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Learn Body Parts using Bindi|Bindi Activity|Eye Hand Coordination Activity|Concentration Activity

Learn Body Parts using Bindi|Bindi Activity|Eye Hand Coordination Activity|Concentration Activity

Four Principles for Parenting a Gifted Child

Most people have inconsistencies in their personality. We may openly strive for religious piety, but suffer with all too human tendencies. We may value our health, but love donuts a little too much for our own good. We value our children, but may display impatience, frustration and even outright rude behavior toward them. It is a fact of life with which we all must reconcile ourselves. A gifted child, to accompany his wondrous capabilities, also has difficult character traits.

How to Handle A Teenager – Relationship Building Questions

How to handle a teenager who is testing his or her boundaries? Deal with the challenges, to be sure, but put most of your parenting energy into building a relationship that your teen can’t resist. How? Read on.

Help With Troubled Teenagers – Create The Calm In The Storm

Parents who need help with troubled teenagers often find themselves in a sea of chaos. You don’t have to live that way! Do you know how to take back control of your home life? Read on.

After Prom Ideas – A Parents Guide to a Fun and Safe Experience

Your prom is definitely one of the most memorable times during your high school experience. Prom night for many couples begins with dinner at a nice restaurant then on to the prom for a fun night of music and dancing. However, many want your special night to continue, even after school officials close the doors.

Help With Troubled Teenagers – Knowledge Is Power

Are you looking for ways to help troubled teenagers? Then what you are really looking for is a way to know those troubled teenagers better. But do you know how to do this effectively, getting more results and less frustration? Read on.

Divorced Couples Living Together – Doing It For The Children!

Divorced couples living together have many reasons for their unique way of living but one that stands above the rest is their innate desire as parents to continue raising their children together. This for many would be considered a supreme sacrifice for they give up their lives as free agents to do this. Read on..

Breast or Bottle – Which Is Best for You and for Baby?

The decision on how to feed your new baby is one which should not be taken lightly. There are arguments both for and against both breast feeding and bottle feeding. Which one is best for you?

A Durable Toy for Your Kids

The most precious gift one gets form God are children. They fill parents’ life with joy and happiness and are in fact a promise fulfilled by God about filling the earth. All if the parents feel happy for having children but that does not mean their children are happy too.

Child Anxiety – Understanding How Children May Become Stressed

For children stressful situations can be extremely traumatic and a cause of great concern. Very often they do not understand and are not able to cope well if left to their own devices. But where does this stress come from?

Depression in Teens – Is It the Same Story With Your Children Too?

Is your teen behaving in an uncanny manner and trying to avoid you all while sulking most of the time he/she is in your company? Teenage is the time when a person suffers from a lot of hormonal changes in the body and thus, they often go through feelings like irritation, hyperactivity, low energy levels, suicidal thoughts and even rebellious.

Teaching Children Charity

Lately, I have been dwelling on what we are really teaching our children when we provide incentives at school (i.e., ice cream parties, pizza parties, etc.) for the class who brings in the most canned food, or who provides the most toys. I understand the intention behind it: “the more we get, the more we can give away to needy people.” But, do the children understand that intention?

Parenting Tips – How to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy

Raising children today is no easy task, but then again I guess our parents were told or thought the same thing. I was raised in the era of Dr. Spock who taught to discipline children with spanking retarded their mental and emotional growth.

How to Plan Your Family Budget

A budget is an important financial tool that forms a map to take you where you want to go in life. To prepare for future needs and any financial crisis you might encounter, it is crucial to prepare a family budget and learn to stick to it.

Good Parenting Through Good Meals

Quite often, it is difficult to find the energy (or the will) to cook meals from scratch. I tend to think, “Oh, it will take me so long!

My Child Has Very Few Friends

I am sure you have read or heard others with similar stories: “my child has very few friends” or “my child has no friends at all.” Is this normal?

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