Donor Sperm – 5 COMMON Perils & Pitfalls

Known Donor Sperm - 5 COMMON Perils & Pitfalls

We Can Restore American Values!

In the 1960’s the “Sexual Revolution” began after Dr. Alfred Kinsey published the shocking Kinsey Report. Kinsey opened the door to sexual “freedom”, which changed American values as entertainment, movies, Playboy and Hustler magazines gradually became sexually explicit.

We Can Be Good Parents Even Though We Live Apart

Many separating parents agonise over the best way to split in order to most effectively safeguard their children’s wellbeing and happiness. Here are several pointers to help at this difficult time.

Aging: A Three Course Meal Approach

As we move forward in life we must plan to take on the future as well as letting go of the past. A three course meal approach will help us with this task.

The Unusual Ways To Use A Swaddling Blanket

With a new baby, there comes a pile of new items. Swaddling blankets are certainly one of the must-haves. New parents might find themselves with extra pairs of blankets. Of course they can store those to use later. Adding to that, here we have some other uses for those instead of just swaddling the baby.

“Toys” You Cannot Keep

“Letting go of my collection that I have spent decades building is one of the most difficult challenges of my life. I had a sot of fun doing this and it’s all going to disappear.” There is no reset on our clocks as time flies at the speed of sound. Enter the teachable moment.

Mental Health, Robin Williams and Mentoring Troubled Teens

There are so many troubled young people not being heard who have mental health issues. Those who can should choose to become mentors to help these troubled young adults. See the connection between Robin Williams, Mental Health and our Troubled Teens and Young Adults in this article.

What Is Your Family’s Bull’s-Eye?

Can you express a clear picture of what you want for your family? Apply these two simple action steps to increase clarity and experience the power of a vibrant vision in your home.

The Crime Rate Phenomenon Versus Single Parent Statistics

Life can throw some rather cruel blows at a person, not only in a divorce situation, but in the death of a spouse. As a result, children are thrown into the after-effect of these situations that causes traumatic injuries to their emotions that leads to depression and hopelessness, which causes them to make irrational decisions.

Baby Naming Traditions Around the World

Baby Naming is considered as a sacred occasion round the world. There are many traditions followed all across. The article sums up some of the baby naming traditions.

Does Homeownership Increase Happiness?

There are many documented benefits to individuals and our communities from real estate professionals assisting homebuyers in the homeownership process. Aiding homebuyers creates accumulated wealth, pride, community involvement, family stability, boosts educational performance, lowers dropout rates, improves health, decreases crime, and increases tax revenue through higher appreciation levels than renters. Homeownership is the precursor to residential stability, increased community commitment, and greater parental involvement and are likely the underlying factors to the social benefits described above. Connecting the social benefits of homeownership to the overall well-being of the community is another way of equating the statistical outcomes of homeownership to happiness.

Probing the Parental Steps to Rearing Boys Into Men

Every good parent sees a bright future in their child, one that meets the level of distinction that every adult must measure up to. And for the education and masculine development of a leading figure that will one day take over the leadership of family relations. Therefore, it is a serious matter to contemplate, but every parent faces it with an optimistic viewpoint for the continuance of a strong family legacy.

The Send Off

When taking their kids to college it used to be that parents would drive up for a day; help them move in, set up their room, maybe run out to buy a couple things they hadn’t realized they needed, take the kid to dinner and leave. Now apparently some are coming the night before and staying!

Children: Raising Vs Abandoning

Do you know any abandoned child or have you ever heard some mentioned the fact that a child has been abandoned by his/her parents? A few days ago I was watching a marvellous video on YouTube sent by a friend, it was a real story about a young Thai student who found a baby inside a bag and raised her as her own. All people around her made comments and gossiped about the possible origins of the baby.

How to Explain an Arrest or Jail to Children

If a parent has been arrested or detained in jail, learn how to delicately explain these circumstances to their children. It is important for kids to be well-informed to avoid fear and anxiety.

How To Arrange Child Support Through The DSCS

If you have recently undergone a legal separation, then you may be interested in ensuring that the children in your custody are receiving the correct levels of support from your former partner. In California, both parents are expected to contribute towards to financial costs of bringing up a child, and in cases where the child’s parents are no longer living together, the parent who does not have physical custody is usually expected to give a monthly stipend to their former partner to be used on the upbringing of the aforementioned child.

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