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LYNN NGUGI finally leaves TUKO Talks || WHY AND WHO WILL BE REPLACING HER? #Tuko #LynnNgugi

LYNN NGUGI finally leaves TUKO Talks || WHY AND WHO WILL BE REPLACING HER? #Tuko  #LynnNgugi

The Road to Stress-Free Parenting

When Hilary Clinton was the First Lady she publicly stated that to raise children properly “It takes a village.” The reaction of millions of parents was to breathe a huge sigh of relief, as if to say “Yes, I need help and thank goodness someone understands that!”

Tips on Raising Happy Teenagers

Many parents are amazed at the way teenagers express themselves. They are bold and do not care what others think about them. Often this is misconstrued for being opinionated and intolerant. However, this is not the case always. Most teenagers believe in freedom to express themselves and hence, do it without any inhibitions.

Facts About Teen Suicide – Causes of Teenage Suicide

Adolescence is never an easy time for any teenager. Not only do they have to deal with all the changes taking place in the body, they also have to deal with certain external pressures. Sometimes, the situation at home can be bad and teenagers can end up feeling that they have nothing to live for. This can drive a teen to commit suicide.

What to Do When Your Teen Chooses Bad Friends

One of the main reasons many teenagers get into trouble in the first place is due to the friends they keep. During their teenage years, a teenager tries very hard to be part of a group and be accepted by the group. The friends in the group have a lot of influence on the way a teenager behaves, acts and dresses. Although this is a natural part of growing where the child is breaking away from the parents and forging new bonds with his or her peers, it is not always in the best interests of the teenager.

What to Do If Your Child is Smoking Pot

If your teenager suddenly turns secretive and starts using code words to communicate with his or her friends, it is quite possible that he or she is using drugs. The reason that many teenagers are attracted to pot, also known as marijuana, is because it gives them a high. They also think that it is a herb, therefore, it is harmless. In addition, majority of teenagers are under the misconception that pot is not addictive. They think that they can give it up any time they want to.

Kids Birthday Party Themes – Activities and Ideas For a Children’s Birthday

Looking for the right kids birthday party themes for your next celebration? Give this idea a spin! It has a great activity that will have your party-goers transformed into mini-detectives.

Life Saving Methods to Keep Dialogue Alive

As parents, we want our children to be a better people, yet they need our love and support. We cannot blame them if they will not become something we expect them to be. Many parents expect perfect children when they should have been perfect parents themselves first.

How to Keep Your Marriage Alive When Your Child is Seriously Ill

Research tells us that couples caring for a child with a serious illness or disability are at a greater risk of marital breakdown than couples who do not have this stressful situation. When your child is seriously ill, there are many demands on you. Try to pay attention to your partner. If you neglect him or her you may lose them. Relationships need time and attention just like a beautiful garden.

Essential 5 Question Method For Helping Children Process Feelings

Terribly wounded Challenging Children all too often act out there feelings, often destructively, rather than work through them. They need all the help they can get to learn to recognize and verbalize their feelings. The 5 question method described here is the key to open them up to their feelings. Learn it and use it.

Discipline Techniques For Toddlers Ages Three to Five Years Old – A Happy Medium

Discipline techniques for toddlers between the ages of three and five are the most important and influential. During these developmental years they are facing so many new things and first impressions can mean so much. Whenever you are in doubt it is never a bad idea to be easy going when it comes to minor infractions. Picking your battles between these ages is the most worth while and also when it becomes the most strategic.

Improving Independent Reading Skills

As children move toward becoming independent readers, they listen to stories, learn about letters and sounds, identify rhymes, practice decoding unknown words and focus on comprehension. These are all important steps. The expectation is that with these building blocks, the students have enough material to successfully construct their ability to read independently.

Top 7 Tips to Become a Better Parent

Your baby’s look does not need to be like those you will see on TV. Some may have lumps on the head, some may have puffy eyes, others will have rashes and many more unexpected or uncommon physical characteristics. Your doctor will know best if they are normal or not.

Teach Your Baby Math – How to Put Your Mind at Ease!

You want to teach your baby math, but you have some concerns. Maybe, you feel that at the age you will be teaching them is too much for them. You might also think that this is really hard work, and you feel that you can’t do it.

Methods You Can Use to Avoid a Power Struggle!

In this article, power struggles are defined and processed. Alternatives to the classic power struggle are given. Avoiding these situations with creativity can improve the parent/child relationship.

Behavior Discipline – It’s All in the Follow Through

This is an article that differentiates the use of warnings for misbehavior and the actual act of following through with the warning. Many parents use warnings to try and curb the misbehavior of a child. But warnings only go so far. For discipline to have an impact, then follow through is a necessary step.

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